Miqati Pushes for Cabinet Session to Tackle 'Piling Issues'

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Caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati announced on Saturday that efforts to hold a cabinet session to tackle pressing issues in the country are ongoing with various government factions.

Miqati stated that endeavors have been ongoing with President Michel Suleiman for some time now, but have intensified lately with “various government parties because the time period of the outgoing government has prolonged,” he told An Nahar in an interview.

He stressed that the pressing issues in the country that have been piling up for some time due to the failure to form a cabinet are the reason that pushed him to call for a session.

He said: “The accumulation of imperative files require urgent government decisions. Things can not remain pending like this in the country.”

“A date has not yet been set,” said Miqati, but pointed out that “the oil file may not necessarily be a priority on the agenda's meeting. It still needs further study.”

Prime Minister-designate Tammam Salam was tasked in April to form a cabinet following the resignation of Miqati's cabinet, but his efforts failed so far due to the conflicting demands of rival government parties.

Caretaker Energy minister Jebran Bassil has been demanding that the government convene to discuss and approve the oil file and some decrees, but Miqati has been refusing the request because of the government's caretaker role.

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Thumb mckinl 07 December 2013, 11:32

Mikati should have convened the cabinet long ago. Mikati has been part and parcel of the destabilization of Lebanon through his dereliction of duty to government responsibility.

Between Suleiman and Mikati it is lucky that the government is still intact. They both serve outside interests at the expense of Lebanon and its people at the influence of M14 and their patrons the Saudis.

Given his past performances this new attention given to the convening of the cabinet is just another head fake as have been his many interventions in Tripoli over these last two years.

But who knows now maybe he understands that Lebanon is indeed falling apart socially, fiscally and physically due to the political cover he and Suleiman give to the obstructionism of M14.

Missing watan-libnan 07 December 2013, 15:30

It puzzles me why a multi billionaire like miqati would waste his time and effort in the quagmire of lebanese politics in this time when this government can't even organize some stormwater drains to be cleaned for gods sake all i hear is miqati having meeting with berri , berri meeting with jumblatt, jumblatt meeting with geagea and nothing ever gets agreed to what do these guys talk about when they meet .