الامن العام يوقف 4 اشخاص مشتبه بهم في إنشاء شبكة تفجير سيارات ومنها "سيارة الناعمة" التي تحتوي "مادة متفجرة مجهولة النوع"

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اوقفت المديرية العامة للامن العام 4 اشخاص مشتبه بهم في انتمائهم الى شبكة لتفجير السيارات المفخخة على الاراضي اللبنانية.

وأفادت معلومات خاصة لموقع "نهارنت" أن الموقوفين اعترفوا بالإعداد للسيارة المفخخة التي ضبطت في الناعمة السبت وكانوا يحضرون لتفخيخ سيارات أخرى.

كما كشفت معلومات الموقع أن السيارة التي ضبطت في الناعمة "كانت ستفجر في منطقة لبنانية أخرى".

واشارت الوكالة "الوطنية للإعلام" صباح الأحد إلى "ان السيارة المفخخة التي تم ضبطها في بلدة الناعمة مساء امس (السبت) كانت موضع ملاحقة سابقة من قبل المديرية العامة للامن العام، وقد طلبت مديرية الامن العام من خبير متفجرات في قوى الامن الداخلي للكشف على السيارة بعدما تم ضبطها".

وقالت الوكالة "ان هناك ادلة لم يكشف عنها حتى الان، تؤكد ان هذه السيارة كانت معدة للتفجير، والتحقيقات مستمرة باشراف القضاء المختص لمعرفة كامل التفاصيل عن العملية الارهابية التي كانت بصدد التنفيذ".

وكان فد عثر مساء السبت على صناديق تي ان تي ومواد متفجرة في بسيارة مركونة قرب مبنى بلدية الناعمة.

إلى ذلك أصدرت المديرية العامة لقوى الأمن الداخلي بيانا عصر الأحد عن سيارة الناعمة وقالت أنه "ضمن إطار التنسيق القائم بين الأجهزة الأمنية، وردت معلومات من المديرية العامة للأمن العام حول قيام مجموعة أشخاص بنقل كمية من المتفجرات داخل سيارة من نوع أودي لون رصاصي تحمل لوحة مزورة".

ونتيجة للتحريات والاستقصاءات المكثفة "تمكنت دورية من مفرزة استقصاء درك جبل لبنان من العثور على السيارة عند الساعة 18,00 من تاريخ 17/8/2013، مركونة داخل مرآب إحدى المباني في بلدة الناعمة بالقرب من مبنى البلدية".

وبحسب البيان "ضبط بداخلها كمية من المتفجرات غير معدة للتفجير، وهي عبارة عن: خمسة صناديق من مادة الديناميت زنة كل صندوق 25 كلغ، كمية من مادة النيترات زنة حوالي 50 كلغ، صاعقان شهابان، أجهزة تفجير كهربائية مع عدة التفجير، إضافة الى حوالي 5 كلغ من مادة متفجرة مجهولة النوع يجري العمل على تحليلها".

وانفجرت سيارتين مفخختين على الطريق العام بين الرويس وبئر العبد في ضاحية بيروت الجنوبية والذي أوقع 27 قتيلا وعشرات الجرحى على الأقل.

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Missing -_-wolf-_- 11:28 ,2013 آب 18

Palestinians & Syrians were involved I bet .
Get rid of them !
Clean our country from filth that everyone is dumping in our Holy Cedar Land !
As for us we then can sort things out between ourselves regardless of sects .
Signed Wolf .

Default-user-icon forward albeket (ضيف) 11:40 ,2013 آب 18

there is nothing 'holy' religion is a fiction, wake up, stop hating people who have the same dna as you.

Thumb lebneneh 12:45 ,2013 آب 18

Wolf how old r u? 3? If not then u have the mental age of a 3 year old! 3eefna with your Lebanese superiority complex. Filth is filth no matter what nationality and remember in lebanon we have a lot of Lebanese filth so grow up.

Default-user-icon tony tanios (ضيف) 16:47 ,2013 آب 18

eh... tell us more..

