Aridi Briefed Suleiman on Resignation Decision as PSP Suffers Blow

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Former caretaker Public Works and Transport Minister Ghazi al-Aridi informed President Michel Suleiman about his intention to resign despite his failure to mention the matter to his fellows at the Progressive Socialist Party, al-Joumhouria newspaper reported.

Sources told the daily that Aridi informed Suleiman about his move after the Financial Prosecutor Judge Ali Ibrahim summoned him over a corruption scandal, prompting the president to voice his consensus over the matter.

PSP sources told al-Joumhouria that Aridi's decision came as a surprise to everyone in the party as the resigned minister didn't inform any of his fellows at the party about his decision.

“We didn't have any prior knowledge about Aridi's intention to step down, we heard about it during his press conference,” a PSP official told the newspaper.

He pointed out that the matter wasn't addressed at the party's council nor in any other way.

On Monday, Aridi announced during a press conference his resignation from the caretaker cabinet in light of recent corruption allegations, adding that he will “take a break from politics.”

Head of PSP, MP Walid Jumblat, later rejected Aridi's decision.

Jumblat said that “Aridi belongs to a party and cannot act as he desires.”

Aridi engaged last week in a vocal spat with caretaker Finance Minister Mohammed Safadi after rainwater caused floods in Beirut streets, leaving thousands of motorists stranded for hours.

Aridi briefed Judge Ibrahim on the details of a press conference he made earlier this month in which he accused Safadi of withholding funds from his ministry for road maintenance in an effort to pressure him into approving a construction violation by the finance minister.

But Safadi has denied the allegations in remarks to several local TV stations. He accused Aridi of launching a political campaign against him.

Safadi shrugged off the accusations that the finance ministry was responsible for the failure to perform maintenance on sewage networks.

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Thumb benzona 17 December 2013, 08:47

it appears that none of them in this m8 coalition gov is working. then they'll blame us for it.... LOOSERS!

Thumb ice-man 17 December 2013, 08:55

Please, correct the mistake quickly before mowaten comes on and quotes you the "online free dictionary".

Thumb benzona 17 December 2013, 15:44

I know it icey, but I enjoy emphasizing on the oooo because it rhymes with their favourite place, the loo!

Thumb FlameCatcher 17 December 2013, 14:11

This is typical Aounie mentality :

- When Aoun is not in power : complain about the "others" preventing is godly work
- When Aoun in power : complain about the "others" preventing is godly work

This M8 government is suppose to have "Majority" including in Parliament. I don't see how others "block" them ...

Rotten scum M8 !

Missing rami 17 December 2013, 09:02

Looks like he is wearing a "kipa" on his head (Jewish cap).

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 17 December 2013, 09:46

Bravo Aridi... and a special Bravo consulting joumblat which is a slave and a puppet and doesn't serve nothing in Lebanese life

Thumb cedars2 17 December 2013, 11:24

The rates are jumping out of the burning ship

Thumb -phoenix1 17 December 2013, 13:04

This saga between Aridi and Safadi goes to prove quite a few sore points that confront the Lebanese. That A, every single politician in Lebanon, be he or she a member of the M8 alliance or the M14 one makes little difference, that every single one of them is corrupt as the other. Between them, they have stolen everything that is the domain of the Lebanese people, to the point that now there's almost nothing to steal but the blood of the people quite literally. That B, what is the difference between a resigned caretaker minister and a resigned caretaker minister, again, literally none, and all the more valid reasons for this failed administration to call it a day and finally get to grips with allowing Mr. Tamam Salam the PM designate to finally form a real government of technocrats unaligned to any political force, only then could Lebanon begin to breathe.

Thumb -phoenix1 17 December 2013, 13:06

** Sorry some typos, meant to say.....B, what is the difference between a caretaker minister and a resigned caretaker minister,....**

Missing watan-libnan 17 December 2013, 23:26

Every minister who doesn't do their job properly should resign now ,and be replaced with some one who can.