Jumblat, Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Locked in Verbal Spat

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Caretaker Minister of Social Affairs Wael Abou Faour and Syrian Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Abdul Karim Ali engaged on Saturday in a war of words days after the diplomat said in a statement that his country “has no ties with Walid Jumblat who was an accomplice in incitement against Syria.”

“The resilience of the Syrian regime didn't surprise us as much as the hatred that its leadership has towards the Syrian people didn't surprise us,” Abou Faour said in a statement.

He pointed out that “we won't be stunned by its inevitable downfall or the fate that its murders will have to face.”

Abou Faour said that “sooner or later all the Syrian leadership murders will have to face the fate that they deserve in order to achieve justice and to fairness to the sufferings and struggles of the Syrian people.”

The caretaker Minister's statement comes days after the Syrian ambassador denied that there are any ties between his country and Progressive Socialist Party leader MP Walid Jumblat.

Ali accused Jumblat of being an accomplice in “incitement against Syria, harboring insurgents and twisting facts.”

He also ruled out reports saying that the “doors of Damascus were open for Jumblat's son Taymour,” drawing a retaliatory statement by Jumblat to French-language daily L'Orient Le Jour.

Jumblat said in remarks on Friday to the newspaper that he would visit Syria only if the regime of Syrian President Bashar Assad collapses and the country is “liberated.”

“Neither I nor my son have planned for a single moment to go to Damascus,” the daily quoted him as saying.

Forces loyal to President Bashar Assad are fighting rebels seeking to topple him.

The fighting erupted in early 2011 when Assad launched a crackdown on pro-democracy protests and has since evolved into a full-blown civil war that has claimed an estimated 126,000 lives.

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Thumb lebanon_first 14 December 2013, 17:29

Ali and a minister spatting. Aside the fact that Ali and the regime he represent are evil, this is normal and acceptable with every lebanon loving minister.

Earlier this year Ali pretended to raise himself to ten levels above his person by trying to create a spat with our president Suleiman. That was unacceptable. Our president is not to stoop so low as to have an argument with an ambassador of the evil entity east.

Thumb lebanon_first 14 December 2013, 17:32

I normally don't like jumby and his gang much. But his statements here are right on the money.

Thumb geha 14 December 2013, 17:40

you never cease to amaze me :)
you always support these Syrian bastards of the Syrian regime against your own countrymen. you did it too against the President.
you are a major traitor to your country.

Thumb cedre 14 December 2013, 18:03

what's worse ? A Machiavellian selfish Jumblatt maneuvering for the benefits of its sect or a manipulating Nassy selling its country, its co-coreligionists and the Palestinian cause for the geopolitical interests of Iran ?

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 December 2013, 18:54

the second one would definitely be much worse cedre. so we should be thankful that it's not the case.

Thumb lebanon_first 14 December 2013, 19:14

thank you cedre. You nailed it. Didnt paint anyone rosily. Jumblatt is indeed machiavellian, and Nassy indeed sold Lebanon "al 3aych al mouchtarak" for the glory of HA and Iran.

Thumb general_puppet 14 December 2013, 21:42

Well said cedre… at least Jumblat is now standing up to Assad unlike Nasrallah that instead declares war to keep his Axis partner in power.

Missing halaktouna77 16 December 2013, 04:51

Funny indeed John ... Syria also put Aoun in exile and here he is now worshiping at their feet ... Not sure what's worse: you failing to see it and denounce it or that traitor Aoun doing it

Thumb cedre 14 December 2013, 18:05

geha, movatin is no traitor to his country, u just don't understand the concept of Vilayat Faqih...

Thumb geha 14 December 2013, 20:15

yes you are right: he is iranian anyway. my bad.

Thumb general_puppet 14 December 2013, 21:50

He is a very Patriotic Iranian.

Thumb cedre 15 December 2013, 00:40

ft, did u hariri say he wanted lebanon be part of KSA or Syria ?
I heard Nassy saying he wanted us part of Iran...

