Asiri Shrugs Off Criticism against Riyadh, Praises Suleiman's Rationality

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Saudi Ambassador Ali Awadh Asiri shrugged off the criticism against Riyadh over its stances from the region's turmoil, and praised President Michel Suleiman over his keenness on Lebanon's relations with Arab countries.

Suleiman's stances “come out of his keenness on Lebanon's historic ties with its Arab neighbors and Saudi Arabia,” Asiri said.

Suleiman has on several occasions emphasized the need to distance Lebanon from the conflict in Syria and halt the involvement of Lebanese fighters in the unrest due to its heavy repercussions on Lebanon.

Asiri described the president's stances as “patriotic and rational.”

“The media campaign and fabrications that were launched by some sides to attack the kingdom are not based on political evidence,” Asiri told pan-Arab daily al-Hayat in remarks published on Monday.

“We know that some of them participated in that campaign out of fear from their allies and not out of conviction,” he said.

Asiri reiterated that Riyadh's ties with Beirut stem from the brotherly relations between the two countries' peoples.

Saudi Arabia is also keen on the stability and security of Lebanon, he said. “No one can tarnish the truth behind its role or harm its ties with Lebanon to serve a foreign party."

The ambassador was referring to Hizbullah chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, who last week said militants linked to Riyadh were behind the deadly attack on the Iranian embassy.

Nasrallah said that militants with links to the Saudi intelligence were involved in the double suicide bombings that targeted the mission in Beirut's southern suburbs last month.

The attack, which was carried out by a Lebanese and a Palestinian and which left scores of casualties, including an Iranian diplomat, was linked to Riyadh's hostility to Iran, he said.

Asiri regretted that such accusations were the result of “divisions within the ranks” of certain parties.

He advised them to “avoid the embarrassment” they caused to themselves due to their campaigns.

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Thumb benzona 09 December 2013, 08:28

nazisrallah accuses israel, KSA, America, Europe and many other countries of targeting him. he thinks he means anything in the world? lol. ask any european person, they wouldn't even recognize his face nor his name if he were to be mentioned. he's a meaningless little dictato-r-at. only his fellow lebanese and now syrians want him dead for his numerous murders. what a joke this phatman is....

Thumb lebpatriot777 09 December 2013, 10:08

Darling blow-up maniac, as far as your concerned Nasrallah is your god and obsession so don't tell us what Europeans think.

Missing --karim_m3-- 09 December 2013, 09:12

Asiri is a terrorist and should be tried for his crimes of espionage and financing of terrorism within Lebanon.

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2013, 10:28

Saudi money, billions of dollars worth, is being spent to terrorize the middle east. The war in Syria, the suicide bombs in Iraq and Lebanon and serious political interference everywhere are underwritten with Saudi funds.

Thumb mckinl 09 December 2013, 12:16

The checks given to the Islamists and Qaeda in Syria are from the KSA. The Qaeda known to be KSA agents are suicide bombing Iraq and Lebanon. Everyone in Lebanon knows that the KSA is patronizing the M14 boycott of government. This all common knowledge my friend .....

Missing george710 09 December 2013, 11:27

You are all indoctrinated trash go read something besides religious texts.