Lebanese, Israeli Troops Go on Alert over Attempts to Uproot Tree

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese and the Jewish state troops went on high alert on Friday after Israeli military tried to cut down a tree adjacent to the border fence from the town of Adaisseh, the state-run National News Agency reported.

UNIFIL peacekeepers swiftly deployed in the area to calm down both sides and carried out contacts with the Lebanese and Israeli military.

The parties agreed to task the UNIFIL to uproot the tree to end the dispute.

A similar incident occurred in 2008 prompting Lebanon and Israel to exchanged fire in a fierce battle that killed a senior Israeli officer, two Lebanese soldiers and a journalist.

The incident comes days after an Israeli soldier was killed Sunday in a cross-border shooting.

The Lebanese army on Monday described the deadly shooting as "an individual act by one of the soldiers," noting that it will address the repercussions of the incident in coordination with the U.N. peacekeeping force.

The Israeli army said in a statement on Sunday that an Israeli soldier was killed by a “Lebanese army sniper” near the Naqoura border post.

The shooting, which took place on Sunday evening, was the first time an Israeli soldier had been killed along the border with Lebanon in more than three years, sparking calls for calm from U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon.

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Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 13:22

yalla zaghro 3a2elkon.... for a tree. both parties are ridiculous. why doesn't lebanon build a concrete wall before israel does?

(F)lame, did you read my french description of your eyes? ;-) it came from the bottom of my heart.

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 13:38


Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 13:46

L'œil de _FlameThrower_ est très caractéristique. Si il est le miroir de l'âme il faut admettre que l'âme de FT est bien rusée et bien perfide car il n'y a pas d’yeux plus ternes ou plus brillants que ses yeux selon les occasions…
Les paupières sont toujours très gonflées. Cet œil Aouniste, vers l’âge de vingt ans, se plisse aux commissures en mille petites rides qui s'accentuent avec l'âge, de sorte que Flame a toujours l'air de rire, etc., quoique jeune, il paraît flétri comme un vieillard.

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 13:47

Le premier venu peut se rendre compte facilement de cette particularité en regardant quelques photographies de lui. J'appelle cet œil « œil de crapaud », d'autant mieux que FlameThrower a quelque chose du crapaud.
Je ne prétends pas calomnier ici ce petit animal pustuleux qui rend des services nombreux à l'agriculture et au jardinage. L'œil de Flame Thrower est clignotant. Lorsque FT se met à rire ou à sourire, les paupières bouffies se réunissent au point de laisser à peine une ligne imperceptible et très brillante, signe de finesse et de ruse disent les physionomistes, et j'ajouterais de luxure. ..

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 14:02

Je me marre bien, merci de tes encouragements. pourtant, je n'en n'ai pas terminé avec toi ;-) Toujours en réponsea Icey ce matin.

Pour la famille de _FlameThrower_ dans quatre cas sur cinq, le teint est blafard, la peau est huileuse. Les mains sont moites et généralement chaudes… ils se marient entre eux, le sang n'est jamais renouvelé. Anciennement ils avaient des maladies de peau terribles, la lèpre entre autres. Passons, c’est trop répugnant.Les maladies nerveuses qui chez eux sont épileptiformes dégénèrent rarement en folie car ces aounistes sont des névrosés de père en fils qui résistent mieux que nous au surmenage intellectuel.

Thumb FlameCatcher 20 December 2013, 14:19

FT: "... and we have muslims and christians in the same family"

You once attacked me for "bragging" about having a multiconfessional family :) Why are you "bragging" now ?

Yet another proof of M8 double standard mindset ...

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 14:19

don't say this FT, walla za3altneh. I spent 15 min max honouring your name, you're our role-model. we aspire to becoming like you. you know what I mean, la totale: heartless, cold, and cruel....

and you'll be missing me soon... so be cool, okay?

allah yi khallilak martak ou wledak el helwin. allah yo tawil 3omrak.

Thumb Mystic 20 December 2013, 14:30

Thats disgusting, writing something like that. He will probaly not even be banned, watch and see, Naharnet will delete FT's comments and leave the animals comments for all to see.

Thumb FlameCatcher 20 December 2013, 14:43

Actually, you accused me of being a racist... same thing. No one asked you to elaborate on your life story either :)

Point is ... it's easy to cheaply attack people on irrelevant things like above. All i'm saying is that there is no need to launch stupid and baseless accusations (Racist, Zionist, Saudi Lover, Terrorist, Cannibal, inbred...) against each other and that there can be a normal conversation.

Second point is that we all tend to apply double standards when it comes to attacking others and defending ourselves.

I hope we can reach a level of dialogue between each other that is cleaner and goes beyond our failed politicians blunt and baseless accusations and insults.

