Israeli Helicopters Strike Gaza Building, No Casualties


Israeli helicopter gunships fired missiles at a building near the southern Gaza Strip city of Khan Younis on Thursday, targeting suspected militants, the military said.

Witnesses said the strikes hit a multi-storey building and that tanks also opened fire shortly afterwards. Palestinian medical sources said there were no casualties and that a group of people inside the building were able to escape.

Israeli helicopters "struck a building in the central Gaza Strip where suspected militants were hiding," an Israeli military spokesman told Agence France Presse.

"It was a building housing armed militants who were suspected of targeting forces and planting an explosive device," the spokesman said, without providing additional details.

On November 3, Israel said it was responsible for an explosion that killed a senior Islamist militant as he drove through Gaza City.

Mohammed Jamil al-Nemnem, a top commander of the Army of Islam, a group that espouses an al-Qaida-like ideology, was killed when his car exploded outside the Hamas police headquarters in Gaza City.(AFP)

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