Saniora Urges Dialogue on Deploying Army on Border, Hizbullah's 'Return to the State'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Head of al-Mustaqbal bloc ex-PM Fouad Saniora on Tuesday called for launching national dialogue to discuss Hizbullah's withdrawal from Syria and the deployment of the army on the border between the two countries.

“Moderate and open dialogue is the way to confront problems in Lebanon, but reaching it requires an advanced stance and work,” Saniora said in a televised address.

“There cannot be a solution in Lebanon except through the formation of a competent government, so that the state can again become the only party that controls and possesses weapons” in the country, the former premier added.

He called for forming "a cabinet that does not comprise members of political parties, which can oversee the affairs of the state and citizens and their security during the transitional period until the election of a new president of the republic.”

Saniora warned that “the proliferation of non-state arms is the root of the problem and defying national consensus and civil peace might draw a response or a rebellion and weapons will lead to counter-weapons.”

The ex-PM called on Hizbullah to “return to the state and withdraw from Syria,” underlining that “the return of Hizbullah's arms to the state and its withdrawal from Syria would be the right way to achieve a breakthrough and prevent any strife.”

Saniora called for “launching national dialogue to discuss the remaining key issues and Hizbullah's exit from the insane and declared war against the Syrian people,” demanding the deployment of the army on the border with Syria.

Separately, the head of al-Mustaqbal bloc condemned the deadly suicide bombing outside the Iranian embassy in Beirut, saying he deplores “individual and collective assassinations” and stressing the need to “identify those who incited and plotted this crime and all the terrorist crimes that targeted innocents.”

“There is a national responsibility on everyone to stand in the face of terrorist activities,” Saniora noted.

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Thumb makhaleh 26 November 2013, 18:42

I agree a hundred percent no faction should run the state only the state can run itself under a government

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 November 2013, 11:02

blablabla they spit on the government all day long and complain about how useless it is, but when hezbollah is doing what is necessary, the chorale starts whining that we should sit tight and gently wait to be killed while we wait for government action.

saniora's cry is due to his takfiri bosses panicking, the SAA grip is closing in on qalamoun, and due to HA's positioning on the border, the takfiri trash cant be dumped in lebanon.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 November 2013, 11:02

now sit back and relax, while the trash is being processed.

Thumb makhaleh 27 November 2013, 16:13

The only takfiri is hizballah who is killing children and women in syria that is a sin in islam but ur pple support it

Thumb dandoun 26 November 2013, 18:53

alwa2 alwa2 ..ufff..badak b hal balad

Thumb dandoun 26 November 2013, 19:05

ba3dak *

Missing peace 26 November 2013, 19:24

HA have a precondition ya zaki: discuss on everything except their arms and handing it over to the state.... which is the MAIN problem in this country!

Thumb benzona 26 November 2013, 23:02

I have a 3 year old for you. blond,blue eyes, will it do it? I know you wanted even younger.... I advise you to go to Phuket, you'll get better luck there but won't get the requested European type.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 November 2013, 11:04

you sound mentally sicker everyday benzo.

Default-user-icon Hanni (Guest) 27 November 2013, 08:02

words of a wise man...

Default-user-icon Berdival Shingazlon (Guest) 27 November 2013, 11:00

Shouldn't the filthy Fouad l'Israelien Saniora ask the armed Syrian gangs that are roaming the Lebanese territory freely and under the eyes of the "institutions" to get the hell out of here before displaying his typical lowness and asking a few Lebanese to get out of some other place that is not even his place?