Hariri: Shatah's Murderers Same Ones behind Rafik Hariri's Assassination

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri condemned on Friday the assassination of his adviser Mohammed Shatah, saying that Lebanon lost moderate figure who believed in peace and an independent Lebanon.

He said in a statement: “Shatah's murderers are the same ones who assassinated former Premier Rafik Hariri.”

“The murderers seek to assassinate the whole of Lebanon and weaken the state,” he remarked.

“The accused, and until further notice, are the same ones who are running away from international justice,” added Hariri.

“The accused are the same ones who refuse to stand trial before the Special Tribunal for Lebanon because they are paving the way for evil and chaos in Lebanon,” he continued.

“They seek to spread regional wars to Lebanon,” he stressed.

“They practice oppression against anyone who follows the example of Rafik Hariri and who demands the rise of the state that does not include terrorists, murderers, and supporters of car bombings among its ranks,” he declared.

“The murderers succeeded today in targeting our lifelong friend and partner in defending Lebanon, Mohammed Shatah,” Hariri said.

“Shatah believed in peace and justice. His murderers will not stop their criminal path and their insistence to drag Lebanon towards the abyss of strife,” he continued.

This reality will remain as long as some sides in Lebanon continue “to bury their heads in the sand and continue to justify the possession of illegitimate arms,” he stated.

“Shatah's name will ring loud at the opening of the STL trial in a few days at The Hague,” he remarked.

“His name will remain a beacon among a civilized and progressive Lebanon,” said the former premier.

“Your career will remain a source of inspiration for us throughout our political and national life,” said Hariri, while offering his condolences to his family.

Shatah was killed on Friday in a huge car bombing in downtown Beirut.

The STL had accused five Hizbullah members of being behind the 2005 assassination of former PM Rafik Hariri.

Hizbullah had slammed the accusation with party chief Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah vowing not cooperate with it.

The suspects have not been found.

The trial is scheduled to kick off on January 16 at The Hague.

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Thumb geha 27 December 2013, 12:57

he said things the way they are.
and now, hizbushaitan, expect the unexpected when you decided to execute your threats.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 13:02

the way you want to hear them geha, not the way they are.
unless saad is behind his father's killing, as well as this one, there's no way he can say what he just said as a fact.

Thumb geha 27 December 2013, 13:17

mowaten: with this comment you seriously defined yourself as being a retard and a mentally sick person (or animal, your choice).

Missing imagine_1979 27 December 2013, 13:41

Yes back to same song, israel is executiong every syrian regime oponnant; hariri, assir, hawi... And now chateh.. So israel must protect the syrian regime?... Man please get real...

Thumb ice-man 27 December 2013, 14:18

14 minutes ago Hizbullah: The assassination of Shatah only benefits the enemies of Lebanon.

Hmmmm..... who might these enemies be, I wonder?

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 14:31

wow geha. that was a very strong point you made with the multiple choice answer... "retard, mentally sick or animal". i bet you really did an effort thinking that one out.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 15:51

Hahah!!! mowaten bro you are giving geha a heart attack

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 17:39

@anonymetexasusa Good luck, Alice in wonderland.

Missing minlibnan 27 December 2013, 23:29

Blind HA supporters

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 15:21

@Southern : which trap ? If you cannot murder Saad, then you murder his allies ? You have been trying to get him back to Lebanon for so long and blame him for being abroad. This bomb would have targeted him...

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 17:03

The only thing leading the country into disaster is a single party believing itself above all laws, raising, arming and training armies more powerful than the state and waging wars against the people's will.

The same party that eliminates political opponents by threats and assassinations. The same party that wants to take over the entire country and prevent anyone else from ruling it. You will pay dearly one day for your arrogance !

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 18:10

Sagh : please enlighten us on Hassan Kezballah's culture and promotion of love, peace and democracy based on Iranian and Syrian models ?

And explain your baseless accusations of how Hariri is responsible for ethnic / religious fights ? Or for sept 11 ?

He was also behind Hiroshima right ?

You brainless sheep ...

I'm far from being a Hariri fan but you are completely ridiculous !

Missing minlibnan 27 December 2013, 23:30

Speaking of traps, nusrallah will be in his rat trap soon.

Thumb primesuspect 27 December 2013, 12:59

Mr prime minister, m8 want you back in lebanon so they can do to you what they did to Shatah and the others including your father. Do not listen to them. Send weapons to Christians, Sunnis, and druze so they can defend themselves against the terroristas.

