Ibrahim to Head to Qatar to Address Case of Kidnapped Maalula Nuns

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

General Security chief Abbas Ibrahim is scheduled to travel to Qatar in order to tackle the case of the nuns who were kidnapped in Syria's Maalula region earlier this week, reported LBCI television.

He told the station that he was tasked by President Michel Suleiman to address the case in the Arab Gulf state.

LBCI added that he had contacted al-Jazeera television earlier on Saturday to inquire about the source of the videotape of the nuns it had aired on Friday.

Jihadists and opposition fighters on Monday entered the Syrian Christian town of Maalula and took 12 Lebanese and Syrian Greek Orthodox nuns from the Mar Takla Monastery to the Yabrud area in Qalamoun, near Damascus. The Vatican slammed the move as an “abduction.”

The 12 nuns join two bishops and a priest who are already believed to be held by hardline rebels, deepening concerns that extremists in the opposition's ranks are targeting Christians.

A group of the abducted nuns reportedly appeared Friday in a video broadcast by Al-Jazeera, in which they reassured that they are in good health and would be released “in two days.”

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Thumb saturn 07 December 2013, 12:11

Can we also please ask Qatar for a candy?

Thumb saturn 07 December 2013, 12:31

...because Qatar cares!

Thumb zahle1 07 December 2013, 14:16

Like I said before, I don't know why M14 blindly supports FSA in Syria. There are too many wackos in the FSA that do these things that are above and beyond. Again, I'm not pro Syria in Lebanon, but they are what's best for Syria.

Thumb zahle1 07 December 2013, 14:22

I agree, its time for Christians to do something like this to strike back at these takfiri. It is a shame that many in M14 and the western media are minimizing what these FSA backed militias are doing to non military Christian churches, clergy and faithful...

Thumb zahle1 07 December 2013, 18:31

I'm not disagreeing. We are getting picked off like its a Turkey shoot. Our Shiite brethren are going to Syria to protect their shrines and places of worship. Ya profile, you tell me who is protecting Christians. I would love to have a non-sectarian government that would protect everyone, and have zero foreign influence. The reality is, that when things get heated, that it there is nobody out there protecting the weak. Especially protecting Christian interest. Ya profile, what do you recommend we do. I do preach law and order so where is it for these nuns? Where is it for the churches getting destroyed? Where is it for the clergy and bishops getting kidnapped? There is a war taking place. And our people need protection. If these whacko takfiri do not want to leave alone non-military, religious clergy/churches, then someone needs to bring it, and take it to them.

Thumb cedre 07 December 2013, 15:28

ok so 12k max of takfiris will defeat millions of people,
phoenix showing us what a great analyst he can be...
Selling fear for brainwashed people...

Thumb benzona 07 December 2013, 15:38

this damaged man is blind. if bachar pays for his crimes, syrian people will be united to fight off the remaining foreigners on their soil. because they are invading forces and easy to spot.

He's playing the fear card like Aoun and the Neo Nazis in Europe. it works with the weak minded.

Thumb cedre 07 December 2013, 16:14

Pro-rebels--->alqaeda, bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!
mockery is all u left with, ur propaganda is useless at the era of youtube and satelitte phones...

Thumb benzona 07 December 2013, 15:32

Something is very wrong. It is not normal that a General Security Chief travels to foreign countries to discuss such matters. it is the job of a Foreign Minister. General Ibrahim's place is in Lebanon.

Thumb benzona 07 December 2013, 15:34

Then we must be grateful that the Turks are doing it.

your vocabulary is sick 'takfiri'. Do you even realise what a monster you are?

Tu riras moins quand le Hezbollah te la fera a l'envers et que ta petite famille sera voilee de force.

Thumb liberty 07 December 2013, 18:18

Bravo phoenix. You really showed yourself up. I never expected this rhetoric from you.....:((

Thumb ex-fpm 07 December 2013, 19:58

It sure is disgusting this site has become. Filthy language, insults, sectarian comments and fake accounts.

Thumb ex-fpm 07 December 2013, 19:59

@manoushee, I totally agree. This language should not be tolerated nor allowed. Naharnet should do something about it.

Thumb EagleDawn 07 December 2013, 23:07

very manly indeed!

Thumb cedre 08 December 2013, 00:29

outraged at the foul language ? How cares pal...
Only shows us the good education phoenix received and what kind of thug he is. Give a ak or m16 to that kind of person and u understand why lebanon is a failed state.

Both of u are here all day long demonizing sunnis, ksa, ect.. by calling us jihadists, takfiris, wahabis, ect... Promoting Bashar and every other killers of sunnis and u're waiting for respect ?

Ur islamophobic propaganda is far more dangerous than ur foul language...

Thumb EagleDawn 08 December 2013, 07:57

@NAHARNET: Please, read the exchange of comments on this site and TAKE some action. This is a forum and not a ghetto. There are families and decent people who come here and read. This is completely unacceptable. Your credibility as a news organization is at stake when commenters such as the1phoenix and his likes are allowed to post such insults and profanities.
No one in their right mind would tolerate his insanity.

Thank you!