Financial Prosecutor Mulling to Summon Aridi, Safadi over Violations

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Financial Prosecutor Ali Ibrahim is expected to summon caretaker Public Works Minister Ghazi Aridi and caretaker Finance Minister Mohammed Safadi to question them over allegations of corruption, An Nahar daily reported on Wednesday.

Ibrahim has already asked the authorities to provide him with the text of a news conference made by Aridi and several TV interviews of Safadi.

The investigation launched by the financial prosecutor could lead to the questioning of several officials in both ministries, An Nahar said.

Aridi accused Safadi during a press conference on Monday of withholding funds from his ministry for road maintenance in an effort to pressure him into approving a construction violation by the finance minister.

But Safadi swiftly denied the allegations in remarks to several local TV stations. He accused Aridi of launching a political campaign against him.

Aridi held the conference after following severe criticism after roads flooded from rainwater.

The war of words between the two was the topic of discussion by parliament's public works ministry.

An Nahar said that the head of the committee, MP Mohammed Qabbani, is expected on Wednesday to discuss with the head of the Central Inspection Board, George Awad, the engineering part of the case.

Qabbani told An Nahar that the director-general of the presidency and the army leadership had pressured the Council for Development and Construction not to remove many of the violations committed near rivers for political reasons.

The daily said consultations held on the sidelines of the committee meeting led to the conclusion that the exchange of accusations were the result of a license that Aridi had received to operate a port near Beirut's al-Manara area but was obstructing the approval of a similar license for Safadi to operate a port in Jbeil.

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Thumb mckinl 11 December 2013, 08:13

Prosecute the criminals Aridi and Safadi ...

Thumb cedars2 11 December 2013, 08:23

This is just a mirror of this whole government. Their only fault was not hiding it well enough.

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 10:32

yes, their "only" fault... haram...

Default-user-icon leb scum (Guest) 11 December 2013, 09:28

mirror of all lebanese scum.. we accept scum in the government because they accurately represent the scum that we are. don't complain guys..

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 10:32

speak for yourself

Default-user-icon Legion (Guest) 11 December 2013, 11:38

No he's right, it's just your Lebanese ego that's not letting you see the truth. You are scum, just like every politician, and every person that supports them.

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 12:24

hahaha you answer with a different guest name and say "he"??
you have mental issues dude.

as for your hatred of lebanese i could care less.

Thumb mckinl 11 December 2013, 10:09

Government corruption is a world wide problem. Over the last 30 years the implementation of neoliberal economics has channeled all wealth towards the top where they can then derail reform and oversight while they line their own pockets. Rinse and repeat for 30 years.

This new paradigm is all completely legal because the theft of the common wealth of every country is "legally" sold off for pennies on the dollar to wealthy individuals and corporations. This new banskter "capitalism" or crony capitalism is destroying the people and the planet.

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 10:33

dont say "we", phil, you're not even lebanese.

Default-user-icon Caligary (Guest) 11 December 2013, 12:31

Looney Tunes, Crisis Management long overdue, what a shame, muscle parade by the two "Lunatics", Bassil is not excluded, part of club.... speechless not in a million year we shall have a true Country

Thumb eli-g 11 December 2013, 14:12

to Leb Scum, Legion, Phil I salute you. It is very hard to see what is in the mirror isn't it? One cannot deny the fact that the citizens are the ones responsible for the politicians actions. YOU VOTE THEM IN YEAR AFTER YEAR WHAT DO YOU EXPECT. You are half right region, Ego is just the first layer of the Lebanese "psychy" its like an onion, the more layers you peel the stinker it gets.

Thumb eli-g 11 December 2013, 14:13

Caligary you are correct.

Default-user-icon Guivem Muhaddi (Guest) 11 December 2013, 22:42

Take your time mulling. We have a lifetime to try to get out of the mess that all these mafiosos put us in. I just hope they will not blame the Syrians again.

Default-user-icon madhouse (Guest) 12 December 2013, 03:03

Roumieh needs more inmates.