Missing tereza 27 December 2013, 13:01

That's a horrible suggestion.

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 13:49

Stupid is believing Hezbollah has nothing to do with all these assassinations and bombings.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 16:19

why FC? because you just decided so and we have to believe you?

Missing peace 27 December 2013, 16:44

and we have to believe you when you say it is israel? you got it all figured out too, haven't you?
so you are in NO position to criticize others while you do the same thing you reproach others for doing ! LOL

but i guess you believe only you have the truth don't you? LOL

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 17:29

why would you care if i accused israel? you're feeling targeted?

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 17:36

You're right, Israel's intimidation of Lebanon is well documented.

So is Syria's intimidation of Lebanon. Something you brainwashed amnesiacs fail to condemn. You actually defend Bashar who butchered you ...

So is Hezbollah's intimidation of Lebanon and any Lebanese standing against them and Syria's wishes.

Whether or not they are behind these bombings, you are TRAITORS and traitors should be hanged !

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 17:39

@Mowaten : the same way you blame everything on "israel" and we have to believe you. Hezbollah has motive, will and means to do this...

You don't have to believe me ! You can choose to keep your head hidden well beneath the ground and remind yourself of the fairytales dictated to you by Nasrallah and Aoun. That's your choice.

You can also choose to ignore evidence against you "just because you want to believe they are fabricated".

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 18:18

when we accuse israel, if we're wrong then it's no big deal because anyway israel is our enemy, unless you forgot lebanon is officially in state of war with israel.
when you accuse hezbollah, if you're wrong then you're doing a huge mistake, bringing the country to the brink of a civil war where we all have everything to lose.

furthermore, when someone like laqqis, or mughniyeh, who were military strategists working day and night to fight israel, get killed, it makes sense that israel killed them, because it has a military value for it.
whereas people like shatah may speak a lot against HA, but never really were a threat to it. them being assassinated, with the reactions we saw today here, is however a threat against HA because it stirs up hatred and anger.

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 18:27

I accuse Hezbollah. It's plain simple.. they have all the intentions to stir things up :

1- STL funding was approved today, what a coincidence

2- M14 meeting to discuss formation of a government which THEY DON"T WANT!

3- Wonderful tweet by Shatah about Hezbollah 30 minutes before being killed... makes you wonder.

4- Why would Israel weaken what you believe to be their "Allies" in Lebanon ? Hezbollah's image is already that of a plague. More assassinations will not change anything.

5- What a better way for HA to send a message : no government, no elections, no democracy in Lebanon, no justice : WE CONTROL THE COUNTRY

So whether I'm wrong or not, Hezbollah's image and credibility is worth crap and it's up to them to prove they are innocent and gain credibility.

It's simply time to ELIMINATE Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah once and for all.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 18:56

what you're saying doesnt involve HA in any way.
all you're saying is that this was the perfect timing to kill shatah and blame it on HA.

Thumb FlameCatcher 27 December 2013, 19:08

I don't care what you "believe". You can believe Hassan Kezballah is Santa for all I care.

I have given you Hezbollah's motives behind todays assassinations. All that's missing is evidence now knowing they have both the WILL and MEANS to conduct today's assassination. It will come for sure but you will most certainly come up with a twisted conspiracy theory blaming Israel "again".

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 19:34

i dont care what you think of what i believe, and nothing i said above was about beliefs. i actually did use the word here, so what's with the quotation marks? answering imaginary comments, just like you're debating imaginary intentions HA has?

they have the means yes, everybody does. HA actually has the means of much much more than that.
as for the will, as i said, you're projecting whatever you want, it's actually your beliefs here. and the way you say "all that is missing is evidence" is funny, as if that was a detail of no importance.

listen i grow tired of repeating the same stuff to you hoping you will understand. you obviously dont want to. you're locked in hatred and seem to only want one thing, keep pushing towards confrontation. do as you please, you have free will after all.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 19:34

i meant: DIDNT use the word

Missing cowboymicho 27 December 2013, 13:11

Totally a stupid comment. They all have weapons already. That's all Lebanon needs is a civil war.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 16:09

If m8 wanted that, they could've killed him back in 2008, when they had him surrounded. Never happened

Thumb -phoenix1 27 December 2013, 13:27

LF, I am duty bound to subscribe to your views, the least that can be said is that your words are words of wisdom. At first one may have thought the obvious, the target would have been a member of Hezbollah a terrorist reaction to its involvement in Syria. But when news emerged of the brutal assassination of Al Shatah, at least speaking for myself, I felt that whoever are those behind this cowardly crime are doing it with only one aim and one purpose, to create that much dreaded and feared FITNAH between the Shiites and Sunnis. As investigations have now started, and I hope that leads will be found soon, the very worst thing we as Lebanese could be doing, is for us Lebanese to embark on wild speculations and mutual accusations as this is exactly what the perpetrators of such crimes want us to do. Their aim I repeat is to start another civil war, that simple.

