Hizbullah Clashes with Syrian Rebels Overnight in Bekaa's Nahle

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

A clash took place overnight Saturday between Hizbullah and armed men on the Lebanese-Syrian border, media reports said on Sunday.

According to MTV, the fighting between members of Hizbullah and an “armed Syrian group” left several people killed or wounded.

Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said “Ali Dirgham Fares was killed and another man was hurt in clashes between members of Hizbullah and fighters from the Free Syrian Army and al-Nusra Front in the barren mountains of the Bekaa town of Nahle."

On Tuesday, several people were reportedly injured in a car bombing that targeted Hizbullah in its stronghold in the eastern district of Baalbek.

The National News Agency said the vehicle was on the road between the towns of Sbouba and Wadi Abu Moussa that lead to Hrabta when a Hizbullah checkpoint opened fire on it. The driver then detonated an estimated 50 kilograms of explosives, the agency said.

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Thumb -phoenix1 22 December 2013, 16:40

Hezbollah went some two years ago to the trouble, now the trouble has come over to Hezbollah. What now sounds a chord of great tragedy is the fact that now the trouble is inside Lebanese territory.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 18:07

trouble is here, trouble was here before hezbollah tackled it in the egg. what is happening today is nothing compared to what would have been if they had let the tens of thousands of takfiris set up base on the border like they had in quseyr.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 19:36

yea russia and iran were very afraid that thousands of takfiris would try to attack hezbollah in the north of the bekaa. they have so much interests there that they would probably collapse if that happened. very acute analysis peace, you cracked the case, once more.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 19:39

and a big lol about your article peace, they rely on anonymous "western diplomatical sources" (ROFL) and can't even get their names right:

"The sources said the rising prominence of Hizbullah reflected the strategy of Syrian President Bashar Assad in 2013. They said Assad agreed with a proposal by his brother, Bashar, to restrict the Syrian military, comprised mostly of Sunnis, to air and artillery strikes."

i didnt know bashar had a brother named bashar, but surely those "western diplomatic sources" know more than i do

Thumb cedre 22 December 2013, 19:42

a mix of hitler pre-emptive war doctrine + minority report ...

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 19:48

why go so far? bush has been doing a lot of those, and obama's drones are way beyond minority report.

as for quseyr, it doesnt take coffee cup readings to know what they were about to do, after they massacred and burnt down several shia villages on the border kidnapped pilgrims and citizens alike and fired rockets on hermel. but i'm sure you will ask for proof, just like i asked you the other day and you disappeared.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 December 2013, 20:22

(1). My dear Mowaten, how much I could agree with you, I wish I could. These days I very agree that this war in Syria should never ever have been, today I am beginning to see it as a big mistake, but the Takfiris were never in Syria before, they simply did not exist there before during peace days. Takfiris as we now call them, are mad insane people looking for trouble to go over and get involved. Now to answer my good brother FT, I disagree, Hezbollah alone is NOT making the difference in Syria, there are far bigger players, Russia, Iran, China and Iraq, Hezbollah is only part of the joint effort. As I see it?......

Thumb lebanon_first 22 December 2013, 20:22

come on FT. we both know peace is 100% right in this post.

But u are right that he puts a nervous LOL at the end of each post.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 December 2013, 20:27

(2). To Mowaten. As I see it, this war in Syria is set to be a long, painful and protracted war. It is now beginning to emerge that this war is an unpredictable one, no one yet can for sure say anything for sure about this war. It is no longer the Syrians' war, but that of many big players, Syrians lost their war well in advance. Talk is bouncing from here and there that Syria will never be the same again, but one that will be partitioned among secular lines. The big players it seems are leaving the protagonists to draw their boundaries on the ground, especially now that it is accepted that the Syrian regime will keep a part for itself and its sect. Regarding Hezbollah, I don't see it coming out of this conflict but seriously and profoundly scarred. (Scar as in wounds).

Thumb Mystic 23 December 2013, 10:33

LOL mowaten nice fact.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:14

yet i agree with most your points phoenix. takfiris are mad people, who are relatively new on the scene, but they descend from the qaeda/wahhabi/salafi apes who have been around for a while. they are looking for trouble and have shown that they came here to slaughter shias, alawites, christians and moderate sunnis. do you think rubbing them in the right way would have prevented them from attacking? do you think letting them get away with rocket attacks on hermel, massacres in border villages would have won on peace and tranquility? they were making threats as early as 2011, and only by breaking their neck will we be safe.

