Asarta Proposed UNIFIL Mediatory Role in Demarcating Maritime Border between Lebanon and Israel

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon Commander Major General Alberto Asarta revealed that he suggested that the international force act as a mediator between Lebanon and Israel in demarcating the maritime border.

He told Al-Akhbar newspaper in remarks published on Thursday that he hopes that this issue will be resolved during his tenure and that efforts would be made to completely designate the Blue Line as well.

Asarta presented his proposal during the recent tripartite meeting between Lebanon, Israel, and UNIFIL at Ras al-Naqoura to discuss pending issues between them.

He added that by December, 80 percent of the markers would have been set on the Blue Line, with the remainder being disputed territory with Israel, which would be settled through an agreement with Lebanon and the Jewish state.

UNIFIL has the means, funding, and determination to carry out the demarcation, but it only needs an agreement between Lebanon and Israel in order to see it through, he stated.

Furthermore, Asarta slammed accusations that the international troops and U.N. are biased towards Israel.

In addition, he denied claims that the international troops is seeking to decrease the number of its units.

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Default-user-icon Gebran Sons for Cedar Revolution II in 2013 (Guest) 21 July 2011, 09:46

How about demarcating borders with Syria to stop arm flow to Hizbollah occupying force? Big risk in demarcating maritime gas fields now because this government of pirates is eager to sell gas rights to skim money, pay loyalists and buy arms just like how Iran uses its gas revenues.