Gemayel Plays Down Nasrallah's 'Unacceptable Threat'

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Phalange leader Amin Gemayel downplayed Hizbullah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah's latest threats, saying the Lebanese have no choice but to resolve their political problems peacefully.

“The threat of any political party to its partners in the nation is rejected and unacceptable,” Gemayel told the Kuwaiti al-Seyassah newspaper published on Monday.

“There is always the probability to meet again. Everyone should understand that no one can abolish the other in Lebanon,” he said.

“All those who have thought of abolishing others have paid a high price,” Gemayel told the daily. “We have no choice but to recognize each other or else we will all be doomed.”

The former president was optimistic that Lebanon's political crisis would be resolved.

“Despite the escalatory stances, we can't say that doors are closed or that there are no longer any solutions,” he said.

“The Lebanese people have no choice but to keep the lines open and always seek to resolve problems and not complicate them,” Gemayel said.

“The alternative is war and destruction,” he warned.

Nasrallah warned on Friday against the formation of a fait accompli cabinet and said the March 14 alliance had recently adopted a “very dangerous rhetoric” amounting to “a declaration of war” against his party.

He was referring to a rally that was organized by al-Mustaqbal movement in the northern city of Tripoli during which March 14 officials lashed out at Hizbullah.

Gemayel reiterated that the alliance holds onto its principles of defending Lebanon's sovereignty, independence and institutions.

“The Lebanese entity is under threat and not just the presidential elections,” he said.

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Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 08:12

we are already doomed.

Thumb popeye 23 December 2013, 13:04

I guess your hizb terrorists are tourists in Syria.

Thumb benzona 23 December 2013, 14:46

Popeye, they are pilgrims!

Thumb general_puppet 23 December 2013, 09:21

“The Lebanese entity is under threat"… it has been under threat for a long time the only difference is that now the threat is out in the open.

Thumb AngryLeb 23 December 2013, 09:26

Amine Is Great always the proper words,

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 10:44

stupid: stop propagating the lies of your hassouna :)
go read the declaration: it does not include what your hassouna said :)

Thumb mckinl 23 December 2013, 12:29

peace said "hezbis are the gangrene of lebanon! they need to be cut off !LOL"

How can you use the avatar "peace"? You throw about the language of violence and war.

Default-user-icon AnonK (Guest) 23 December 2013, 11:13

can we split up the country already? why was Yugoslavia split? Sudan? and not Lebanon?

Thumb benzona 23 December 2013, 12:11

Hi unti! Kifik unti?

Thumb FlameCatcher 23 December 2013, 12:28

@Southern, it would be called M-jadib ... I love your wishful thinking. This will never happen.

Only Aounies are dumb enough to blindly accept Aoun's unholy alliance with Hezbollah unconditionally.

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 12:33

now you demonstrate the highest level of stupidity with such a comment.
the Kataeb are Lebanese and will NEVER align themselves with the syrian regime or iran.
your comment shows how much credibility your master hassouna the terrorist has :)

Default-user-icon FADD (Guest) 23 December 2013, 13:03

Mr Gemayel's tone gets usually milder before Presidential elactions. This been said; no M14 group has ever asked for the eradication of Hizbullah. what has been asked is the eradication of BOTH M14 & M8 from the new government. Sympathisers & technicians of both groups would manage some state affairs preventing State desintegration.

Missing watan-libnan 23 December 2013, 14:31

Why can't we lebanese put the past in the past and get on with nation building lets get leaders who can do the job competently regardless of religion if we don't at least try this how is any lebanese ever going to know freedom. (War is good for absolutely nothing) great song listen to it.

Thumb benzona 23 December 2013, 14:47

Sure, but not before justice it served. What will it take for you to understand? Kill your chlidren?

Thumb geha 23 December 2013, 14:56

to do that we need to take out all weapons! or am I wrong?

Missing peace 23 December 2013, 17:12

sure! what have they ever done for the lebanese economy? nothing apart destroying it...

Thumb shab 23 December 2013, 19:12

Nobody really cares anymore for threats by the filthy militia.

Thumb lebpatriot888 23 December 2013, 20:35

Darling, then go ahead and make their day and test them. Coward!

Missing peace 23 December 2013, 23:01

Comment le Hezbollah peut-il encore prétendre siéger au gouvernement libanais ?
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