Thumb cedre 27 December 2013, 14:49

habibi phoenix, majority of sunnis have no problem with shias.
Sunnis supported HA, helped them in their fighting against Israel.
We have a problem with Syria and Iran using them to persecute/kill resisting sunnis and to control Lebanon.

Christians think that is better for them not to take side to avoid killings against their community.
But they dont understand what is at stake. Iran will take over Lebanon for good.
After submitting sunnis, HA will ask for more power due to their weapons and demographic weight. And then Lebanon is finished...

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 16:24

lol habibi phoenix you say? A few weeks ago you were praising Ottoman empire for their killing on christians, and said phoenix was ignorant, come again cedre, your propaganda wont hold, and stop spreading fitnah.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 16:38

cedre, it is not true what you are saying, i remember back in 2006 many people like yourself, praised the Israeli bombing, and hoped they finished their job, you always wanted to see Hezbollah diminished long before the Syrian conflict.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 December 2013, 20:03

Cedre, I share in the profound concern of LF, irrespective of accusations of any kind that may fly from this side or that side, my main aim is to see the Lebanese stay calm and not deepen or shape the crisis any further as that would play into the hands of the extremists.

Thumb cedre 28 December 2013, 01:53

@misstic : 'praising Ottoman empire for their killing on christians'

can u get us the link please ?
u khomeynist really have taqiya in ur blood, that's what ur parents teach you with hating sunnis/bakris and cursing sahabas...

Thumb Mystic 28 December 2013, 07:29

I hope Naharnet didn't delete it. I think phoenix remember it aswell, and yes your praised them stop acting innocent, just like the takfiris in Syria lol! You cry that Assad bomb you, and you cheer when you cut peoples heads off.

Thumb geha 27 December 2013, 15:36

murdering shatah, after the recent wave of threats by all m8, leaves little room for speculation of who did it.
m14 need to send strong message to hizbushaitan and his cronies and form the cabinet at least.
hizbushaitan needs to be declared officially as a terrorist entity, just the ikhwan have been declared in Egypt, whatever will happen.

Thumb primesuspect 27 December 2013, 16:20

It's common sense. U r right hermano.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 16:25

True words phoenix.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 16:26

Not agreeing about Hezbollahs intervention in Syria though, i think it was a good thing, either that or the takfiris would've killed all minorities.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 17:52

Nobody gave us power texas. We had M14 completely surrounded back then, so they had to give up their wishes about blocking our telecoms.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 17:52

Hezbollah will always have weapons, and they will continue to fight in Syria until it is over. So stop crying and get over it buddy

Thumb -phoenix1 27 December 2013, 19:59

Thanks brother Mystic.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 17:32

assassinations are used by some to divide and stir hatred. the whole point of this is to use m14 to fight HA.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 18:08

whatever anonyme, seems like there's no talking you guys out of your desire for war. sadly, but sincerely, if that's what you want then stop talking and bring it on. khalasna ba2a, being accused all the time and insulted, and still trying to knock some sense into your formatted heads.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 18:53

in your dreams anonyme. first whatever cabinet is formed it will not be neutral, nobody is neutral in this country. even kids in schools are politicized.
also, HA will never attack the army, whatever it takes. as for HA fighters, there are very few in syria. those who need to be there are already there, and they dont need to cross the borders with weapons. they can cross unarmed and get everything they need there. is the army going to shoot unarmed people for legally crossing a border?
also, if the army was able to control the border, the thousands of takfiris who have been infiltrating syria from here would have never made it.

Thumb -phoenix1 27 December 2013, 20:05

Texas, I don't know why voices of reason seem to drown in seas of acrymony, I simply joined voices with those good folks who only want to keep at least a semblance of reason for this country of ours. Tell me Tex, what would in your opinion be the alternative, complete chaos? Thanks for understanding me, my positions have never shifted in as far as urging restrain on all sides.