Missing VINCENT 18:29 ,2013 آب 18

There is a big difference between somebody's own filth and being subjected to somebody's else' filth. Nobody should be subjected to deal with and clean somebody else' filth because that person has his/her own filth to worry about, deal with and clean. I may or may not have the time, energy, resources and the means to maintain my own cleanliness and put it under control so that it does not infect and control my body. It would be very "nice" to be able to target and surgically remove cancer cells infecting one's body, but the truth is in order to poison and kill the cancer, unfortunately, good cells must also be effected. Any country that has foreigners killing its citizens and infecting the country, inherently, they have the absolute right to reject and oust the entire group both good and bad and revisit the issue to allow them in once again in the future under more controlled circumstanced. My body, here my country, is holly and I like to keep it that way.

Missing lebnen80 15:38 ,2013 آب 18

Wolf, grow up. Lebanese have plenty of terrorists and trouble makers so when you place your bet, make sure to include lebanese. After all, the only non-saudi 9/ hijacker was lebanese. Then we can sort out things? Those who have your mentality will NEVER be able to sort out anything as it is that mentality that lead to civil war. Dont forget your previous posts where you posted secterian comments against sunnis not long ago. Your solution is to hate syrians and palestinians. The unity factor in your mentality is always to hate, if not lebanese sunnis, then syrians and palestinians, or arabs or the armenians or and or and or. Its always hate that filth like you want to use to unite lebanese or part of the lebanese and everytime it fails and no real unity is achieved and do you know why? Its because a foundation based on hate can never achieve unity in areas where it counts. It only unites the habeyel for a limited time and only in that specific area - hate.

Missing VINCENT 18:41 ,2013 آب 18

If this guys "wolf" is a bigot, then that is a different story, but the issue regarding infiltration of foreign interest infecting one's home and country must be discussed and dealt with separately since these are type of threats that concern every citizen wither good or bad.

Thumb cedre 17:24 ,2013 آب 18

al assir linked with hariris ??? lol

Missing VINCENT 18:57 ,2013 آب 18

What you say is true. All these so called politicians have connections with foreign interests, but a country, including Lebanon has the fundamental right to keep foreigners undermining national interests and who do not have good intentions outside. If this guy "wolf" is a bigot and living some place like the U.S. and away from Lebanese communities, then he has a clear idea what it means to be Lebanese. If he is in Lebanon, I am sure he has friends and relatives living abroad with a bad wrap fairly or unfairly.

Missing greatpierro 12:32 ,2013 آب 18

To the Army always but never to terrorist khizbollah

Default-user-icon Time_to_unite (ضيف) 12:40 ,2013 آب 18

Yes exactly!!! Listen to your own advice!!! Think in Lebanon Only!!! Bring this "resistance" back to "in Lebanon Only"!!! Do that and then, and only then, can we as Lebanese Unite. As long as anyone of us is fighting it out in Syria, the situation will only get worse.

Missing cleanleb 14:53 ,2013 آب 18

This is BS crap you have picked up from your BS politicians.

Bring HA back to Lebanon, and then we will all live in peace? hahahaha, which planet do you live on?

If HA surrenders its weapons, then we will all live in peace? hahaha you have a low iq

Thumb benzona 13:18 ,2013 آب 18

LOL {fake) Southerner

We are the resistance!!! We're resisting the Terrorists aka Hezb Ebola, Qaida, Nousra and the others...

Thumb benzona 18:35 ,2013 آب 18

Ya khafeef, the people who did this in Dahye were terrorists dealing with other terrorists.

Our mission is to stop both...

Default-user-icon Spiro (ضيف) 14:11 ,2013 آب 18

This gang belongs to which group? of the various groups acting on Lebanese soil.Why not say it openly so that everyone knows

Missing helicopter 19:52 ,2013 آب 18

Lebanon has way too many refugee, even if they were all angles. If Lebanon was to have its fair share of refugees on humanitarian basis, the total number of Palestinian and Syrian refugees should not exceed 200,000. We need tighter controls and expulsion of all the trouble makers amongst the refugees........ zero tolerance policy (also why stop with refugees, expel all Military advisers to armed militias ...... whether they are Iranians or otherwise). Make Lebanon safe for its citizens.