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 14:45

Je dois dire que j'ai été choqué par le fait que tu te sois senti attaqué. Tu me sortirais tout ce que j'ai écrit que ça me glisserait sur la peau.

En ce qui concerne mon cas, bah.... Que puis-je avancer pour ma défense? Psychologues et psychiâtres n'ont pas su s'accorder. Je suis un cas à part....

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 14:52

T'es lent à la détente. Il t'aura fallu à sacré moment. Oui, il est temps de mettre un terme à votre antisémitisme.

Thumb FlameCatcher 20 December 2013, 14:57

@FT : exactly what I meant about double standard.

You call me a racist and I explain you I'm not because of my "mixed" family situation. The you attack me for "bragging" without being asked.

He calls you a "inbred who intermarries" and you explain your not because of "mixed" family situation. Then I point out to you that you should not brag either.

This is typically the double standard i was talking about.

In any case, I retract my hopes of ever being able to have a normal conversation with you. You are indeed a lost cause who can only comment with insults and entire logic built on double standard. You are blind to what your own leaders do...

No need to mention that you are also sheep with no understanding whatsoever of politics other than Aoun's and Nasrallah's fairytales... your arguments are based on nothing but baseless accusations and wishful thinking. M8 STYLE !

Hopeless ...

Thumb ice-man 20 December 2013, 15:25

Don't think I will stay idle as you unleash your hatred and prejudice against benzona. Your hate, spite, and anti-Semitism are obvious and no matter how hard you try to hide them, you fail. Your best trait so far has been to hide your worst traits. Shame....

Missing phillipo 20 December 2013, 21:13

Sera plus facile pour tout le monde, si tu peut ecriver en Anglais.

Thumb _mowaten_ 20 December 2013, 13:22

We need more snipers in the LAF, to save the trees :)

Thumb ice-man 20 December 2013, 13:33

Stick to paid propaganda. Comedy is not your forte':)))

Thumb EagleDawn 20 December 2013, 13:24

We hardly have any trees left in Lebanon, yet we are ready to go to war for that lone disputed tree on the blue line.

Thumb ice-man 20 December 2013, 13:36

WOW.... Your comment has the potential of being in the Top Five Rated Comments on Naharnet for this week.

Thumb ice-man 20 December 2013, 13:58

Southern: Is it true, in the south you are considered a heartthrob? Have you considered going on Iranian Idol talent show?

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 14:07

LoL Icey. He's not classy enough for this. someone would need to get him shoes, his nylon slippers would not do it on TV!

Thumb ice-man 20 December 2013, 14:20

Southern.....Your "what so-called" criticism is unfounded.

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 13:56

At what time do you begin your daily idiotic red thumb jihad? I really don't want to miss this.

Thumb ice-man 20 December 2013, 14:09

absolument absolument mon ami:))

Thumb geha 20 December 2013, 14:53

what is there to comment other than: stupidity on both sides is extremely high.
do both sides need the publicity on fake battles?

Thumb geha 20 December 2013, 14:59

m8 are so stupid and obsessed that they hired someone to simply vote them up while voting m14 down. that has been going on for a few days now :)
they created a new job :)
good for the guy who was hired to do this job :)

Thumb benzona 20 December 2013, 15:04

But what a vacancy. We could have used this person to dispatch and EDL employee to Dahyé in order to collect unpaid power bills. (from the few who installed a 3addèd).

Thumb ice-man 20 December 2013, 15:08

It is a very shameful act. We are being constantly harassed and terrorized by these people. I am appalled..... I write a comment and they jump on me: constant barrage of insults, harassments, and threats.

Missing lappeaudecouille 20 December 2013, 15:10

Benzona and FT you guys made my day. Although both have eloquently described each other i have come to enjoy benzona's redaction a little bit more. This being said, i tend not to agree with his/her political views. I generally favor FT's way of thinking and analyzing situations around the ME. good day.

Missing peace 20 December 2013, 18:37

fighting over a tree... how ridiculous they are....

Missing phillipo 20 December 2013, 21:12

I'm surprised at you. Don't you know that when people (using the word in its widest sense) have nothing to say, the only alternative left to them is to insult whoever they can. As you say Flamethrower is the perfect example of this type of........

Thumb general_puppet 21 December 2013, 08:17

This is pathetic… Assad sends car-bombs & shells the border and thats just fine with the M8 cheerleaders. But if the Israelis cut down a tree, they want to declare war :-))))))))))

Missing watan-libnan 21 December 2013, 11:03

Izrael occupies shebaa farms and the lebanese army are worried about a tree thats what i call principal what a joke of an army

Missing lappeaudecouille 21 December 2013, 11:24

What a hateful speech, segregated mind and labeled thoughts you have up there! Usually it comes out from the heart but leads nowhere. Have a good day anyway.