Bassil Meets Berri: Oil File Will Only Be Tackled when Mustaqbal Decides so

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Caretaker Energy Minister Jebran Bassil stated on Monday that the possibility of holding a cabinet session to address the oil and gas exploration file lies in the hands of the Mustaqbal Movement.

He said: “This issue will only be addressed when the March 14 camp, mainly the Mustaqbal Movement, decides so.”

He made his remarks after holding talks at Ain el-Tineh with Speaker Nabih Berri.

Moreover, the minister accused caretaker Prime Minister Najib Miqati of seeking to appease the March 14 camp through refraining from calling cabinet to address the pending issues.

“Miqati, first and foremost, caters to his interests with the Mustaqbal Movement,” explained Bassil to reporters.

“We no longer need President Michel Suleiman and Miqati to tackle the oil file because it is in the hands of the March 14 camp,” he lamented.

“We have grown bored with repeating these demands and we leave it up to the people to judge the officials,” he added.

“I leave it to the president and caretaker premier to judge how important it is to tackle the oil and gas exploration file, which will help ease the burden off the people's shoulders,” said Bassil.

Earlier on Monday, Berri had expressed support for the cabinet to hold a session to tackle the petroleum file.

Miqati had told several newspaper on Monday that he is mulling to hold a cabinet session after Lebanon remained without a new government for more than seven months, and he did not rule out putting two controversial oil decrees on its agenda.

He added that oil and gas exploration was at the top of the priorities list.

Bassil had been urging him to invite ministers for a session to approve two decrees that call for demarcating 10 maritime oil exploration blocks and setting up a revenue-sharing model.

Delays in issuing the decrees could postpone offshore drilling and exploration.

The main point of contention lied in Miqati who argued that the constitution did not authorize him to hold a session for that purpose and insisted that it lacked political consensus.

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Missing watan-libnan 09 December 2013, 15:05

I consider all polititicians PUBLIC SERVANTS not the other way around, they were elected to serve the public of lebanon if they are not up to it they should resign and let someone who is up to have a go does anyone agree

Thumb saturn 09 December 2013, 15:22

Great theory. Unfortunately the Lebanese want this and then clap and vote for the politicians for not making it happen.

Thumb saturn 09 December 2013, 15:41

I like it here more. M14 and M8 call each other names and claim they rule and the others suck, while I observe and generalize.

Thumb benzona 09 December 2013, 15:28

i'm back ;-) did you notice how a wave a m8 mouthpieces appeared at the same time this morning. I do believe in coincidences, dont you? hehehe

i'm a bit disappointed by naharnet about the censorship. they censor us -the victims- rather than censoring the politicians such as the one above whom steal/insult our intelligence/and for some M8ers murder us.

frankly, i'd like to see nasrallah or aoun sue me for calling him names in the media. i'd proudly go to the court of justice and speak THE truth.

Thumb benzona 09 December 2013, 16:38

thank-you for your unconditional support icey. ca fait plaisir. I figured the mods were overwhelmed, they left Phoenix's vulgarity intact for three straight days, not sure if they still are around.
I have a plan of action to solve the multiple aliases problem.

Thumb benzona 09 December 2013, 16:42

naharnet should require that commentators be 18+ with a copy of the ID with a matching paypal account / or credit-debit card that would be charged some insignificant random amount of money with a transaction code. of course, the amount would be integrally refunded after verification is done. hence, no more double accounts... and of course, commentators would still be given the option to pick a nickname rather than their real name.

it's doable. they just need to hire 1 person for this job ;-)

Thumb benzona 09 December 2013, 16:51

and of course, with a name matching the ip address.... anyone could be held accountable for talking rubbish like FT's claouns do.

Thumb benzona 09 December 2013, 17:04

fine, no beybal, just viza or masterkard.

do you think they'd consider stealing people's cards in the streets? they'd still need to get access to their bank statements in order to get the transaction reference.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 09 December 2013, 15:47

this guy *thinks* he discovered Petrol! ..

Thumb lebanon_first 09 December 2013, 16:08

Mustakbal and the gang is holding our country hostage. stopping every mou3amaleh. From a small operation i have been trying to do for a year to the oil file.

How can we entrust such a party to an immature person such as Saad.

Thumb lebanon_first 09 December 2013, 16:34

I am not against mustakbal. I think they are the only pragmatic sunni party in the arab world.
They dont have ministers. But they have a nbr of public institutions under their control. And those public institutions have instructions to bloc stuff. Like the oil file.

Can you blame them? HA in their shoes invaded Beirut. They are doing much less. But still they are to blame for their blockings.

Thumb FlameCatcher 09 December 2013, 16:32

@imBassil : "the possibility of holding a cabinet session to address the oil and gas exploration file lies in the hands of the Mustaqbal Movement."

Last I looked, Mustaqbal is NOT part of the cabinet. Last I looked Miqati is NOT Mustaqbal.

This is the typical PROPAGANDA and MANIPULATION STEREOTYPE Aounies use for their sheep to believe Hariri is responsible for their failures.

I'm waiting for @FT to invent a whole series of other excuses to explain this manipulation ...

Missing peace 09 December 2013, 16:47

funny hypocrit M8ers... when it suits them mikati is whether pro mustaqbal or not! very easy.... no wonder , simplistic things is all what they can come up with....

Thumb lebanon_first 09 December 2013, 19:49

and HA is pro-dakhilak-protect-our-favored-status-of-milicia-in-chief.

Thumb lebanon_first 09 December 2013, 17:09

Ben... Much less than quoting Bob Marley that would cause u to be labeled a zionist... watch out, u are on a thin wire here.

Thumb cedars2 10 December 2013, 13:51

Question is who pays you to prance around the site acting like you know it all when in reality the more I read your pathetic posts the more I feel sorry for you. Have you ever considered medication?

Thumb cedars2 10 December 2013, 13:53

Whos your daddy ya FT?

Thumb thepatriot 10 December 2013, 15:44

@cedars2... he doesn't know...