Rockets Fired from Syria Hit Bekaa's Hermel, al-Qaa

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Four rockets struck the Bekaa city of Hermel on Monday after they were fired from Syrian territory, Agence France Presse quoted a security source as saying.

"Four rockets launched from inside Syrian territory hit separate areas of the town of Hermel," which lies some 10 kilometers from the border with Syria, the source told AFP on condition of anonymity.

"There have been no reports of casualties," he added.

Meanwhile, state-run National News Agency said four rockets hit residential neighborhoods in Hermel after being fired from “the slopes of Lebanon's Eastern Mountain Belt, east of the town of al-Qaa” on the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Later on Monday, the Lebanese army issued a statement saying “starting 4:30 p.m., four rockets fired from the Syrian side of the border started falling on the outskirts of the city of Hermel.”

“Four other rockets also fired from Syria landed in the outskirts of the town of al-Qaa, one of them near an army post, causing material damage but no casualties,” it added.

“Army forces inspected the areas where the rockets struck to accurately identify their source and type and they also took the appropriate military measures,” the statement said.

Quoting sources, Voice of Lebanon radio station (100.5) said earlier that “the targeted area in Hermel contains heavy artillery positions used by Hizbullah during the Qusayr battles.”

“Should clashes erupt in (the Syrian area of) Qalamoun, this region (in Hermel) might be used for the same purpose,” the sources added.

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Thumb _mowaten_ 21 October 2013, 18:47

dont be a hypocrite, you wouldnt have cared anyway. dont pretend you have a righteous excuse for your sectarian hatred and double standards.
about akkar though you can't say it was the syrian army, as i was telling the other drone earlier:
hitting akkar served no objective whatsoever for the syrian army, whereas the rebels are desperate to get lebanese to come fight for them. throwing a few shells on akkar and blaming on the syrian army creates anger that serves that purpose.

Missing imagine_1979 21 October 2013, 20:54

Yes the rebe also shot the new tv repporter to create ambiguity?.... Oh sorry they thought it was a cameraman from al jazeera.....

Thumb _mowaten_ 21 October 2013, 21:21

what are you talking about? the guy who got killed by his wife's relatives?

Missing imagine_1979 21 October 2013, 21:51

Speechless such a short memory mouwaten... Go back a litle more than a year ago... Really short memory bro....

Thumb _mowaten_ 21 October 2013, 18:48

sectarian MF (MF stand for "My Friend", of course)

Missing imagine_1979 21 October 2013, 20:52

Everynow and then u hear on the news that the army arrested a camion transporting amunitions, arms to syria from ersal but when did hear the army arresting some hezbollah fighters and arms going to syria?...are they invisible or the "governement" cause any army takes order by the governement , or the governement has double standards?????
And that's a fact...

Thumb _mowaten_ 21 October 2013, 21:21

imagine: as far as we know HA fighters can travel empty handed and get all the weapons they want when they arrive (syria is where they got their weapons from in the first place, isnt it?).
but even if they traveled with weapons (also possible) it's still very different, because they are going there with the agreement of syrian officials.
whereas when you send fighters to a country against that country's will, it's an act of war, and therefore lebanon is responsible to at least try to stop them.

Missing imagine_1979 21 October 2013, 20:53

My allegeance is to my country

Missing imagine_1979 21 October 2013, 20:58

I wish i could say to my people, but my people are going nuts and i cannot find any clear base to start with them, so why not start by lebanon?... U know there is still plenty to fix inthere....

Thumb _mowaten_ 21 October 2013, 21:14

thefact: i agree in substance but just something: the syrian army did attack some border areas around arsal, not akkar. the hits were on targets in the barren mountains, the no-man's-land around arsal, suggesting they were targeting smugglers and/or rebel hideouts.

the hits on akkar were different, shells fell on residential areas inside cities, and therefore suggesting they were random hits. this is why i believe they were done by the rebels to fuel anger against the syrian army

Thumb _mowaten_ 21 October 2013, 21:16

also in the no man's land of arsal the hits were done by helicopters, meaning they had direct visual on the target and knew what they were hitting. in akkar shells were fired by mortars several kilometers away, this is why i said random.

Thumb _mowaten_ 21 October 2013, 21:23

i'm not saying the location makes a difference, i'm saying the situations were different.
one was a targeted strike, the other random shells.