Report: Gemayel to Head to Tehran after Concluding Visit to Washington

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Phalange Party leader Amin Gemayel, who is currently on a trip to the U.S. capital Washington, is expected to visit the Islamic Republic of Iran, al-Liwaa newspaper reported on Thursday.

According to the report, the invitation was delivered to Gemayel by Iran's ambassador to Lebanon Ghazanfar Roknabadi.

The newspaper gave no date for the trip.

Gemayel participated in Washington in a workshop organized by German Marshall Fund and Future House, which concluded its work on Wednesday.

The workshop was held under the slogan “After The Storm: Democracy And Growth in The New Middle East.”

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Thumb saturn 12 December 2013, 10:08

Free ride, free food and some newspaper coverage, who'd say no.

Thumb _mowaten_ 12 December 2013, 11:07

“After The Storm: Democracy And Growth in The New Middle East.”
wow! thanks Alexa

Thumb BeautifulMind 12 December 2013, 18:38

According to BBC news, "Media urge Syrian rebels to stop journalist kidnappings."
Hey Gemyle, I thought you branded the Arab Spring as, and I quote, "Freedom Revolution." Whats up with the kidnapping man?
Or is the kidnapping only the myth, you created with Geagea, of accusation of the Baath of Syria.
BBC gave us the proof of the FSA kidnapping, where is yours?

Missing lqu7 12 December 2013, 10:10

Hahaha! So many reality slaps to M14ers I lost count.

Thumb cedars2 12 December 2013, 10:14

I hope he becomes president. I cant see a better option than him. Who do you nominate?

Thumb ice-man 12 December 2013, 10:55

Nassrallah is the only christian president that have the people's confidence.

Thumb cedars2 12 December 2013, 11:09

Ha ha good choice. We should start learning Farsi then...

Thumb cedars2 12 December 2013, 12:47

But if they elect Nasser Allah that means he has to come out of his hole, whats your take on this FT?

Thumb ice-man 12 December 2013, 14:34

Flamethrower: Why you always accusing me of things? WHY? Have I ever done something to harm you? Why you haunt me, harass me, blame me for everything gone wrong in your life? Let me be.... Let me express my feelings and thoughts free of harassment.

Thumb cedars2 12 December 2013, 12:59

"btw perpetuating a problem is the first sign that a politician is a puppet for hire (like geagea and most of mustahbal) because they always wait for external orders and make no initiative of their own"


I nominate FT for president hes the type of intellectual M8 looks for.
1.Ability to betray country for some bearded mullahs:check
2.Loyalty to Iran and Syria: check
3.Ability to repeat the parties propoganda without batting an eye lid: check.
4.Ability to sell vote for a few hundred dollars: check.
5. Ability to deliver thinly vieled threats: check.
6. Ability to speak Farsi: check.
7. Ability to take orders from a second rate Iranian ambassador: check.
8. Ability to distort facts and figures: check.
9. Ability to light a tire and block a road in under 3 mins: check.
10. Follows the "herd" mentality: check.

Thumb ice-man 12 December 2013, 14:38

Did you just skip bail, flamethrower?

Default-user-icon True Lebanese (Guest) 12 December 2013, 10:47

Wasnt he the guy criticising General Aoun's visit to Iran in 2008? You are 5 years too late koala man!

Thumb cedre 12 December 2013, 12:04

koala man, hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Default-user-icon mazen (Guest) 12 December 2013, 11:18

ya3ni if he thinks he's Charles De Gaulles, or Winston Churchill, Alla Ynajina!!

Thumb cedre 12 December 2013, 12:05

he just have gone to Dahieh instead of Tehran...

Missing --karim_m3-- 12 December 2013, 12:29

Another hammer dropped on the February 14 Saudi-Wahabi supporters.

Thumb cedars2 12 December 2013, 14:55

Ma he needs to negotiate something about this armed militia thats threatening everyone with their weapons that follow Irans orders via the mouthpiece at the Iranian Embassy, at least we can rest assured that whatever is decided there HA will follow to the letter because of the "herd" mentality. This does come in handy sometimes dont you think?
I suppose its easier to let someone else do the thinking for you, and from the comments I see here from the HA zombies maybe its a good thing..

Default-user-icon Manar English Website (Guest) 12 December 2013, 14:23

Many thanks go to _Flamethrower_, _mowaten_, and other heroes for representing our point of view. We appreciate your support and dedication to the cause of the resistance. We want you to know we consider you part of Al Manar family.

Jaafar Jreij

Thumb ice-man 12 December 2013, 14:25

I miss @helaselassie:)

Thumb ice-man 12 December 2013, 14:27

@Flamethrower.....Thank God your post was deleted. You seem to forget this forum is for debate and exchange of points of view. This is not a bar where you can inject street language and abuse readers. Profanities and foul language don't earn you respect. I hope you you will refrain from such actions in the future!

Thumb cedars2 12 December 2013, 14:32

here here

Missing peace 12 December 2013, 14:49

"because they always wait for external orders and make no initiative of their own."

great that includes aoun too! LOL

Thumb Bandoul 12 December 2013, 20:53

What is more disheartening and regrettable than the adventures of the Sunni and Shiite plunging the country into the abyss is the adventures of the 4 musketeers Aoun, Geagea, Gemayel and Franjieh dividing the Christians until there is nobody left to stand up for the principals on which Lebanon was built. What a crying shame.

Thumb Mystic 12 December 2013, 21:47 leaks prove Bandar bin Sultan have financed the 9/11

Thumb ex-fpm 13 December 2013, 04:04

and for the word "akid", you get 12 votes up....LOL

Thumb ex-fpm 13 December 2013, 04:07

nice certificate of conduct from the voice of freedom!

Thumb falanges 13 December 2013, 07:05

part of the US/iran deal. you will see what iran sold very soon