Default-user-icon hanoun (Guest) 27 December 2013, 14:07

Shatah's murderers are the same ones who assassinated former premier harriri
so Mr Saadeldin its time to pressure the countries who have satellite images or videos that refused to give them to handle them to the tribunal

Missing whatever 27 December 2013, 14:14

All of you, without exception, make me upset. Your comments are all disgusting and you all have nothing better to do with your time. I don't understand what satisfaction you get out of commenting on ever single article posted on naharnet. They are all full of hate. They do not change facts on the ground. You are just haters or pretend to be smart asses. All of you go get a life. It's people like you that destroy lebanon and humanity in general. I wish I could just open news articles filled with constructive comments.

Thumb ice-man 27 December 2013, 14:20

I agree with whatever you have just said!

Thumb primesuspect 27 December 2013, 16:22

He lives in denial, he wants 2 dead good news. The problem is that in lebanon there r no good news. I think he's depressed.... Which is understandable hermano ice.

Thumb primesuspect 27 December 2013, 15:25

And you pretend 2 be different? U just came to spit on our faces. Get real. Hizballa/bashar is behind the m14 killings

Missing cowboymicho 27 December 2013, 14:20

Your point is well taken. My point is that they're still in Lebanon.

Thumb proudm14 27 December 2013, 15:08

God bless you Saad! We know how close you were to Shatah, it is sad that the Hezb has no sense of decency or honor to go after such a diplomatic figure.

Default-user-icon believed futpamm (Guest) 27 December 2013, 15:20

Roshaniya did it. Google them.

Thumb primesuspect 27 December 2013, 15:25

Same happened 2 me

Thumb geha 27 December 2013, 16:26

m8 guys go in with different fake accounts and start reporting people, so naharnet deletes posts.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 16:40

Lol half of my comments in here have been deleted, so what are you saying geha?

Thumb beiruti 27 December 2013, 16:04

On Wednesday, President Sulieman said that he could accept a fait accompli neutral cabinet, that is, one in which neither Hezbollah nor any other political party could hold a veto. Yesterday, Naim Kassem, in response to the President's suggestion voiced strong opposition and said "Anything could happen".

Last night Safadi is assassinated by car bomb. Message delivered by Hezbollah -- don't think about doing anything independently with the Lebanese government because we know where you all live, how you go to work and we can kill any of you Lebanese, anytime, anywhere.

And then they want dialogue!

Missing peace 27 December 2013, 16:06

tit for tat response for lakkis murder...
hezbis want chaos to continue their dirty work in syria....

Default-user-icon Hammerhead (Guest) 27 December 2013, 16:56

Desperate attempts at forming a government have been voiced by a number of HA officials in the past week, with Hassan himself going on air.
Al-Mostakbal block responded with a direct refusal of participating in any formation that includes HA. That to me is a very dangerous statement and should be punished accordingly.

Thumb bill_the_butcher 27 December 2013, 17:15

All the accusations will keep backing one side into the corner.

But we must remember, whenever you back something into a corner and it feels threatened, it will strike.

And the outcome will not be pretty.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 17:47

Lol do you really think the Army would attack Hezbollah? You been living in texas for too long buddy. The worst thing that could happen would be a civil war, and then the army would split just as what happened during the last war.

Thumb Mystic 27 December 2013, 20:02

is that what you wish for texas really? You have a very colorful imagination.

Thumb _mowaten_ 27 December 2013, 18:11

i was about to agree with what you said when i saw the sneaky attack against myself and FT.
if you have a problem with anything i said then answer directly on it and bring out some arguments.

Thumb LEBhasNOhope 27 December 2013, 21:53

Chatah's last tweet, posted about an hour before his death.
"#Hezbollah is pressing hard to be granted similar powers in security & foreign policy matters that Syria exercised in Lebanon for 15 yrs,"

Thumb bill_the_butcher 27 December 2013, 22:51

M14 always pokes fun at the fact that Hezz always blames Israel and yet they do the EXACT same thing when they accuse Hezz of every assassination in Lebanon.

Default-user-icon Shlingavon Bashkarzu (Guest) 28 December 2013, 01:59

The biggest mystery question about who killed Rafik remains this: why was inspector Wissam al-Clouseau absent from the motorcade the day of the glorious barbecue of Rafik Syria, Syria's best Rafik?

Thumb bill_the_butcher 28 December 2013, 02:11

Why isn't it plausible that Mohamed Chatah a moderate was assassinated by ISIS or AL -Qaida etc?!?!