2 Jabal Mohsen Residents Shot in Sectarian Attack

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Two residents of the Jabal Mohsen district in the northern city of Tripoli were injured on Wednesday when assailants shot them as part of the sectarian attacks gripping the city.

Samer al-Aswad was wounded in his abdomen while Haidar Soaifan was shot in his leg, the state-run National News Agency reported.

They were transported to a hospital in Zgharta, NNA said.

The Lebanese army sent reinforcements to al-Beddawi after the shooting.

Sectarian attacks against Alawites from Jabal Mohsen has increased lately.

The latest assault earlier this month brought a new round of deadly gunbattles between the district and the rival Sunni neighborhood of Bab al-Tabbaneh.

State Commissioner to the Military Court Judge Saqr Saqr charged several Jabal Mohsen suspects for their involvement in the clashes.

He referred them to First Military Examining Magistrate Riyad Abu Ghida.

The Lebanese government authorized the army to take control of Tripoli for six months following the three days of sectarian fighting.

Tensions between the neighboring areas date back to Lebanon's 1975-1990 civil war but have been exacerbated by the conflict across the border in Syria, where Alawite President Bashar Assad is battling a Sunni-led uprising.

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Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 10:34

where's geha to cheer to those?

Thumb geha 11 December 2013, 11:11

you are sick in your head. I definitely have no doubt abut that :)

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 12:22

by blaming ali and rifaat eid below, instead of condemning these hateful and gratuitous sectarian crimes, you just proved my point. and keep your smileys.

Thumb saturn 11 December 2013, 12:41

ROTFL LOL. Family feud, drug deal, passion crime. ROTFL.

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 13:05

I'll grant you that ice-boy, there could be more to it than we know, but you also have to take into account the likelihood of the possibilities you consider. Here you're bordering on fantasy.

Thumb saturn 11 December 2013, 13:40

With gems like these I'm likely to implode altogether!

Thumb geha 11 December 2013, 11:11

the sooner the army arrests ali and rifaat eid the better it will be for all.

Thumb geha 11 December 2013, 13:17

to mowaten and ft the sectarian idiots.
My comment is an analysis of the situation and in no way an acceptance that such aggressions are correct!
any sane person would tell you that.
but the matter remains that you cannot see things the way they are: it has been over 2 months now that the perpetrators of the bombings have not been apprehended!
what do you expect?

Thumb Mystic 11 December 2013, 20:26

geha you are the sick mind here, everytime salafists shoots innocent people you cheer it, and when they actually defend themselves, you start crying and scream for arrests. Self defence forever buddy, you will never triumph. You will never arrest any of them i assure you of that.

Thumb BeautifulMind 11 December 2013, 21:51

@ Mystic: Cheers!

Thumb Mystic 12 December 2013, 02:58

Always beautiful ;)

Thumb mckinl 11 December 2013, 14:08

Still working at the gay bar?

Thumb mckinl 11 December 2013, 14:20

@ ice-man

you mean comments like ...

"Are you still doing valet parking in Hamra?"

Deal ... we both stop ...

Thumb LebCynic 11 December 2013, 15:13

These ruthless idiots really don't learn,, even after the latest bouts where they without doubt came off second best they continue with their resultless stupidity. Keep it up, however don't go crying when Jabal Mohsen retaliates in the defence of their residence. History has shown over and over that Jabal Mohsen will not take oppression laying down, they fought to survive in the past and they will continue to fight for survival, takfiris over the years have come and gone but Jabal Mohsen prevailed and remained.

Thumb Mystic 11 December 2013, 20:28

@LebCynic, true words ;)

Thumb BeautifulMind 11 December 2013, 21:52

@ LebCynic: Thumbs up!

Thumb _mowaten_ 11 December 2013, 15:58

lol thanks for that laugh ice-boy, but i really insist you get some help. asap.

Thumb LebCynic 11 December 2013, 21:25

@ice-man you left out hate crime