Report: Hizbullah Engaged in Direct Contacts with CIA, Pentagon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The U.S. Department of Defense and the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) are engaged in direct and indirect contacts with Hizbullah, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported on Friday.

According to the report, the talks focus on several aspects and include the Islamist movement Hamas.

However, information received by LBCI ruled out the report, saying it was not true.

In November, the U.S. embassy in Lebanon denied a report by the Kuwaiti al-Anbaa newspaper saying that U.S. officials have been involved in talks with Hizbullah.

"No official at the embassy has or is engaged in discussion with members of the terrorist organization Hizbullah,” the Embassy clarified to Naharnet in a statement.

The newspaper had said in a report that indirect and secret contacts are ongoing between Hizbullah and the U.S. embassy in Lebanon.

The daily quoted a March 14 MP as saying that the “relations between the Hizbullah and the U.S. are developing positively.”

The MP also noted that U.S. Ambassador to Lebanon David Hale informed various Lebanese leaders that “a cabinet can not be formed without Hizbullah participation.”

However, the embassy's statement also denied this claim, stressing that the makeup of the new Lebanese cabinet is to be decided by the Lebanese people only.

"We will judge the government not by its numbers, but by its composition, mandate and actions,” it remarked.

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Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 11:16

Hahahahaha!!! Rofl!!!

Thumb BeautifulMind 13 December 2013, 11:25

In your M14-Saudi, Turkey culture, Are you allowed to abduct only nuns and bishops, or you are permit to abduct preists as well?
For us, SantaClause helpers, we only abduct bunnies!

Thumb ice-man 13 December 2013, 11:38

Do Alawis believe in Santa? Cool.....

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 11:43

In answer to your secretarian racist comment I can tell you you are barking up the wrong tree. Maybe go bark somewhere else with your brainwashed poisonous ideas.

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 11:51

By the way, I'm waiting for your answer:

Id like one of you stooges to answer me regarding thumbs down on Tueini topic, I said I hope the killers are hung from the highest pole and you thumbs me down. What does that mean exactly. Be men and answer my question.

Thumb _mowaten_ 13 December 2013, 14:04

speculations by a newspaper, wouldnt be the fist time nor the last.

Thumb _mowaten_ 13 December 2013, 16:00


Thumb _mowaten_ 13 December 2013, 16:09

it happens

Thumb _mowaten_ 13 December 2013, 16:10

and so? if one speculation turns out true does it means all speculations are true? use your brain, i know you have one.

Thumb BeautifulMind 13 December 2013, 16:24

According to political sciences, in politics, there is 2 kinds of talks,
1. One between rivals to clarify a dispute or to establish boundaries so not fighting will result.
2. Second one is between superior and servant to clarify the command and orders.
Now, regardless of what the nature of talk between Hizballh and USA, we all know it belongs to the type one of politics.
On other form of talk, for instance, the one between CIA, Saudis and Syria " rebels," the conversation might go like this,
How many heart did you eat today? How many nuns did you abduct this week? How many suicide bombers you have under your command?
For us, Santa-Clause helpers, we always order rein deer to keep a stright line!

Thumb _mowaten_ 13 December 2013, 16:57

and where would i find your analysis anonyme?

as for aoun please dont make me laugh, he was the heart of m14 in 2005 until he said in a speech, after the syrian withdrawal, that the biggest priority for lebanon was to retrieve the billions which were embezzled in the past decades. that's when mustaqbal and the rest suddenly turned on him and called him a traitor.

Thumb Mystic 13 December 2013, 23:37

Don't believe everyting Naharnet posts. Just saying

Thumb benzona 13 December 2013, 11:17

They want their 5 star terrorist label organization taken away or something. The CIA and other can do whatever they want, we ~lebanese~ known they always have been a terrorist organization since its creation.

Thumb benzona 13 December 2013, 11:51


Thumb Roaring-FlameThrower 13 December 2013, 11:32

God Bless the USA and the Islamic Secular Shia Only Resistance as they work hand in hand for the betterment of humanity, the environment, and the liberation of Ukranian women from slavery.
The CIA and the Pentagon finally realized the USA cannot function without Sayyed Hassan's vision and the resistance's proven track record. The U.S administration is further considering assigning another U.S ambassador to Lebanon, only this time to Dahiyeh. The Islamic Resistance military advisors are already at Westpoint and TopGun fighter pilot school in San Diego, California advising the U.S military on lessons learned from the divine victory achieved in 2006. These relations will culminate in a Leader's Summit between Obama and Sayyed Hassan in Dahiyeh in the first part of 2014. May the Lord Bless Sayyed for his openness, tenacity, and determination. There are reports that Sayyed Hassan's favorite dish is McDonald's Big Mac and spicy fries.

Thumb ice-man 13 December 2013, 11:39

missed you RFT:))))))))) hehehehe!

Thumb ex-fpm 13 December 2013, 12:58

much fun as always:)

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 12:23

Looks like there's a new daddy in town.

Thumb benzona 13 December 2013, 12:27

hezbollah has a captagon surplus... they're exploring new markets. America knows mexican meth and coke, they'll soon discover the "fneish special".

Thumb liefighter 13 December 2013, 13:38


Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 13:54

Nice one benzona!

Thumb benzona 13 December 2013, 18:10

Thank you my loved ones ;-)

Thumb FlameCatcher 13 December 2013, 12:51

HA are traitors... they are collaborating with the "ennemy" :)

Zionists !!!

Thumb ex-fpm 13 December 2013, 12:56


Thumb cedre 13 December 2013, 12:57

Thumb ice-man 13 December 2013, 13:45

Sorry @helaselassie, this is a no smoking zone:)

Thumb benzona 13 December 2013, 13:49

I wonder what this loser smokes.... Hama's being Zionist. N'importe quoi!

