Report: Hizbullah Facing Financial Crisis

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Syrian turmoil and the international condemnation of the crackdown on protesters increased Hizbullah’s concerns over the halt of weapons flow from Iran, the German Der Spiegel weekly magazine reported.

Hizbullah is currently facing a financial crisis “which contradicts the Israeli allegations,” the magazine said.

The report said that the financial crisis that Hizbullah is suffering from is due to “the Iranian deficiency because of Tehran’s nuclear activity and the international sanctions on it.”

“Hizbullah made in the past months a number of investments and lost around $1.4 billion,” the report added.

Intelligence sources told the magazine that they have reached a lead indicating that “Hizbullah decided in cooperation with Iran to enter drug trafficking operations to ensure an income that can boost its mission.”

Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan “Nasrallah might be alarmed over the issue because he has always fought drugs that he described as poison,” Der Spiegel remarked.

Concerning the Special Tribunal for Lebanon probing the assassination of ex-Premier Rafik Hariri in 2005, the magazine published a rare photo of the accused Salim Ayyash along with Mustafa Badreddine and two others.

The report said that Badreddine and Ayyash might have fled to Iran “they have trained and worked in Tehran for years with Communications Officer Qassem Suleimani,” a Revolutionary Guards general.

However, local Lebanese sources told the magazine that they didn’t rule out the possibility that the two men have been killed in Lebanon.

The STL submitted a confidential indictment and arrest warrants for four accused members of Hizbullah on June 30. They are Mustafa Badreddine, Salim Ayyash, Assad Sabra and Hussein Anaissi.

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Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 11 July 2011, 10:12

It has been long known by Western intelligence that Hizbullah is at the head of international drug trafficking. The sacred resistance markets narcotics obtained from Taliban in exchange for weapons and sells the narcotics to drug lords in South America. The drug lords have a sophisticated network of distribution. The sacred resistance also sponsors narcotics and prostitution in Dahia, Hizbullah's stronghold. On the other hand, the Murshid of Lebanon (Nassrallah) preaches ethics and morals to the rest of the Lebanese people!!

It is truly a resistance against anything and everything constitutional, against ethics, and the charter of honor among the various lebanese sects.

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 11 July 2011, 10:31

We know what kind of paper is that so called Der Spiegel , since it published the so called indictment , years before its official publication by the so called STL Mahkama ..

The one that has real financial problems , is the Sad Saad ..Why the respectable German paper doesn't mention that !? Bizarre Bizarre ...

Ya Jabal May Hezzak Reeh ..

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) 11 July 2011, 10:49

ali, i just wander are you stupid enough to believe this. For hezb'allah to sell drugs to south american drug lords? that's hillarious.
south american drug lords have all the drugs in the world, they need to expand markets and not to have additional supply from middle east.
and from hezb'allah yeah right.
And look who writes it. Der Spiegel. the zionist mouthpiece. why is an nahar including this zionist propaganda on this website. so that local traitors and zionist war information department have more reason to shit on your webpages?

Default-user-icon To jabal amel (Guest) 11 July 2011, 11:16

Mr genius, they don't need to get the drugs from the middle east. Every intelligence agency knows that HA has operations In south America (eg, Jewish center bombing in buenos aires, etc). Basically their shiaa supporters who live in south america traffic drugs and send some of the proceeds to HA. very simple.

Default-user-icon jabal amel (Guest) 11 July 2011, 13:39

you really believe in that???? I guess there would be no psychiatry as a science without people like you. Anyway, if someone is shia, it does not automaticaly make him a hezb'allah supporter. Also, to blame the bombing of the zionist embassy to the hezb'allah is also ridicilous and it's a product od "every inteligence" propaganda. They have targets here, they don't need to go on the other part of the globe for it.
Yes, people who believe into what "every inteligence" says often end up as being traitors and strife inciters.

Thumb shab 11 July 2011, 15:54

Everybody in Beirut knows, if you want some shufta you go to Dahyie. What's new?

Missing peace 11 July 2011, 16:46

they should invest in NYSE then! hahaha! poor hezbollah we are going to pity them...
militias always know how to get dirty money, they will sure diversify their mafia s activities, don t worry!
Don Hassanito knows the rules!

Thumb bashir 11 July 2011, 21:00

Nasrallah's mafia hypocritical? How is this news?

and Le Phenicien, thanks for the laughs, you think Der Spiegel is discredited by being the FIRST news source to report the now accurate public info on STL?!!! ha ha ha.

Default-user-icon Wa7de Libnen (Guest) 11 July 2011, 23:10

Everybody except their supporters knows Hezbollah is full of shit. They preach morals, but they lie and contradict as they murder and even sell drugs. They will not survive the decade. Ask yourselves this simple question: Who is Lebanon and the Lebanese people better off with, Hezbollah, Syria and Iran; or the rest of the world? No country in the world talks to Syria and Iran right now, not even to mention what is currently happening in Syria (mass gov ordered murders, protests, and pandemonium) and in Iran where members of Ahmedinejad's cabinet are being arrested which will follow with him being forced from power. Use your brains. Think about what is best for Lebanon, not Nasrallah. How can a man who can't even shown his face in public without a TV for this long have so much influence?

Default-user-icon Druze r us (Guest) 12 July 2011, 02:13

This so called mafia of the resistance will never run out of money . Kidnapping for ransom , growing Hasheesh in the Bequa Valley , killing for a fee are all still very lucrative ventures . Running the government of Lebanon like a true cleptocrats will ensure their survival as well as the downfall of Lebanon .
God Bless Lebanon .