Missing nowherefast_ 23 December 2013, 02:02

exactly, I can't believe some people actually want to be gulf-allied, supportive of this totally foreign culture

Missing phillipo 22 December 2013, 16:51

And here I was believing the claims of Hizballah and Nasrallah himself claiming that the organisation only exists in order to fight Israel.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 18:10

“Our resistance takes place at battle and not elsewhere. We are proud of martyrdom, whether in combating Israel or takfiris or whether they were victims of assassinations.” SHN

besides, nahle is in lebanon (like shebaa as you know), so this is clearly defense.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 19:33

when they bomb terrorists in arsal, who by the way butchered our soldiers and dream of slaughtering shias, you want hezbollah to go fight their ally? cute

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 19:37

when one talks about lebanese sovereignty and cries when israel bombs lebanon but cheers when syria does the same, is a pure sign of double standard twisted mind....
hypocrisy at its best!

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 19:42

if syria were to do what israel did, they would carpet bomb tripoli and saida, destroy all our electrical plants, send ground troops in arsal, lock down the borders and destroy all our bridges. that's what you cheer at.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 19:43

however what they did was to hit a few rebels on their way into / out of syria, and nobody can say for sure that it was on lebanon's side of the blurry border

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 07:33

reading your comments mowaten, and I really wonder if you believe yourself!
are you that stupid?
what does it make us for even discussing with you?
total disappointment. how can we continue living with such extremists as you and hizbushaitan?
if things do not change, I am starting to be totally for dividing the country, where the likes of you can live and die in your part without dragging the rest of the Lebanese people down the drain with you.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:01

besides calling names, do you have any point? i dont care what you're for, division, sedition is all you and the likes of you stand for and it's nothing new.

Thumb geha 22 December 2013, 17:04

my problem is less with hizbushaitan than it is with the shia community that supports them!
can they be so stupid to support those who brought death and destruction to them? can they be heartless when their children are brought back to them dead?
and for what?

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 18:46

geha those "hezbi fighters" are paid to go and fight in syria... it is all for the money!

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 19:38

oh! you did not know they were paid to go and fight in syria? LOL

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 19:45

you have the receipts peace?

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 21:03

oh mooowaten also did not know that? glad to be of help then!

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 07:37

for your information, the new Iranian president reduced the budget f the Iranian guard by over 35% and hizbushaitan is part of that.
now they have money problems and before some start screeming, go check if last month salaries have been paid.
this is why hizbushaitan is relying more and more on drugs and kidnappings for ransom.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:02


right. that's what i thought. (advance comment on when you do not provide the said sources, because you're that predictable)

Thumb ice-man 22 December 2013, 19:01

Do you speak French, Southern?

Thumb lebanon_first 22 December 2013, 20:29

southern. HA call themselves resistance. but they are only a milicia. Ever since May 7 when they put Lebanese blood on their hands, they became a milicia.

They are not glorious. They are paid employees for Khamenei.

As for our brothers the Shia population, they are mostly poor and are profiting from HA's social services and jobs. This is why they vote for them. Also Because Maronites and Sunnites and shiite leaders marginalized shia population for years. So they enjoy now having the party which is bullying Lebanon.

Thumb lebanon_first 22 December 2013, 22:40

Southern. I understand your loyalty to HA. I respect the sacrifices they went through up to 2000. And I see how they raised the standard of living of Shias.

However, in spite of all their past sacrifices and the services they give the shias today, they dont have the right to be armed.

As a shia, you dont have the right to enjoy having an armed milicia of your sect AND to belong the lebanese state. You have to choose. If you choose HA, then Lebanon has to partition. Because it is humiliating to non shias to not have their own armed parties.

If the Lebanese forces had kicked the syrians out of Lebanon in 90, would you have accepted they be the only remaining milicia armed in lebanon?

Thumb shab 22 December 2013, 17:07

Let them kill each other.

Thumb ice-man 22 December 2013, 17:18

To "resist" Israel and to liberate Shebaa Farms, HA should be in the South, not in Syria. Allah Yihmeek Ya Rabbbbb!

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 19:30

oh! yes so lebanese soldiers getting killed by salafis justify a foreign army to bomb lebanon!
what a twisted mind of yours...
and you speak of sovereignty? LOL what a farce you are poor boy....

