Israel Fires Shells at Southern Lebanon in Response to Morning Rocket Attack

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Two missiles fired from southern Lebanon exploded Sunday in northern Israel, prompting the Israeli military to hit back with three artillery shells, an army spokesman said.

"The Israeli artillery responded to rocket attacks from Lebanon against Israel that left no victims, targeting the area where these projectiles were fired from," an army spokesman told AFP.

The Katyusha-style rockets landed in a field west of the town of Kiryat Shmona, without causing any casualties or damage, Israeli military radio reported.

The National News Agency said that the Israeli army retaliated by firing over 20 shells at the region located between Rashaya, Rashaya al-Fakhar, al-Mariyeh, Ibl al-Saqi, al-Wazzani, Kfarshouba Hills, Wata al-Khiyam, and Sarda.

Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) said that the Israeli army fired over 100 shells.

The Lebanese army has been conducting a sweep of the region where the rockets were fired from towards Israel and where the Israeli shells landed, reported LBCI television.

The United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon also contacted the Lebanese and Israeli sides, urging them to exercise restraint and to cooperate with the respective armies to determine the details of Sunday's incident, it added.

"This is a very serious incident... and is clearly directed at undermining stability in the area," UNIFIL chief Paolo Serra said in a statement.

"UNIFIL's first imperative is to ensure that there is no further escalation of the situation."

Lebanese army and UNIFIL forces were carrying out patrols in the area after the exchange of fire, an AFP correspondent said.

The Army Command later announced that the army discovered four wooden rocket launchers used in the attack in the Wadi al-Khraybeh region in the Hasbaya district.

Tension has spiked on the border between the two countries since Lebanese troops gunned down an Israeli soldier driving near the frontier on December 16.

Israel's border with Lebanon has been largely quiet since the 2006 war with Hizbullah.

The last time a soldier was killed there was in August 2010, when two Lebanese soldiers and a journalist also died.

In August, four Israeli soldiers were wounded by an explosion some 400 meters (yards) inside Lebanese territory, in a blast claimed by Hizbullah.

Last week, Hizbullah said one of its top leaders was killed near Beirut and blamed Israel for his murder -- a charge denied by Israel, which warned against any retaliation.

UNIFIL troops were deployed along the border following the 34-day war in 2006 which killed some 1,200 people in Lebanon, mostly civilians, and 160 Israelis, mostly soldiers.

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Thumb geha 29 December 2013, 08:50

hizbushaitan needs a diversion from murdering Shatah.
they did not expect this reaction from the Lebanese people thus they need this diversion.
nothing will divert us from kicking iran out of Lebanon.

Thumb lebanon_first 29 December 2013, 09:42

Missiles not sent by HA. Probably by some pal takfiri group.

Missing greatpierro 29 December 2013, 11:46

Come on L_F the south is controlled by Hizbullah 100%. Do you think that any one can just send two rockets without their blessing. I mean the United Nation cannot even take a single photo without HA knowing and often stopping them from doing so. It is so easy to point the figures at those takfiris to excuse ha.

Default-user-icon Free your mind (Guest) 29 December 2013, 13:20

The south is controlled and run by hezballah. They have surveilence, agents any other security all over the place. How does anyone manage to fire rockets and burn down alcohol shops several times without them noticing? Besides, there are no Pal takfiri groups per say, there are takfiri groups in the refugee camps but they are multi-national and do not hold nationality of importance. These groups are all backed by mukhabaret of several sides (Assadi, irani on one side and saudi-israel on the other) via their proxies. They both need to have unorganized takfiri groups at their disposal for when they need them to do their dirty work. Nothing is black and white. When it comes to lebanon, rafik hariri said, believe nothing of what you hear and only half of what you see. It's best if everyone could stop pointing fingers because when it all comes down to it, nobody knows anything and even proof are planted by the real culprits to misslead the investigation.

Missing peace 29 December 2013, 18:18

but? but? but? Ft and M8ers are not happy that someone shot at the enemy? LOL

Thumb cedre 29 December 2013, 18:24

leb1st, border controlled and protected by HA, update urself...

Thumb Mystic 29 December 2013, 09:44

geha, all evidence points out that Hezbollah wasen't responsible, so drop your garbage somewhere else.

Thumb Mystic 29 December 2013, 10:47

And i have to disagree with you @speakfreely, back in 1973 when Egypt and Syria almost forced the settlers to flee across the Mediterranean Sea.

