Qahwaji Vows to Strike with Iron Fist, Says Army to Deal Firmly with Gunmen

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Army Commander General Jean Qahwaji said on Monday that he ordered military units to deal firmly with gunmen in the West Bekaa town of Souairi.

Qahwaji stressed in comments published in As Safir newspaper that the army will not hesitate in maintaining security in the country and striking it with an iron fist.

For his part, Speaker Nabih Berri denounced the incident, stressing that security forces should deal firmly with those who are involved in the incident “no matter what their sect is or political affiliation.”

According to As Safir, head of al-Mustaqbal parliamentary bloc Fouad Saniora discussed ways to control the repercussions of the incident with Berri in a telephone conversation.

On Sunday, the army was able to end clashes between two families in Souairi that left several people dead and others wounded.

The gunbattles erupted on Sunday, a day after a personal dispute between members of Jinbeen family and Shouman that soon escalated into a fight and, were contained by the Army.

The clashes, which were considered sectarian, renewed on Sunday during the funeral procession of Mohammed Jibeen, a soldier.

The Army controlled the situation after the clashes turned fierce between Sunni family Jinbeen and Shiite family Shouman.

In a statement, the military said it carried out raids, detained several suspects and seized arms.

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Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 08:02

kahwaji: in your bid to become president, you made the army irrelevant, by making it a tool to defend the terrorist Iranian militia.
become Lebanese.

Thumb lebanon_first 23 December 2013, 08:52

Geha . Unfair post. Qahwaji's job is to follow instructions. When the government IS Hezbollah, qahwaji can't attack Hezbollah.

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 09:22

kahwaji's job is to uphold the law.
why has he not given his orders to go after ali eid and his son rifaat? bombing 2 mosques is OK now? over 50 dead and 500 wounded is OK now?
is his role to go after the guys in Tripoli who are defending themselves from the Syrian regime?
is his role to remove all weapons from anti Syrian, so the others come in and take Tripoli over to annex it to Syria?
what is his role exactly?

Thumb benzona 23 December 2013, 11:14

Geha is right L_F, the laws and the constitution are on paper. he just needs to enforce them. he doesn't need special persmissions for XYZ nor the governement or political parties. Qahwaji has lost credibility .

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:17

long live the army, they have full support to smash whoever attacks them, wherever they are. unlike the sectarian bugs crawling on this forum, we wont stand with thugs just because they are from the same area/sect or whatever.

Thumb ex-fpm 23 December 2013, 08:06

Stop talking and protect the country from outside invasion by the Baath army. Strike with an iron fist and protect our borders by arresting every terrorist that goes to fight in Syria starting with Hizb terrorists. Dismantle HA barracks and staging areas from which they launch their war into Syria. Arrest Eid and his criminals.... Arrest the suspects in the Harriri murder case as well as any wanted suspect who is protected by HA. That is how you strike with an iron fist and any other talk is child's talk.

Thumb general_puppet 23 December 2013, 09:22

"Iron Fist"… I think I heard that one before.

Thumb benzona 23 December 2013, 11:15

this vocabulary should not be tolerated for a second on a respectable website such as naharnet.

Thumb ice-man 23 December 2013, 12:13

and they delete a comment that simply contains a smile or hehehe! These creatures are paid to report every comment we (the educated and beautiful) make.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:18

the1habibshartouni: sorry man but i disagree with your provocative username. i wish you wouldnt play their game of seeding hatred.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:19

benzo: your username is much more offensive than the word he used (dog), so you can shove your hypocrisy.

Thumb benzona 23 December 2013, 12:28

This username was directed at Israelies. It turned out that pro hezbollah FPMers speak the language of the ennemi. It raises lots of questions. But since then, we saw that Bachar was protecting israel at all costs. Nothing can surprise me anymore. Ma hēk icey?

Thumb ex-fpm 23 December 2013, 12:31

lol @mowaten ! all righteous and proper now )) I bet it is one of your many user names.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 12:56

exy: you just lost a bet.
benzo: and his word was directed at takfiris, yet you took offense from it. raises some questions but all already know the answer.

Missing peace 23 December 2013, 11:39

how can you have a country where extremism is encouraged by the double standards applied?
those who whine and cry because of the development of sunni extremism should have thought about it earlier by not letting hezbollah armed! M8 accepts defends and encourage lebanon to have a militia for which everything is tolerated ... no ownder there is a counter reaction... it is logic and mathematical!
so those hezbi lovers get only what they sowed...

stop the double standards and apply the law FOR ALL! no double standards and then you d be crushing extremism with an iron fist! LOL

Thumb ex-fpm 23 December 2013, 12:42

20 minutes ago Qahwaji: The army has the full capability to respond to any Israeli attack. It will not succumb to any threat or aggression.

So comforting to hear. Yet, the army cannot arrest Ali Eid.

Missing ---karim_m3- 23 December 2013, 12:58

God bless Qahwaji and the Lebanese Army.

Missing the1habibshartouni 23 December 2013, 13:03

I agree Karim ,however the Tafkiri lovers disagree with us.

Missing the1habibshartouni 23 December 2013, 13:16

Merry Christmas to you all .I hope when Santa comes to Lebanon is able to take all the Tafkiri with him.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 13:23

lol, and merry Christmas to you!

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 13:22

no i dont care about takfiris being called dogs, it's still very nice compared to what they are, dogs are good and loyal animals :)

Thumb terminator 23 December 2013, 13:39

You think that we don't know that " takfiri" is a code name for Sunni ?
We know exactly what you think of us, stop your lies and hypocracy.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 December 2013, 14:11

if that's what you think you are wrong, takfiris are as much a threat to sunnis as they are to other sects. your attempt to assimilate all sunnis to takfiris is like israel calling people antisemites because they are antizionist.

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 15:00

this mowaten guy is sincere in what he says about takfiris not being sunnis only: hizbushaitan is the main takfiri extremist group in Lebanon.
is there a single person "ma kafar min hizbushaitan".

Thumb -phoenix1 23 December 2013, 13:53

I am 100% with you dear General Kahwaji, you must, you should hit with not only an iron fist, but also with a steel fist, a fist made of 100% stainless pure steel, but you see dear general you happen to have TWO fists, you should use both of them, dispense your will on all sides that break the law, be it M14 or M8 or those who wish to fit in between them. Use both fists and very soon Lebanon will regain its senses and the army will forever be trusted.