Woman 'Suicide Bomber' Roaming Beirut Streets

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Lebanese woman Rima Najdi has come up with a unique way to protest the recent deadly bombings that have rocked Lebanon.

She wrapped herself in a hoax suicide vest and roamed several Beirut streets on Sunday.

The woman "wore a vest carrying fake sticks of TNT and wandered in Beirut's streets on Sunday," the pan-Arab daily al-Hayat reported.

People rushed to take pictures with the “suicide bomber,” said the newspaper.

Najdi announced her stunt on Facebook. “Madame Bomba - TNT Project: Popular Protest. Mobile dynamite roaming Beirut's streets,” she said.

Al-Hayat said the woman walked through Hamra, Ain el-Mreisseh, Downtown, Gemmayze, Ashrafiyeh and Ras al-Nabaa to “shed light on the meaning of being Lebanese and how you don't know when you might be the victim of a bombing or a terrorist act.”

According to the newspaper, Najdi is a painter and performer who lives in Berlin and shuttles between Lebanon and Germany. She inaugurated a painting exhibition in New York in November.

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Thumb saturn 12 January 2014, 22:01

With all due respect this must be the stupidest comment I've ever read.

Did you mean if she went to Tripoli she'd not be considered a HZBLH operative and shot?

Thumb saturn 12 January 2014, 22:05

Iran is a country of resistance! Their thoughts are with us every step of the way!

Thumb Loubnani 13 January 2014, 02:35

What exactly is a Aouni neighbourhood PS? I'm curious. My home back in Lebanon is in Rabieh and not far from where Aoun himself lives. Will that make it a Aouni neighbourhood? I also am not aware of Aounis or LF or Kataeb or whatever beating anyone with sticks. Are you aware of any? Please enlighten me.

Thumb Loubnani 13 January 2014, 11:47

I hope that never happens ultrahabib. The country has had enough of people's hatred, ignorance and anger from all sides

Thumb terminator 13 January 2014, 11:29

that lady should be arrested for weapons of mass destruction.

Thumb stainlessteal 13 January 2014, 12:44

I would have wished that the performance done by the artist would have initiated a different kind of discourse on this forum which is unfortunately a mouthpiece for bigotry.
The Artist is obviously making a statement about trying to keep a "normality" in our lives while fear of death is imminent.
This discourse reminds me of the Christian-Muslim discourse during the Lebanese civil war now it has the same bad taste with different names.
Communicating and expressing your point of view is always healthy but i wish it could include respect and tolerance of the other without the constant bashing.

Thumb Loubnani 13 January 2014, 17:45

I totally agree with you stainlessteal

Thumb lebinaus 13 January 2014, 14:22

of course you do