Nasrallah to Deliver Speech on Resistance and Liberation Day

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah is expected to make a televised speech on May 24 on the occasion of Resistance and Liberation Day.

The party will celebrate the occasion during a festival held in the southern region of al-Nabatiyeh.

Nasrallah will tackle various political affairs during his appearance.

Resistance and Liberation Day falls on May 25 and marks the withdrawal of Israeli troops from southern Lebanon in 2000 following an occupation of 22 years.



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Missing karim74 11 May 2015, 13:33

shou khayeh.... ma 3andak shee tani ta3mlo??!!

Thumb thepatriot 11 May 2015, 15:26


Thumb Mystic 11 May 2015, 15:58

Another speech to piss you all off, great!

Thumb Mystic 11 May 2015, 16:36

Alors faut pas pleurer.

Thumb Mystic 11 May 2015, 16:56

Now that you mention avatars. How come you don't use that little tiny cartoon guy, that burns himself any longer?

samy Aka benzona, how about you change picture to Abo Bakr Al Baghdadi or Al Golani, then you wouldn't have to hide your Wahabi identity any longer.

Thumb ansarullah 11 May 2015, 17:02

Allah y2awe shi3et Ali

Thumb Mystic 11 May 2015, 18:25

Hello girls, listen to this debate. A Mostaqbali spokesperson does not allow his fellow guest to discuss the situation in Yemen.

This reminds me of the discussions with you people on Naharnet.

Thumb Mystic 11 May 2015, 19:05

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Thumb Mrowwe 11 May 2015, 15:59

Ok seriously, enough finger pointing speeches. These speeches seem like a sign of desperation. Wa Allahu a3lam.

Thumb EagleDawn 11 May 2015, 16:27

flameboy votre argument est comme votre crane: totalement vide de sens.

Thumb barrymore 11 May 2015, 18:17

as if this forum needs any more trolls;)

Missing peace 11 May 2015, 18:41

Aoun: "Hezbollah is collaborating with Israel to legitimize Israel's use of destructive force [against Lebanon]"
-An-Nahar 4 February 2002

Aoun: "The resistance [Hezbollah] is prolonging the [Israeli] occupation"
Al-Liwa', July 2002

Aoun: "How does Hasan Nasrallah say that those who are with 1559 are worse enemies than the Israelis? This is sectarian incitement. They [Hezbollah] are using the people as cattle controlled by financial dependence and fear, then they talk to us about democracy."
An-Nahar, 29 November 2004

Missing peace 12 May 2015, 12:52

don't worry... i was not expecting you to assume your boss positions in the past.. you are nothing but a creature in denial and unable to justify his changes so it drives you mad each time one refers to it...

calm down and take your pills....

Missing peace 11 May 2015, 18:41

Aoun: "We demand from Hezbollah to give up its weapons because its mission is over. The Lebanese know this truth and so does Hezbollah. And the Shebaa Farms issue is simply an excuse that is illegitimate legally, practically, and principally."
An-Nahar, 31 January 2005

Aoun: "Hezbollah, internationally, falls under resolution 1566 which calls for fighting terrorism"
An-Nahar, 31 January 2005

Missing peace 11 May 2015, 18:41

Aoun: "If Hezbollah wants to liberate Jerusalem then I, Michel Aoun, tell them go ahead. But for them to remain armed in Beirut's Southern Suburbs, then no, because we refuse that their weapons be used as a means of pressure [against the Lebanese]"
Al-Liwa', 17 September 2004

Missing peace 11 May 2015, 20:43

sure aoun never was against hezbollah when in exile...;)

Missing peace 12 May 2015, 10:54

the point is that those who say the very same things today are labeled as "takfiris" or zionists" by FPMers... for FPMers yesterday these statements were true... but today they are false when nothing changed with hezbis in between! LOL

if there were an ounce of consistency in their thinking today they would not have turned their coats to work with those they called "terrorists" yesterday just for a bit of power and money!

Missing peace 12 May 2015, 12:53

sure ft gay boy... as if hezbollah ever changed since 2004... tell us the nwhat has changed in hezbis positions? LOLLLLLL

pityful idiot in denial....

Thumb justin 11 May 2015, 19:05

الحزب بدأ بإعلان أسماء مقاتليه الذي سقطوا في المعارك الدائرة في القلمون تباعا، فهو اليوم أعلن عن مقتل شخصين هما: محمد هاشم (من بلدة عين التينة في البقاع الغربي) ومحمد رضا زراقط.

Thumb shab 11 May 2015, 22:34

Again? They should get another stand up comedian. He's not even funny anymore !

Missing peace 12 May 2015, 12:54

sure we know how FPMers changes... from qualifying hezbollah as terrorists to "patriots" LOLLLLLL

facts are stronger than all the stupid posts you'll ever send here....