Default-user-icon Sooo right FT (Guest) 22 December 2013, 17:19

منيحه منك هاي go back to syrai. على أساس الحزب عم يقاتل هلأ بالنبطية لووول

Default-user-icon JCWilliams (Guest) 22 December 2013, 17:36

If Hezbollah had not interceded Assad probably would have fallen. If Assad falls Israel attacks soon and the USA attacks Iran .Not even ISIL and certainly not al-Nursa want to fight Hezbollah on a real battlefield. You critics can mouth but Hezbollah is stronger than ever. You are supportive of cowardly brainwashed suicide car bombers and snipers crawling around at night trying to murder people. Unlike Hezbollah, You are weak and cowardly.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 December 2013, 18:11

the only poisonous thing here is your speech :)

Thumb general_puppet 22 December 2013, 21:16

How nice, the usual Assad-Iranian lovers are defending their terrorist militia with the same old BS… keep up the dirty work boys, your check is in the mail.

Missing peace 22 December 2013, 21:24

yes they believe they can fool people by saying that hezbollah is in syria just to defend lebanon! the perfect result of hezbi brainwashing they are...
if they truly believe what they say then they are beyond cure....
but let hezbi stay in syria, they are losing all their credibility and are now trap in their own game : their only way out is to run forward and it will be their fall!

Thumb general_puppet 22 December 2013, 22:41

peace, they are a living examples of classical conditioning… if they had been around 100 years ago, Pavlov would have used them as test subjects.

First Hizbullah says they are not there… when the body's start showing up, they are there only to Defend border villages... then the shrines. When the body's start piling up they are there to Defend Lebanon... then cradle of Resistance (Assad's regime) against the “Israeli takfiri terrorist”… what next, will they end up in Iraq Defending shrines?

The Iranian militia shovels it and their cheerleaders close their eyes and eat it up.

Missing nowherefast_ 23 December 2013, 02:07

hope some of you are realising that your support of this 'revolution' in syria is wrong, although it was always a US proxy war really, they've been taking down every imperialist-resistant secular state in the middle east, of course syria was next, and they and saudi have been arming islamists from all over the world to do the job. some lebanese really disappoint me, particularly christians; if you're not supporting the syrian government in fighting the mercenaries who want to islamicise syria and create another western puppet state, you've got a death-wish.

Thumb primesuspect 23 December 2013, 06:52

shia, alawi, druze are not muslims.

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 07:40

puzzling: ft you told me shia are different from muslims on this site!
you said that muslims refer to sunnis and shia are shia!

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 10:41

keep threatening: that is all you can do :)
we do not fear you and you will end up stepped on under the feet of the free Lebanese people :)

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 11:40

go check where your guys are fleeing from in the bekaa today.
this will happen all across Lebanon soon.
remember the odds are not the same as before: 2 million Syrians and 1 million Palestinians who hate hizbushaitan are here because of you.
just make your move idiot and see what will happen to you.
talk is cheap, but things have changed this time round.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:06

add to that 8 million israelis and 28 million saudis and watch us not giving a heck. bring it on little man.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:20

this vocabulary should not be tolerated for a second on a respectable website such as naharnet.

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 12:26

you are correct :) they are like little kids who want to show they have grown up but they are still little kids.
add to that that in their case they have the added affliction of being stupid.

Thumb Mystic 23 December 2013, 12:41

Come on "tough guys" instead of writing you want War in Lebanon, go out and make it yourself. Oh i forgot that you were cowards :)

Thumb Mystic 23 December 2013, 12:45

Benzona how can you even call yourself a man? You are the one that insulted FT's family when you were out of arguements, you thought you were all clever when you were writing in french, and he shut you up, then you retreat to the cowards act by insulting his family. What a poor excuse for a human being

Thumb Mystic 23 December 2013, 13:02

lol just like the petrol kid, first said, Hezbollah was working with Israel, and then says he hopes Israel nukes Hezbollah. Very clever indeed.

Thumb Mystic 23 December 2013, 12:43

And you will always remain the cowards on Naharnet :) Big talk with no action, unlike The resistance that are all about the action, and stands behind their words.

Thumb Mystic 23 December 2013, 14:03

aaah you want khalifah? It's 2013 not thousand years ago Mr. Salafi, keep dreaming, we will crush you :)