Army Seizes, Detonates Grad Rockets in the Bekaa

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army on Friday seized and detonated three Grad rockets in the Bekaa's al-Qaa region.

"At 4:00 pm on Friday, an army patrol seized three 107-millimeter Grad rockets in al-Qaa,” the military institution said in a communique.

It noted that the rockets were set to be launched.

"A military expert arrived to the scene and detonated the seized rockets.”

The army's statement added that the military police has launched an investigation under the supervision of the competent court to uncover who's involved in the incident.

Since the eruption of the Syrian war, Bekaa's Hermel area has repeatedly been targeted with rockets launched by Syria's revolutionaries.

Meanwhile, al-Qaa has been frequently bombed by Syrian warplanes.

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Default-user-icon someone somewhere (Guest) 30 November 2013, 10:27

I wonder why the army didn't monitor the rocket to see who would come for it and then arrest them to get to the bottom of this... maybe a bit James Bond-like but best option knowing we are short of ideas to stop these incidents

Default-user-icon teacher (Guest) 30 November 2013, 11:57

remote controled

Like those fired by the salafists from south lebanon to north israel the 27 december 2005

You need to locate the signal which is a little bit complicated

Missing someone_somewhere 02 December 2013, 08:58

what about disabling the remote devise and seeing who'll come for it?!?

Missing helicopter 01 December 2013, 02:20

Right on phoenix. Their is so much smoke and mirrors that most of the Lebanese are unable to see what is being weaved for them. However sometimes plans back fire on the plotters and fortunes get reversed ..... I keep on hoping.

Thumb Maxx 01 December 2013, 21:50

Good job, Army. Now also kindly seize and detonate all the Katyusha and Fajr rockets and the terrorists wielding them as well...