Missing peace 15 December 2013, 11:47

funny how FPM propagandist such as eldoude FT twist facts to their advantage... hezbollah is the main cause of what you try to put on hariri...
hezbollah blocked the country by systematically blocking the institutions with the help of FPM...
concerning economy just look at the figures and see it was slowly recovering but halted since M8 took power! what did M8 do for the economy? Nothing! let the prices soar without control, let the salaries lower then ever , have NO vision for the future except "resisting" israel! LOL

true actions speak louder then words... but your blindnes make you mix up M8 words and parole parole parole with action! M8 ers are very good at words and lousy for action other than involving lebanon into the syrian war! LOL

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 December 2013, 19:00

geha: i reject joumby's hypocrisy, that's all and i'm entitled to my opinion. if that's treason what would you be? you support saudi and saudi-sponsored terrorists who blow up your own countrymen and you support rebels and extremists who keep killing your country's soldiers.

Thumb benzona 14 December 2013, 21:00

yiiii _movaten_, you are not entitled to spreak your own opinion. did you forget what was stated on your contract that you signed? Remember that you work for the people who murdered numerous politicians who were entitled to their own opinion. So be careful, if you say the wrong thing.... bang, no more _movaten_. just be careful, ok? we care about you. there are lots of lies we still want to read from you. plese keep amusing us for many years to Qom. say hi to Bassil, tell him we refuse to to let him loot us.he can go loot Bachar's oil elsewhere.

Thumb ice-man 15 December 2013, 05:42

It is appalling that flamethrower and mowaten attack users for no reason at all, except spite. This behavior is unacceptable. Both of you need to understand this is a news website where people come to read news, educate themselves, and grow. Instead, they are insulted and attacked by a barrage of irrelevant and spiteful comments. I consider any attack on @benzona, a personal attack on me. If this despicable behavior on the part of both of you continues, I will be obliged to take up the matter with the appropriate authorities.

Thumb _mowaten_ 14 December 2013, 19:01

and i'm glad you've become obsessed with me and trying so hard to annoy me.

Thumb scorpyonn 14 December 2013, 19:45

Lol-- that is to easy of an answer-- there has to be conflict!!!!

Thumb scorpyonn 14 December 2013, 19:46

oops---too easy

Thumb benzona 14 December 2013, 21:06


Thumb general_puppet 14 December 2013, 21:54

“sooner or later all the Syrian leadership murders will have to face the fate that they deserve"

Thumb benzona 14 December 2013, 22:11

it'ssss very true. their children will be cursed. i can guarantee this!

Thumb benzona 14 December 2013, 22:12

what about Joe Sader?

He worked in the viper's nest which was monitored by the internation terrorist org known as HA.

Default-user-icon endsectarianism (Guest) 15 December 2013, 00:43

Stupid man made sects:


Missing cowboymicho 15 December 2013, 06:59

Jumblatt is such a clown. His policy is like the wind. Depends on the day and how it's blowing. How come he didn't condemn the Syrian regime when they killed his father. Instead he went and slaughtered innocent Christians. Now the wind is blowing against the regime and so is he. If in a month the wind blows with the regime then guess what, so will this cocaine head and his loser son.

Thumb cedars2 15 December 2013, 07:44


Thumb cedars2 15 December 2013, 07:45

charshaf el nass anyone?

Default-user-icon Joe (Guest) 15 December 2013, 09:13

All this hate mongering since 2005 is such a waste of time. The real issue at hand is that our youth (including all the gentlemen spitting poison above) don't have a chance to make a difference, don't have opportunities, and will never be decision makers in a country that is racist, a country ruled by thugs which you insist are your role models. What have these role models ever done for you? Can you ever have the opportunities their children have? Do you think they care about you? How come your opinion changes when their opinion changes when its supposed to be the other way around. Wake the HELL UP!

Thumb cedars2 15 December 2013, 11:55

"ghabeh" haha...

Thumb geha 15 December 2013, 16:10

it takes one to know one. we trust you on that mwaten :)