EU Urges 'All Parties, Including Hizbullah' to Abide by Baabda Declaration

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The European Union on Monday urged “all parties, including Hizbullah” to “fully abide by Lebanon's dissociation policy from the conflict in Syria and support the efforts of President (Michel) Suleiman.”

“The EU reaffirms its commitment to the unity, stability, independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon. The EU condemns the repeated violence and security incidents, including the latest terrorist attack targeting the Iranian Embassy and the recurrent clashes in Tripoli,” the EU Foreign Affairs Council said in a statement titled “Conclusions on Lebanon” following a meeting in Brussels.

It welcomed the efforts of “the Lebanese security forces, including the Lebanese Armed Forces, to protect Lebanon's borders and ensure security for all people living on Lebanese territory, with due respect for the rule of law and human rights.”

The EU strongly called on “all parties, including Hizbullah, to act responsibly, fully abide by Lebanon's dissociation policy from the conflict in Syria and support the efforts of President Suleiman to implement the provisions of the Baabda Declaration agreed by all political forces.”

It underlined the importance of “continuing the national dialogue among all political forces to overcome all divisions and the current stalemate and move towards a broader agreement on the future of the country,” urging all regional actors to play a “constructive role” in this regard.

Turning to the issue of the cabinet formation stalemate, the Council called on Lebanon to “urgently form a new Government capable to address the extraordinary humanitarian, economic and security challenges the country is facing.”

“The EU looks forward to the timely holding of presidential and parliamentary elections in 2014 and encourages Lebanon to carry out necessary electoral reforms,” it said.

On the issue of Syrian refugees, the EU commended the Lebanese authorities for “their open border policy,” reiterating its “appreciation for the support and generosity demonstrated by the authorities and population towards all the people fleeing the conflict in Syria.”

“The EU expresses its concern at the unprecedented effect the crisis has on the stability of Lebanon as well as on its natural and economic resources, educational systems, health care and labor markets,” it added.

The Council stressed the importance of Lebanon's “continued commitment to the full implementation of its international obligations, including UNSC Resolutions 1559, 1680, 1701, 1757,” reaffirming its support for the Special Tribunal for Lebanon and urging Lebanese authorities to “continue fulfilling their obligations regarding the STL, including the financial contribution.”

The EU also reiterated its support to the role of the European-led United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) in “supporting peace and stability in South Lebanon."

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Thumb geha 16 December 2013, 18:30

and hizbushaitan still does not get it :)
all this situation is going to backfire badly on Lebanon, especially on hizbushaitan and aoun.