Zasypkin: Why Should We Ask Hizbullah Fighters to Withdraw from Syria and Not Others?

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Russian ambassador to Lebanon Alexander Zasypkin stressed that since the eruption of the conflict in Syria, Moscow had supported Lebanon's policy of disassociation, reported As Safir newspaper on Saturday.

He asked: “Why should we ask Hizbullah to withdraw its fighters from Syria when two years ago our calls on armed groups from northern Lebanon to withdraw was left unheeded?”

“Moscow backed the policy of disassociation at a time when armed groups from northern Lebanon were involved in the conflict,” he remarked.

“Russia backed the United Nations' Security Council's support for the Baabda Declaration,” he added.

Moreover, Zasypkin said that Hizbullah got involved in Syria after the armed groups' intervention, noting: “We supported the policy of disassociation in order to avert any escalation in Lebanon.”

“We are continuing on demanding that the Baabda Declaration be implemented and respected by all powers,” he stated.

“A real war is taking place in Syria and we want stability in Lebanon,” stressed the ambassador.

In addition, he warned that the arrival of extremists to power in Syria “is the most dangerous development that may happen to Lebanon.”

“Their assumption of any position will mark the beginning of their expansion in all directions, because extremists seek to expand their power,” he explained.

Addressing the turbulent security situation in Lebanon, Zasypkin said: “We are aware that terrorist attacks are happening in Lebanon from time to time and we cannot explain them.”

“We believe however that some Lebanese authorities, with the support of the international community, can overcome these problems,” he continued.

“We combat terrorism wherever it may be and we combat all who support terrorists,” stressed the ambassador to As Safir.

Unanimously adopted during a national dialogue session in June 2012, the Baabda Declaration calls for keeping Lebanon away from the conflict in Syria.

Some Lebanese groups, including Hizbullah and Islamists from northern Lebanon, have been involved in the unrest.

The Islamists back the Syrian rebels, while Hizbullah supports the Syrian regime.

Last year, at least 14 Salafists, who mostly hail from northern Lebanon, were killed on November 30, 2012 in an ambush carried out by Syrian regime forces as they infiltrated the town of Tall Kalakh to fight alongside the Free Syrian Army.

President Michel Suleiman has repeatedly urged all Lebanese factions to avoid fighting in Syria and adhere to the Baabda Declaration in order to avoid the spread of the conflict to Lebanon.

Hizbullah has justified its fighting Syria by saying that it is protecting holy religious sites and takfiri extremists in the country.

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Default-user-icon Scorpion (Guest) 07 December 2013, 10:30

OK, so I understand this to mean that HA are on the same plain as other armed groups. I can accept that. However, HA is also part of the legitimate Lebanese government, which I cannot accept. For those of you who don't understand, try telling your wives the following and see what happens: "Honey, when I'm at home, I'm going to be fully committed to my role as husband and father. However, when I leave the house, I will behave as a single man who's not bound by the rules and obligations of marriage." If your wife doesn't buy it, then tell her that you need to do this in order to uphold her dignity and to get the Palestinians back home.

Thumb saturn 07 December 2013, 12:10

Zasypkin! Repeat after me:

There are no foreign fighters in Syria! There are no foreign fighters in Syria! There are no foreign fighters in Syria! There are no foreign fighters in Syria! There are no foreign fighters in Syria! There are no foreign fighters in Syria!

Thumb benzona 07 December 2013, 15:54

no, it;s haidar -haidar -haidar -haidar. you're mistaken.

don't forget the whip and knife.

Thumb mckinl 07 December 2013, 12:11

Zasypkin said: “We are aware that terrorist attacks are happening in Lebanon from time to time and we cannot explain them.”

Even the Russians give political cover to the KSA ... Maybe this will change after the Winter Olympics at Sochi are completed ...

Thumb mckinl 07 December 2013, 12:17

Bandars has terrorists in the Caucasus ... Bandar actually offered Putin security guarantees and a big arms contract should Russia abandon Syria ... get up to speed ice-man.

