Goal-Line Technology Possible at 2014 World Cup


FIFA president Sepp Blatter said goal-line technology could be in use for the 2014 World Cup finals if a system is proved to be reliable and affordable.

There has been a huge push for football to follow sports such as cricket and tennis in embracing technological help for officials with the argument brought into sharp focus by England having a 'goal' ruled out against Germany at the last World Cup despite replays having shown that the ball had crossed the line.

"In March next year, we will have a final decision on goal-line technology. If it's proved to be accurate and affordable, it's possible that the international board will adopt this technology during the 2014 World Cup," Blatter told a news conference.

"If this is the case then other football associations will have the right to use the goal-line technology."

FIFA will also decide in 2012 whether or not to have two extra officials behind the goal-line as a "general rule".

"It is not yet decided if the assistance of two additional assistant referees will be included a general rule," said Blatter.

"This will be done by an international board meeting in London that will take place immediately after the 2012 European Championships. Then, in July, we will have an indication how World Cup refereeing will be done in 2014."

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