Fact is if Anwar Sadat didn't betray Hafez Al Assad, and got bought by USA. Then there wouldn't be any Israeli state today.

Missing greatpierro 29 December 2013, 11:51

please can you share with us all those evidences. OR is it stupid evidence taken out of your stupid mind.

Missing greatpierro 29 December 2013, 11:55

Mystic, in yom kippur war, Arik Sharon almost went into Cairo. He was stopped by the US when he was only 101km from Cairo. Without the intervention of the US, Israel would have given a real kick ass to Egypt. The US aim was to allow Egypt to gain the Suez Canal so that Anouar el Sadat would agree to sign a peace deal. Get your stupid fact correct before you right any bullshit on this forum

Thumb Mystic 29 December 2013, 12:56

Israel isn't as powerful as most people expected, that was indeed proven during the 2006 war.

Missing beirutbastard00 29 December 2013, 15:08

@All zionists here... Ur apartheid will end sooner or later. Throughout history, every society you've infiltrated, has managed to expose and defeat you. Your arrogance, and love for wealth and power, will be your undoing.

Missing greatpierro 29 December 2013, 16:40

Southern, Israel does not need to be supplied by weapons. It creates its own.

Thumb scorpyonn 29 December 2013, 09:46

Iran is a cancer that needs to be exterminated. Too bad the Obama administration is soft. If Bush was in charge Cheney would have neutralized them-- they need it.

Thumb Mystic 29 December 2013, 09:56

lol then the whole world would be set ablaze, i can tell you one thing little bee stinger, Bush always feared Hezbollah ;)

Thumb geha 29 December 2013, 10:08

a bit of modesty would be good :)

Thumb Mystic 29 December 2013, 10:13

1983 US marine barracks explosion say anything to you? US fears Hezbollah until today because of that, more than 250 marines died in one day. A proud moment

Missing greatpierro 29 December 2013, 11:50

Hizbullah needs indeed a diversion and an excuse. I thought for a long time that in 2006 HA was the looser. It was pushed north of the Litany, and lost scores of fighters. But the actual result was indeed a divine victory for HA. Not over Israel, but over Lebanon. HA gained control of Lebanon both politically and militarily.

Missing beirutbastard00 29 December 2013, 18:57

Ur just mad that, at the very least, Israel was fought to a standstill by a militia.

Missing imagine_1979 29 December 2013, 13:54

What is nice to notice is that in 2006 (despites political accusation between leadders) people have hoppen their houses in mont lebanon, beirut, tripoli, akar... Even in syria... And now what would u expect to happens?..
U think 13 assassinations, assassination attempts, black shirts, 7ayyar, hezbollah helping the regine that killed kamal jumblat ,rennee mouawad... Brought such destruction to lebanon... U think this has something to play in the way people now think....

Thumb Chupachups 29 December 2013, 09:04

Chupachup anyone?

Missing phillipo 29 December 2013, 09:10

At least they all admit that the first shots came from the Lebanese side of the border.

Default-user-icon Daniel (Guest) 29 December 2013, 09:37

When you guys finally get rid of Hezbollah, you're all invited to my place in Tel Aviv for some Arak.

Default-user-icon نظرية المؤامرة (Guest) 29 December 2013, 13:57

@Mystic: given that Israel fears us and given that u don't give a crap about your obligations to discuss going to war with anyone and given that u've got no problem whatsoever to destroy your own areas and risk killing your own people
Please do tell us about the undeclared peace with. Israel, where will u hide in lebanon? Even jabal loubnan el 3azim wont refuge you bc guess what they're as extremist as you. Plus who will fund emergency and recovery activities, europe that listed u as terrorists (thank you for making the lebanese passport shittier). so enough with your empty threats, u neither have the guts to go to war nor israel is willing to fight u

Missing watan-libnan 29 December 2013, 14:06

Hey so called resistance hizbollah why don't you shoot down one of the thousands of izraeli war planes that fly over lebanon if you are a true resistance bunch of hacks

Missing peace 29 December 2013, 16:57

"but a resistance which proved its capacity and decisive actions within that frame"

1200 poor lebanese killed thanks to hezbi adventures
billions of $ damage in infrastructure
never asked the lebanese if they were ok with a war or not
never asked lebanese if lebanese were ok with their "actions" or not...

sure hezbollah is very lebanese....