Thumb saturn 07 December 2013, 12:18

As a Nusra member do you believe those Assad-supporting infidel Russians need to be punished with a couple of exploding martyrs?

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 07 December 2013, 12:55

Fine. Then let's create a resistance to the basij in lebanon to be at par terms with the iranian militia called Hizbollah!

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 07 December 2013, 13:01

The russian started saying that Hizbollah wanted to defend the chiites at risk in Lebanon, then the holy chiite shrines in Syria…Is this why they are present abroad,conducting terrorist acts ? Are they in Syria because the terrorists they served to as role models are there, or because they are implementing a policy which has taken them not only to Syria , Bulgaria, Thailand Argentina egypt, etc…
Mr. Zasypkin don't you think people as idiots as that !

Default-user-icon Dobratsho Kizlamvu (Guest) 07 December 2013, 13:09

Perhaps because Hizbullah made a monumental difference??? while the other guys' butts are being... well... umm... duh... you know what's going on already. But hey, hopeless hopefuls, keep hope alive as more Saudi prisoners join the fight for freedom and democracy in their newly-adopted land next to their Sanni lunatic brothers. takbir

Thumb zahle1 07 December 2013, 14:24

I don't know why you would get thumbs down. We all know the various north africans and chechens were there first. Is this really disputed? They were the first in the FSA.

Thumb zahle1 07 December 2013, 14:26

But because HA is such a influential force in Lebanon, it doesn't make it right for them. Because they have such a strong armed militia and state within a state, and the other sects do not, that is what makes it still wrong, regardless of the fact that many takfiri went to Syria to fight. That is Syria's problem, and it is Lebanon's job to defend our borders and stop the flow if militants and arms.

Thumb Mystic 07 December 2013, 18:36

zahle, Al Qaeda came from all over the world to murder minorities, ask christian Syrians about their stories, look at Maloula the last city to speak jesus language is completly devastated, as a christian you should watch Al Qaeda more closely since they are your biggest threat, and mine also.

Thumb cedre 07 December 2013, 15:19

those links show that there are 8-12k of jihadists(nusra+isis), of whom a good portion is takfiri.
Now why is phoenix telling us that all rebels, even kurdish secularists like YPG, are takfiris ?

1- he is a total ignorant that knows jack about islam and its sects.
2- he is a propagandist that hates sunnis and do not care about syrian people sufferings
3- both, that's what I think.

Default-user-icon afrocan (Guest) 07 December 2013, 15:26

screw you and your crazy sunnis. there is not one terrorist act committed anywhere in the world that is not committed by sunnis. what the heck are you defending? WHAT?

Thumb cedre 07 December 2013, 16:10

1- FSA is a wrong appellation, coz u need unity, discipline and a chain of command to be an army.

2- I dont support my sect, i am the first to spit on takfiris and khawarijs that persecute minorities and SUNNIS, but then i know that they are few thousands with little local support and will be crushed inshaAllah after bashar's fall. U need to understand that takfiros and Bashar need each others to exist, same relationship as Hizbiran and Israel.

3-I dont ignore proof, u dont follow the tenth of youtube channels on the different syrian fronts and katibas, experts tweets or think tank that I follow.

Missing helicopter 07 December 2013, 16:17

Zasypkin: Why Should We Ask Hizbullah Fighters to Withdraw from Syria and Not Others?...........
Mr. Zasypkin, this is Lebanon and not Russia. Your President Putin makes decisions regarding how and if Russia gets involved in Syria. In Lebanon it is our President Mr. Suleiman who declared the neutrality scenario requiring HA and all other fighters not to get involved. HA's arms were allowed to remain as a Resistance and not as a rapid deployment force under the command of Iran and Bachar. So, in summary Mr. Zas, stick to your Ambassadorial duties and non-interference in our foreign policy (same goes for US, KSA, Iran and Syria ambassadors)

Thumb cedre 07 December 2013, 17:01

@ phoenix : u dont know what tafkiris, khawarijs, salafis are.
U use the terms jihadis/wahabis that do not even exist.
So please go and learn a bit before coming and explaining us about threats. u know jack about islam, its sects, ME geopolotics and even military stuff which is normal coz u were a militia men.

