Bassil: A Weak President in a Strong Post Weakens the Country

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Caretaker Energy Minister Jebran Bassil said Sunday that a strong president is the one who has the support of the people, rejecting any attempt to “weaken” Lebanon.

“The powerful president is strong through his people and nation,” said Bassil during the launching of the second phase of the Janna dam construction in Kesrouan district, northeast of Beirut.

The president “can't be weak so that he doesn't become dominated by others,” he said.

“When we bring to top posts weak people, we would weaken the entire country … The country will be strong when the president is strong,” he said.

“We are the symbol of strength in Lebanon,” Bassil said in an apparent reference to the Free Patriotic Movement, whose leader is MP Michel Aoun, his father-in-law.

Aoun hasn't yet announced his candidacy for the presidency but he has been locked in a war of words with his rival Lebanese Forces chief Samir Geagea, who was the first to call for a “strong” president in the country.

Geagea has said that the new head of state should be able to implement a certain political program and plan. He hasn't either confirmed whether he would run for the top post.

“Lies will not emerge victorious,” Bassil said during Sunday's ceremony, adding that a former prime minister had asked for the postponement of the dam project until after “the energy minister was gone.”

The project on Nahr Ibrahim is part of a plan to build dams around the country to cut down on water and electrical shortages.

Bassil launched the first phase of work in Nahr Ibrahim valley in March.

He said Sunday that it was the seventh dam being built in Lebanon this year.

“Lebanon's water resources make Lebanon a need for the region's countries,” Bassil said.

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Default-user-icon Phoenician Soldier (Guest) 22 December 2013, 13:46

7aka Badreh..

Missing watan-libnan 22 December 2013, 14:32

Why don't you fix the damn 24 hour electricity before you open your mouth bwesir

Thumb lebanon_first 22 December 2013, 14:49

The adjective "strong" for a president is superficial.

You need a diplomatic president to bring together lebanese protagonists.
You need a well connected president who is a good salesman to convince foreign powers to pay up the 7 billions owed for our hosting syrian refugees.
You need a smart president to push the country ahead.

When Bassil just says "strong", it is too superficial an adjective.

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 18:35

sure for you he is weak as he does not please you! LOL

Missing watan-libnan 22 December 2013, 14:51

Lebanon should write in the constitution that any minister who does not perform their duties at a competent level shall be removed and replaced with a minister who can.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 December 2013, 16:22

When a person keeps repeating his preponderant idiocy over a predicament, then this is what we get, once a minister, now a caretaker minister campaigning in advance for a failed octogenarian fake like Aoun. What powerful president Mr. Bassil are you alluding to? The current post that you are referring to has been stripped of most its powers as a result of your father-in-law Aoun's stupidity and his arch foe Geagea, another great achiever at stupidity and egocentricity. We all know that Aoun refused Taef, but after what, after he got shaved clean as was Geagea? People like you have nothing on president Suleiman, despite all his post's limitations, he has done a sterling job at keeping this nation of ours dipping into complete chaos and anarchy, as did your old man Aoun. As Christians, let unite and let's give him the powers of hitherto, then let's see how much you'll have to say. I'll never forget your wife's birthday on candles.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 December 2013, 16:23

**...from dipping into complete....**

Thumb geha 22 December 2013, 17:05

maybe, but definitely and for sure hizbushaitan is not a stabilizing factor in Lebanon, rather it is the point of discord.

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 18:38

18 juillet 1988: S’adressant à un proche collaborateur civil et
futur responsable du BCCN (Bureau Central de Coordination
Nationale, organisation libanaise politique indépendante. Elle
s’était chargée à l’époque d’organiser les mouvements
populaires de soutien au général Aoun dans sa guerre de
libération de l’occupation syrienne), le général Aoun affirme :
« Les Syriens vont soutenir ma candidature à la présidence
de la République ».

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 18:39

A cette même époque ce
témoin observait, sans donner d’interprétation spécifique, les
allées et venues entre Damas et Michel Aoun à Rabieh (son
ancien appartement) de deux personnages : l’un s’appelait
Fayez Azzi, avocat et membre du parti Baas, le second n’était
autre qu’Albert Mansour, proche des Syriens et futur député et
ministre sous l’occupation syrienne. En fait, ces deux
personnages étaient les intermédiaires utilisés par Damas dans
ses manipulations du comportement du Général.

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 18:39

Le 18 septembre un communiqué de Yarzé,
signé par le commandant en chef de l’armée, le général Michel
Aoun, annonce le refus de cette nomination par l’étranger du futur
président du Liban. Aoun se sentait trahi, mais pour ceux qui
ignoraient sa connivence passée avec Damas, ils considéraient la
réaction du général comme un réflexe de dignité nationale!

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 19:05


"but you out of everyone on this site, are the equivalent of rotten entrails marinated in fecal matter"

WAW look at the desperation of his to resort to such vulgarity when one accuses his boss of having switch sides after fighting for decades the one he is allied to now!

you are certainly sick and near the psychiatric ward!

FT is angry! FT is angry!

Thumb general_puppet 22 December 2013, 21:00

Run mckinl, run the "“Israeli takfiri terrorist cannibals” are coming :-)

Thumb general_puppet 22 December 2013, 21:11

Bassil… why do you not nominate your cowardly daddy-in-law for president, after all if you do not nominate him no one ells will :-)