Missing almou2amara 29 December 2013, 14:24

Indeed Mystic, please engage in a new war against Israel we need a great divine victory once again and in all cases you don't need our consent and support (we just serve tea). But this time dear, u shall find no housing (already taken by other refugees plus the other citizens kind of resent you); Europe will never finance recovery activities and neither Iran bc the sanctions will never be removed if u touch israel
So enough with ur bullshit, lebanon is ur war arena now and in case you think you're above the law, international community and common sense please once again proceed and show the world what you've got

Missing arturo 29 December 2013, 15:28

Here you have another unprovoked act of aggression by Lebanon against Israel -- this is how the war in 2006 began. The Lebanese should protect themselves by not committing such acts.

Missing imagine_1979 29 December 2013, 15:48

Israel knows verry well the situation and doesnot need to be provoked or exuses to got to war, u expect dessency from a governement that lets gaza people starving? Buil a wall of shame? Stealls land of villagors? Put childreen in prison for political reasons ; childreen... And so much more attrocities..
But at least the way to countercisrael should be a national issue, not one dessision in the hands of the islamic resistance of hezbollah... Maybe we kind find some other way?... No?...
Yalla bassita plus one for u also anyway :)

Missing arturo 29 December 2013, 17:00

Imagine: Hard to understand how how deny that Lebanon's attack on ISrael today was unprovoked. As a reminder, in 2006 Lebanon also initated an unprovoked attack against Israel killing several of its soldiers and leading to war. On Gaza, tghey too attack Israel regularly. They have a border with a friendly Arab state and Gaza should not rely on Israel for support (that would be like Israel claiming that Lebanon has a blockade against it).

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 29 December 2013, 16:31

imagine_1979: well who like the Arabs are best teachers Israel can learn about humanity, human rights, women rights, love and respect to each other. Shame on you Israel.
Look around you Israel look at your loving neighbor Syria for example.
You should learn from the Syrian how to protect the human's lives.
Same with Lebanon. Look how the Palestinian living like kings in the refugee camps. They feel so good there that for over than 65 years they don't want to leave the camps although they get full rights, citizenship, the right to vote.
Shame on you Israel for your behavior. how van you build walls? so what if Arabs sending their children so called Shahids to blow up buses and shopping centers. So what if Arabs stubbing small babies. They are only Jews aren't they?

Default-user-icon Hashem (Guest) 29 December 2013, 16:59

Hey beirut bastard thats why siniora showed up on public crying to the world with tears saying that Israel is destroying all our country in 2006 ? And no my friend the Zionist wont be eliminated soon ur dead wrong cuz before they ll be eliminated they will eliminate the entire the middle east including Iran with only pressing a couple of buttons ,a lot of ppl underestimate these Zionist power, but trust me they are keeping all they have for YOM EL DIN, so please before you talk think good,and dont reply just to write
Thank u.

Default-user-icon Ali (Guest) 29 December 2013, 17:06

Hey actionman its because hassouna is getting an asthma hiding in his hole shaking ,so how u want him to invade his own toilet ? Haha.....keep it up hassouna :)

Default-user-icon Danny B (Guest) 29 December 2013, 17:24

Here we start again: Can't understand the Lebanese way of thinking.
Every few years they build new infrastructure and after its built they are looking to destroy it.
Leave the neighbor from South, you don't like him ? fine. but if no territorial dispute, what the hell is the reason for jeopardizing the Lebanese people's lives?
Do you think for a moment that you will act like the Son who killed his parents and was looking for mercy for being an orphan.
For a moment you think that any hostile act against Israel from Lebanese soil will pass with no reaction? Whom are you trying to full?
Keeping quiet the borders will bring prosperity to both sides.
If you looking for war, you know well Israeli people are more defended, better shelters and the ones who will pay the price will be the Lebanese people.

Thumb beiruti 29 December 2013, 18:12

Israeli, once again rides to the rescue of Hezbollah. With Hezbollah being accused from all quarters for the Central City car bombing that killed Mohammad Chatah, Israel lobs in a rocket or two to south Lebanon to remind all that that "Resistance" remains relevant.

Israel and Lebanon? Hand meet glove.

Thumb cedre 29 December 2013, 18:28

the fact, who's controlling and protecting the border ?