Israeli Drill near Fatima Gate, Troops Photograph Lebanese Army Posts

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The residents of the southern border town of Kfarkila on Friday woke up to the sounds of a major deployment by Israeli vehicles and troops near the Fatima Gate on the Israeli-Lebanese border, state-run National News Agency reported.

“Vehicles took positions on the military road that is adjacent to the border fence from the town of Adaisseh up to the outskirts of the Khiyam Plain,” NNA said.

The Israeli vehicles included armored personnel carriers, jeeps, Hummers and an ambulance.

After the force stayed for more than five hours opposite the Lebanese border, troops staged a military drill in the groves and on the military road, where they simulated repelling an attempt to invade Israeli territory, NNA said.

“Some vehicles stirred dust and released heavy smoke without using live ammunition,” the agency added, noting that the exercise involved provocations against Lebanon.

“A number of Israeli troops climbed the seven-meter cement wall and took pictures of a Lebanese army post near the border gate, which prompted Lebanese army units to go on alert and stage patrols,” NNA reported.

Vehicles belonging to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) also deployed in the area “in a bid to contain any repercussions from the Israeli provocations,” the agency said.

It added that the Israeli army was also conducting limited live-ammunition drills in the vicinity of its military posts along the Lebanese border up to the occupied Shebaa Farms.

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Thumb _mowaten_ 04 October 2013, 18:15

they are itching to attack us.

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 October 2013, 19:24

lol try to make at least a bit of sense, even if you're trying to be sarcastic. or at the very least, understand the basic vocabulary before trying to sound smart.

"itching to" and "being able to" are two very different things, and obviously, they were careful not to cross the line here. why do you think that is? ;)

Thumb benzona 04 October 2013, 19:28

Walla khafif Movaten of Isfahan.

Default-user-icon Batman (Guest) 04 October 2013, 23:22

I doubt it... they are telling you to behave or else...

Default-user-icon batman (Guest) 04 October 2013, 23:23

you hit the nail on the head... LOL

Default-user-icon batman (Guest) 04 October 2013, 23:23

you hit the nail on the head... LOL

Thumb _mowaten_ 07 October 2013, 13:14

oooh guys did i hurt your feelings? i'm so sorry.

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 04 October 2013, 18:28

LOL @ IDF:) Train as much as you can, deploy however you see fit, carry out drills, and dream baby dream. A world of pain will open up for you Israelis and your Takfiri allies. Bless Sayyed Al Moqawaleh

Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 04 October 2013, 18:29

Moqawameh # Moqawaleh

Thumb benzona 04 October 2013, 19:12

LOL at the Israeli turistus vulgaris!

Thumb liefighter 05 October 2013, 08:33

Walla khafif Movaten of Isfahan.@ benzona ,
w munewer, manno alil

Thumb _mowaten_ 04 October 2013, 19:20

hehe, dont worry. their last attempt to infiltrate with the commandos showed that some people are very well prepared ;)

Missing imagine-1979 04 October 2013, 19:45

To be honest i don't really fear an israely aggression, we faught then before we will do it again, what i really fear is what will do southern and co. where they would go (yes i know the answer : nowhere, stay and protect the land and all that crap but we all know there will be displaced like in 2006 and like in any war..) and now syrian cannot take them in their homes like they did even if they wanted to(i doubt that the vast majority of surian will back up hezbolah now..) i fear that they wont find refuge in tripoli like they did in 2006 , in mount lebanon it wont be easy also... It is sad, very sad and i really wish i'm wrong but what if if i was right?...

Thumb benzona 04 October 2013, 19:50

Common sense!

Thumb -.-.wolf-.-. 04 October 2013, 22:35

" A number of Israeli Army climbed the Seven-metre cement wall to take pictures of the Lebanese Army "
These Zionists will go to any length to photograph our " Men in Uniform " .
Who knows they might be the " Israeli Gay Brigade " !
Given the right opportunity , they shall receive a missile each up their rear end , in due time .....
Signed Wolf !

Thumb Elemental 05 October 2013, 06:01

Vasoline won't be included

Thumb Elemental 05 October 2013, 06:00

Jews? Cameras? No kidding!