Armenia, Azerbaijan Border Clash Kills One


Azerbaijani forces on Tuesday killed an Armenian soldier and injured three more along the volatile border between the two arch-enemies, the Armenian government said.

Garik Pogosyan, 19, was killed when the convoy he was in came under fire on a road that runs along the border, the defense ministry said in a statement.

Three other soldiers in the convoy were wounded, it, adding: "This criminal step by the enemy will not go unanswered and those behind it will be held responsible."

Armenia and Azerbaijan are locked in a festering decades-long feud over the breakaway region of Nagorny Karabakh.

Armenia-backed separatists seized Nagorny Karabakh from Azerbaijan in a war that killed 30,000 people in the 1990s.

Despite years of negotiations since a 1994 ceasefire, the two sides have still not signed a peace deal.

Azerbaijan has threatened to take back the disputed region by force if negotiations do not yield results, while Armenia has vowed to retaliate against any military action.

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