Amelie Zinzius Sworn in as New STL Deputy Registrar

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Amelie Zinzius was sworn on Friday as Deputy Registrar for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.

She replaces Daryl Mundis, who was appointed Registrar in July this year, announced the STL in a statement.

“Zinzius will be working with the Registrar to provide administrative, legal and other essential support to the Tribunal and will deputize in his absence. She will also oversee judicial services to ensure the smooth running of court proceedings,” it added.

Zinzius has been a lawyer since 1992. Prior to her role as Acting Deputy Registrar as of August 2013, she was Chief of the STL’s Court Management Services Section which deals with a range of court management services, including information management, trial activity, and international and stakeholder relations.

Before joining the Tribunal, she was Deputy Director and Senior Counsel for more than three years at the Crimes against Humanity and War Crimes Section Department of Justice in Canada.

She has also worked as the Senior Legal Officer for the Appeals Chamber in the Special Court for Sierra Leone, providing legal advice to the Appeal Chamber Judges in relation to complex legal matters involving substantive and procedural issues in international criminal law.

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Thumb _mowaten_ 13 December 2013, 16:58

the circus continues... how many times have they had to replace STL members?

Default-user-icon unsc (Guest) 13 December 2013, 17:32

how many times have they had to replace STL members

Less times than the ones in charge of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia, that's what usually happens. (google it)

Thumb FlameCatcher 13 December 2013, 18:11

You're worried about millions the state wasted on a tribunal who's main suspects are all HEZBOLLAH ?

How about the BILLIONS the state is wasting on your WARS and reconstruction?

Billions of economic losses due to the fleeing of Lebanese abroad ? Loss of business ? Runaway investors ?

Billions lost because you guys have a problem paying your electricity bills !

Billions lost because of M8 stupid electricity plans and huge cost of conducting business in Lebanon ? Plans designed to sustain an ILLEGAL Diesel and Generator Mafia !

How dare you complain you supporter of terrorists, assassins and thiefs !

And you want to handle the oil file ?

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 19:11

Let me guess Saad assasinated his father right? Anyway why all this fear of the STL if you're as "ashraf el nass" as you are. If you didnt do it then you have nothing to worry about do you. This STL deals with cold hard facts not "mouaamaraat kouniieh", I'll simplify it for you a bit more its a bit like an accountant dealing with numbers very factual, very to the point. So don't worry southern if you havent done anything no one will throw you in jail or hang you...

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 19:14

Nice flame catcher, nice. The cost of the STL is a small price paid compared to getting murderouse assassins in front of a firing squad and for the general good of the country. Hell if they didnt do it then why they acting like they are????

Thumb chrisrushlau 13 December 2013, 19:57

Look at her fashionable haircut: she must be an honest lawyer.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 13 December 2013, 21:44

@Beautifulmind- Please refrain from associating me with your deplorable sectarian rhetoric. I may not be perfect but I at least do not condemn and speak ill of entire sects based on the actions of few irrespective of their geography/religion/political affiliation or any other demographic you can think of. If you are to continue speaking to me sir/madam, I would appreciate it if you can keep your racism down to zero or don't bother asking me any other questions. Thank you and have a wonderful day!

Thumb lebpatriot888 13 December 2013, 18:28

Sounds like many young lawyers are making careers rotating throught the STL and getting paid for nothing.

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 19:20

You know why I participate in this forum lebpatriot? Its to read your clever comments so that I gain an insight into what's really going on.

But only one point I would like to challenge if I may, I dont think they are rotating for nothing Jan will come and the rats will start falling, one by one. It will be a great day indeed.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 13 December 2013, 18:40

you can't run away from the truth! the history books will forever brand the "party of God" as terrorists at the end of this trial. end of story!

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 19:16

"hunting" "eradication" "cleaned"

Hello! Planet earth calling southern!

Thumb cedars2 13 December 2013, 19:22

yes "enforced" by your new American and Israeli allies.

Thumb FlameCatcher 13 December 2013, 19:25

The only truth @Southern is that you, Hassan Nasrallah, Bashar are all liars.

When the Syrian case is over, Hezbollah will be dealt with by force if needed. Hassan Nasrallah will face trial for high treason and be hanged by the beard with his own turban !

It's time to dismantle all terrorists and armed groups.

Thumb primesuspect 13 December 2013, 19:39

hanged by the beard with his own turban !

dios mios, that's so damn funny. jajajajaja i'm having a moment here.

Default-user-icon Zooz (Guest) 14 December 2013, 07:20