Thumb ice-man 13 December 2013, 13:47

Do you believe in ghosts?

Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 14:05

Ladies and gentlemen he who controls the money controls the world and all thats in it the sooner everyone understands it the less confusion there is everyman or woman has a price no matter who don't kid yourself.

Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 14:06

He who no money has god

Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 14:06

Sorry he who has no money has god

Missing beirutbastard00 14 December 2013, 03:14

*he who has no money finds comfort in the idea of God.

Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 14:13

Do people really believe that hizbollah can operate without zionist permission get your head out of the sand the minute hizbollah don't get with the program bye bye charlie zionist can and have taken out dictators and nations you really believe they can't take out a rag tag group.

Thumb cedre 13 December 2013, 14:14


Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 14:18

Ever since 2006 so called war between izrael and hizbollah no one has dared fire a sling shot at izrael why is that people ever ask yourselves that and don't tell us that because of UN peace keepers .

Thumb cedre 13 December 2013, 15:36

dont u know shias protect israeli border in the south and block sunnis ?

Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 14:21

Hizbollah are serving only one purpose they are protectors of who i leave it to you to workout .

Missing beirutbastard00 14 December 2013, 03:18


Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 15:05

Hizbollah are decievers they play the game well so far.

Thumb beiruti 13 December 2013, 15:25

So why report this non-story?

Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 15:27

Ultrahabib, don't kid yourself man about this sunni , shia thing , it only benefits the zionists the sunnis and shia both believe in allah and prophet muhummad but zionist have exploited old disputes and used them to create divisions , as napoleon said to divide is to conquer and the muslims are playing to a tune like i said every man has his price don't be deceived .

Thumb cedre 13 December 2013, 15:47

do u just what salafi(sm) means ?

Thumb cedre 13 December 2013, 16:44

*do u just know

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 15:34

So I guess no more USA the great satan!!! And no more flag burning huh. Anyway its easy for HA to make their followeres swallow anything they decide because they are used to the "herd" mentality.Who knows today the US and maybe tomorrow Israel. Damn soon we will be calling them american stooges and Israeli agents. Rofl, lmfao....

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 19:01

Yes HA "takes care" of any loose ends as we have seen.

Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 15:35

And i'm not saying sunnis, salafist , wahabis, takfiris,alawites,shias cannot be bought anyone can be bought . the best thing for every muslim is to follow their religion as was delivered by the prophet muhummad for if any muslim kills an innocent human being its as though he has killed all humanity don't accept fetna .

Missing beirutbastard00 14 December 2013, 03:22

That escalated quickly.

Missing watan-libnan 13 December 2013, 15:55

If you want to change the world change yourself first be good in your conduct at all times for it is your good conduct is what will destroy all that is evil.

Missing beirutbastard00 14 December 2013, 03:25

And also kill all Shia and make Christians pay tax. So says The Lord. Swt.

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 16:39

Id go by "like hitler" because I think thats how it all ends for the man living underground..

Missing nuetral 13 December 2013, 17:06

Do you honestly think that is possible???????

Missing freecitizen 13 December 2013, 17:07

i dont see anything wrong with that, US is very concerned about Qaida presence in Syria

Missing nuetral 13 December 2013, 17:22

The Palestinian Isreal peace talks will go now where.
Deal with Bashar to stay in power is not possible, he has to go.

As for rest maybe you are right but also not easy to accomplish.
Wish it was all true though cause it will bring some peace to Lebanon.

Missing nuetral 13 December 2013, 17:44

Well the most important thing is that Lebanon gets a chance to live in peace and prosper as a
nation.After all we are all Lebanese and have no other place to call home but our beautiful country.No harm in dreaming I guess.

Thumb ado.australia 13 December 2013, 18:25

So what? People aren't allowed to talk?

Anonymetexasusa... Aoun was pissed because he was offered 5 Members of parliament not 5 cabinet members! Let's be truthfull! Who are the mustaqbul to divide the christain parliament? He ended up winning 19 MPs to the kataeb and Lfs 2 each. The fpm was only stopped from winning the balance of power by losing baabda by a 2 thousand votes. Baabda was lost by the fpm against an alliance of the LF, Kataeb, mustaqbul, Hezbollah and amal against the fpm and assal alliance! Easy to forget this fact isn't it? I remember Hezbollah and LF flags waving together in 2005! Can u?

Thumb ado.australia 13 December 2013, 18:48

Yes, and then after the elections he respectfully refused to join the government and was the only parliamentary bloc that was in opposition. Hezbollah and amal joined in the government alliance. So those that say the fpm left the m14 to join the m8 are simply ignorant of the fact that the fpm was the opposition and other parties then later joined the fpm!

It's only been 8 years but most people can't even remember what happened! Such limited memories is why Lebanese always make the same mistakes over and over!

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 19:02


Thumb shab 13 December 2013, 19:24

Filthy militia

Missing marwanhadeed 13 December 2013, 20:53

جهاد مخلوف ابن خال بشار الأسد ينتحر عند اقتحام منزله ب ‫#‏عدرا‬

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 13 December 2013, 22:05

Jews and Muslims, two sides of the same coin

Thumb lebpatriot888 14 December 2013, 00:09

Dialogue is always good darlings. The US is and HA need to dialogue to rid this world of filthy cannibal terrorists.

Missing beirutbastard00 14 December 2013, 03:12


Missing beirutbastard00 14 December 2013, 03:24

Then maybe they (HA) should stop attacking others for speaking to the enemy? @habib

Default-user-icon shiadeath (Guest) 15 December 2013, 00:32

All the infidels of the world unity together.The secrecy of Hizbulsatan and Iranian is revealed.