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Mustaqbal: Nasrallah's Ongoing Criticism of Riyadh Shows Reckless Disregard for Lebanon's Interests

The Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc condemned on Tuesday Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's ongoing criticism of Saudi Arabia and Arab countries, while warning of the repercussions of the prolonged vacuum in the presidency.

It said in a statement after its weekly meeting: “Hizbullah and Nasrallah's persistent attacks against the kingdom and Arab countries undermine the interests of the Lebanese people, as well as their stability and source of income.”

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Geagea: Hizbullah Will Lose Aoun as Ally if it Fails to Elect him as President

Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea noted that Hizbullah is facing a “major test” regarding his recent endorsement of Change and Reform bloc chief MP Michel Aoun as president, reported al-Arabiya television on Friday.

He told the station: “The party will lose its ally, Aoun, if it fails to vote for him as president.”

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Report: Hizbullah Slams Salam for Allowing Lebanon to Join Islamic Alliance without Consulting Cabinet

Hizbullah is expected to announce on Thursday its stance on Lebanon joining the Islamic alliance that was declared by Saudi Arabia earlier this week, reported An Nahar daily on Wednesday.

Sources close to the party told the daily: “The prime minister cannot take such a major decision without turning to cabinet first.”

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Report: Hizbullah to Convince Aoun to Accept Franjieh's Nomination

Marada Movement chief MP Suleiman Franjieh is scheduled to hold talks on Wednesday with Change and Reform bloc head MP Michel Aoun, reported An Nahar daily on Tuesday.

A prominent ministerial source told the daily that the talks will kick off efforts by Hizbullah to persuade its ally, Aoun, to accept Franjieh's potential presidential nomination.

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Hizbullah, Syria Regime Forces Enter Rebel Bastion Zabadani

Syrian government forces backed by fighters from Hizbullah entered the town of Zabadani on Sunday in a bid to take the last rebel-held bastion along the Lebanese border.

Syrian state television and Hizbullah's al-Manar station announced the advance into Zabadani on Sunday, a day after a major operation against it began.

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Jumblat Appeals for Preserving Stability over IS Fears

Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat has called for preserving internal stability as the Islamic State extremist group continued to make more gains inside Syria.

The western city of Palmyra, home to a set of historic Roman-era ruins, was captured by the IS last week.

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Gemayel Says System Change Not in Christians Favor, Rejects Hizbullah 'Protection'

Kataeb Party leader Amin Gemayel warned Monday that any attempt to change the political system would not be in the favor of Christians, as he rejected to be “subservient to Hizbullah.”

“It's about time we all thought of the country's interest and resorted to the democratic, parliamentary procedure,” said Gemayel at a seminar titled Liberate the Presidency.

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Nasrallah to Deliver Speech on Resistance and Liberation Day

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is expected to make a televised speech on May 24 on the occasion of Resistance and Liberation Day.

The party will celebrate the occasion during a festival held in the southern region of al-Nabatiyeh.

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Hizbullah Downplays al-Qalamoun Casulaties, Says Only Three Fighters Killed

Hizbullah stated on Friday that the number of fighters who were killed in Syria's al-Qalamoun front were only three, denying media reports claiming otherwise.

“Some Lebanese and Arab media reports continue to broadcast false reports on the number of Hizbullah fighters killed in the last few days in al-Qalamoun front claiming that the number has totaled 40,” the statement said.

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ISIL, Nusra Front Gunmen Call on Arsal Refugees to Join Qalamoun Battle

Gunmen affiliated to al-Qaida group al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) reportedly tried to provoke Syrian refugees, who are settling in the northeastern border town of Arsal, to join al-Qalamoun battle.

According to al-Akhbar newspaper published on Friday, several Syrians gathered in al-Sabil and Tariq al-Jammala in northeastern Arsal, two kilometers from al-Masyada crossing, to respond to the two groups' calls and “aid the jihadists on the outskirts.”

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