Italy Expresses Readiness before EU FM Council to Support LAF

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Italy expressed readiness to train the Lebanese Armed Forces in an attempt to maintain stability in the country, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported on Tuesday.

Italian Foreign Minister Emma Bonino revealed the matter during a meeting for the European Union Foreign Affairs Council .

Sources told the daily that Italy will go on with its plans to fortify the local situation in Lebanon.

The sources pointed out that other European countries might participate in the training LAF to face the upcoming challenges.

The Italian FM expressed her country's readiness to lead the mission to train the Lebanese Army.

Italian Prime Minister Enrico Letta revealed during a two-day visit to Lebanon last week that his country is seeking to organize an international conference in Rome to back the capabilities of the LAF in coordination with the United Nations and Lebanese authorities.

Security chaos soared recently in the country because of the Syrian civil war, which is significantly impacting the situation in Lebanon.

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Thumb benzona 17 December 2013, 08:16

please make sure you train christians, sunni and druze as top priority. the chia already got their training in tehran and syria.

Thumb lebanon_first 17 December 2013, 17:14


Thumb cedars2 17 December 2013, 10:22


Default-user-icon Astica (Guest) 17 December 2013, 12:03

They brought the takfiris and they want to train our army to fight back?! where's the logic?!

Thumb -phoenix1 17 December 2013, 12:49

(1). The West keeps putting itself into a quandary as usual. For example in Syria it made a mortal mistake by hesitating to support the FSA properly as it should have done from day one, result, the Foreign Jihadists took over what was a noble revolution by the Syrian people for changes. Now in Lebanon, the West is threading that same old path, worrying that if it arms properly the LAF, the weapons and training will fall into the wrong hands. What the West needs to do now, and in the shortest time possible, is to make up its mind. The LAF has now shown its capacity to remain glued together, in spite of the enormous pressures on it from our politicians. Furthermore the LAF has shown beyond the slightest doubt that it is the only institution of the land that can keep Lebanon from total annihilation.

Thumb -phoenix1 17 December 2013, 12:50

(2). The West now has to understand that it cannot keep building on mistakes of past and recent, if it wants the army to do its role properly, the West has to support the LAF with weapons, training and political backing. In my opinion, this is the only way to go and a calculated risk worth taking.

Thumb -phoenix1 17 December 2013, 15:45

maybe @Southern, that could be one of those considerations that are bogging down the West from taking sensible decisions vis a vis our army, but the other one too, and that's the big chunk, that the army could end up divided and its weapons dispersed between the warring factions. Then also the West worries about the heavy political interference on the army, Hezbollah being one of them, but as I said, this is a calculated risk the West must take, today in 2013, the army has shown its mettle beyond doubt now.

Thumb lebanon_first 17 December 2013, 17:22

I agree.
Kudos to Bassil who is moving this oil file, and shame on hariri who is blocking the oil file to prevent this M8 government to do anything positive.

Also, The west was willing to deal with saddam and kadhafi to get oil. they certainly will deal with Lebanon. Their interest is a stable lebanon. Not so they control it like some think. But to trade with it, and diminish their reliance on Putin's russia.

Missing peace 17 December 2013, 23:52

"I do not think HA will trust the LAF headed by politicians who will take orders from outside Lebanon."

HA does not trust the state of lebanon in general as it is not in their interests to obey lebanese institutions....
HA lovers always finding hezbollah excuses to disobey the state of lebanon....