Thumb cedre 07 December 2013, 17:13

Not debating just showing his ignorance,hate and selective humanity.
He's the first to cry about the nuns and christians of chouf but he never shows pity for syrians killed by bashar or condemned LF's massacres of palestinians. Just a thug that try to look like a gentleman. Hamdolilah this hasbeen is totally out of touch with Kataeb, Samy and Geagea. Nothib=ng christian in him...

Thumb cedre 07 December 2013, 19:18

Salafi not salafist u ignorant, u know the ones that are the very reason why there are still Christians in ME, the ones that controlled the region for centuries and did not commit genocide.
I'm not sayin everything what perfect but we didn't do ethnic cleansing like christians, alawites and shias do.
U stupido should understand that if ottomans had the power to occupy the balkans, besiege Vienna, they could have get rid of all ME christians like christians did with europeans muslims. But they didn't do it and wont do it coz their religion forbids it.
Maybe u wont understand that coz u're a second couteau good to kill palestinian civilians but flyin like a pussy in front of druzes and syrians.

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 02:37

Pseudo-resistance, here's a site with most salafis scholars condemning bombings and terrorism.
Here's as well one of your effeminate friends praising kamikaze and terrorism. Who's the douche bag now ?

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 02:55

to the ignorant phoenix : if u knew a bit about arabic language, u would know that kafir is not insulting.
U are kafeer to my religion and I'm kafeer to yours.

Missing peace 07 December 2013, 17:34

“Why should we ask Hizbullah to withdraw its fighters from Syria when two years ago our calls on armed groups from northern Lebanon to withdraw was left unheeded?”

well because hezbollah is a "political party" (LOL) pretending to obey the state of lebanon (ROFLMAO) and the armed groups are not from a political party maybe? LOL

Missing VINCENT 07 December 2013, 23:43

Plus Lebanon cannot suffer any more. The country is already on life support.

Missing VINCENT 07 December 2013, 23:44

But these Al-Qaeda types must be stopped.

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 03:25

phoenix senile people and children often act alike, thus my confusion...

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 03:36

resistance, go back to ur sauna with nassy...

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 03:55

try to say something that makes sense, we all understood by now that u know bad words, but I'm still doubting u can build an articulated argumentation proving I'm a takfiri/extremist, ect...

Missing helicopter 08 December 2013, 04:06

Guys .... this is what I like to see prevail:
1) A good Government where the rights are preserved for ALL
2) A strong LAF and all others disarmed
3) A strong National Lebanese Identity that supersedes Sectarianism.
4) All traitors and Lebanon haters as an Independent Secular Republic be thrown in the sea to feed the fish.
5) Prosperous and Civilized nation where Justice and Freedom reigns.
I pray for such a Lebanon

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 04:08

Ur duty ? Do u just understand how awkward, childish and stupid u sound ? Do u think u're hurting anybody with ur insults ?
U're just making people laugh at u by making a mess of yourself and showing what kind of thug u are...
Don't think u scaring anybody, nobody fears a clown...
Allez Bozo, va te coucher...

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 04:21

Do u really think I need/want to debate to the likes of you ?
No manners, not cultivated, little logic, I could do without u...

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 04:30

everytime u insult/attack my religion or my co-religionists without reason, i'll correct the ignoramus u are.
I can't care less about ur insults, do whatever u like, sectarian lowlife...
Bon la, j'ai fini Zemmour et Naulleau, je vais me coucher pour de bon.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 08 December 2013, 06:58

Reading these comments on here and all I can say is WOW! It's a miracle Civil warII hasn't started already. God help Lebanon from the Lebanese!

Thumb EagleDawn 08 December 2013, 07:38

But you have proved it time and time again, you are ignorant and below ignorant. As a Christian, I am ashamed of you. You have no manners, no style, no wisdom, and no culture. Shame on you and your likes.

Thumb EagleDawn 08 December 2013, 07:39

He might be a hero to you and your likes but for the Christian community, I doubt it very much.