'Suicide Bomber' Arrested in Dahieh Turns Out to Be Famous Rapper!

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية
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A “suspicious” man arrested by the Internal Security Forces on Wednesday in the Beirut southern suburb of Haret Hreik has turned out to be a renowned Lebanese rapper.

“He raised suspicions due to his beard and was taken for interrogation while his car was inspected and it did not contain any explosives,” al-Jadeed TV reported.

It identified the man as Hussein Sharafeddine -- a graduate of the Lebanese American University, a rapper and a civil society activist.

Sharafeddine goes by the rap nicknames of Double A and Abou Ali and is a member of a band called The Banana Cognacs.

The Dahieh area has been rocked by three deadly suicide bombings this month, two of them in Haret Hreik.

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Thumb proudm14. 22 January 2014, 16:12


Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 17:18

funny that geha's comment got deleted...

he was mocking hezbollah for supposedly feeling threatened by a rapper,
and i answered to him:

yea yea geha, you're so busy obsessing on hezbollah that you cant even read properly, it's making you sound more and more hysterically disconnected to reality :)

psst: "arrested by the Internal Security Forces"


is it to save him from being humiliated that the comment disappeared? how kind of you moderator :)

Thumb popeye 22 January 2014, 17:19

funny.... you reported it.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 17:25

nope, i'm the first one to regret its disappearance.

Thumb popeye 22 January 2014, 17:33

i believe you

Missing rami 22 January 2014, 16:49

Yo, something is just not right here, how can a bearded fanatic be assimilated with rap and cognac? Listen to the song and count the number of times he uses the word F...!

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 16:52

yea yea geha, you're so busy obsessing on hezbollah that you cant even read properly, it's making you sound more and more hysterically disconnected to reality :)

psst: "arrested by the Internal Security Forces"

Thumb proudm14. 22 January 2014, 17:21

sectarian movaten of Isfahan is unaware that the ISF contains Shia, Christians, Druze, etc...and not only Sunnis. Why is this always the focus of your arguments, iranian movaten? Why so sectarian?

Thumb popeye 22 January 2014, 17:31

sure sure the ISF arrested him! The picture says so. The hizb had nothing to do with it. They are so liberal. When they see a bearded man they don't get suspicious. Who are you fooling?????

Thumb popeye 22 January 2014, 17:32

The dahieh residents are all concert goers and love rappers according to the irani mowaten)

Thumb proudm14. 22 January 2014, 17:39

he is like the cab driver who hears you talking english and immediately starts trying to imbress you with his knowledgez.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 18:31

lol you guys are pathetic with your preconceptions.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 18:33

and thanks popeye, for showing me how mad you got from me slapping several of yours posts recently :) really warms my heart to see you all hysterical.

Thumb popeye 22 January 2014, 18:54

hahaha! I am the one who is hysterical you say, and posted 18 posts so far like a chicken with its head cut off))))))

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 18:58

yes, "hahaha!" popeye, just "hahaha!"

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 16:52

chill FT, i know the guy, seen him in concerts around town, he's cool :)

Thumb proudm14. 22 January 2014, 17:42

you took a break from reading the quran and tahrir al wasilah to go to a concert? did your father beat you with a belt when you got home?

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 18:27

no, we're not saudi.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 17:00

WTF? as if terrorists couldnt also shave if the beard was a (or the) decisive factor

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 17:21

anyone should be free to have the beard he (or she lol) wants. the ISF just proved how little ready and trained they are, instead of identifying wanted people by their individual features, they fall for basic stereotypes...

like they'd search a hipster's pockets for hashish, while a man in suit could pass right under their nose with a suitcase full of drugs

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 17:30

lol i made the same typo earlier (IDF/ISF).

but back to the topic: so what? the ISF doesnt have to arrest anyone who is reported by residents. they come and check his identity and see if he's any threat, and then decide.

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 18:27

how do you know he wasnt taken to the station? the article says "was taken for interrogation"

Default-user-icon Desson Day (Guest) 22 January 2014, 17:05

Someone confused rapper with wrapper, as in explosive wrapper that Sannis wear as girdle for slimming purposes before they meet the virgins! Here is a bit of news that might interest Sannis: the more "virginous" virgins are in the section dedicated to those Sannis who MIGHT ONE DAY hug some Israelis and transport them to their au dela. Take my word for it, geha, primesuspect and flamecatcher. Spread the word of God. takbir

Thumb proudm14. 22 January 2014, 17:17

i am assuming now that this guy got publicity and is more widely known throughout the country, those 12 hipsters will stop listening to him and move on to something else.

Thumb proudm14. 22 January 2014, 17:17

also lol@grandpa FT still listening to the radio...get with the program 3ammo

Thumb ice-man 22 January 2014, 19:02

I bet the movie 300 is your favorite:) You mentioned you always watch it:)

Thumb popeye 22 January 2014, 17:19

western stereotype? LOL.... He was arrested by your hizb in Dahieh!

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 17:22

ISF* (close enough lol)

Thumb popeye 22 January 2014, 17:28

sure sure!

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 17:23

man grow up, and join us in the 3rd millennium. you're a silly kid stuck in the 80s.

Thumb cedre 22 January 2014, 18:09

hhhhhhhhhhhhhh +1000 texas, u owned Nassy's bootlicker aka Movaten...

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 18:28

if you say so. i bet you've never seen either channels.

Thumb kanaanljdid 22 January 2014, 18:38

Arrest the rapists of Hizbullah, not the rapers!

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 18:57

tell me about your childhood kanaan, i'm sure there are some unresolved traumas.

Thumb ice-man 22 January 2014, 19:05

oh my, so you are into group therapy now:)????

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 19:06

lol, you made me laugh. here's a +1, dont spend it all in one place.

Thumb ice-man 22 January 2014, 19:09


Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 18:59

lol, not my fav but i see what you mean. i was talking politically, the only speeches they bring up are from the 70s and 80s, i guess they need another 40 years to be able to understand what SHN is saying today :)

Thumb ice-man 22 January 2014, 19:00

Dear@Jaafar: Did you listen to Van Halen, Metallica, AC/DC, and Kool & The Gang? I bet Kool and The Gang was your favorite?

Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 19:00

PS: here's a little treat bro, the beat is a bit... "dead", but it's very joyful ;)


Thumb inCommittee 22 January 2014, 19:51

that's entertainment


Thumb inCommittee 22 January 2014, 19:52

mowaten the superstar


Thumb _mowaten_ 22 January 2014, 20:20

you got me there, that was one of my concerts :P

Thumb inCommittee 22 January 2014, 22:14

yes i know i'm a fan

Thumb -phoenix1 22 January 2014, 20:28

(2). I am fully patriotic and in full solidarity with Hezbollah's victims, and my heart and prayers are with them all the time, but for God's sake, those M14 that got killed a few weeks ago, they are human beings too, and as Lebanese as everyone, why is there hot embers zeal when it comes to HA's justice and terrible foot dragging when it comes to M14?!! Has anyone yet found those who killed Ahmad Al Shatah? Why is the STL being belittled this badly by M8 whilst its victims keep dying and so far no leads? All I can say is this: What is good for the goose, is good for the gander. Let there be real justice, not some Kangaroo mod arrests like we've seen today. Pity the nation that loses its soul.

Thumb proudm14. 23 January 2014, 00:51

if we want to put CCTV, the funding has to come through the municipalities which are heavily underfunded, unless the government sets money aside specifically to put up cameras in beirut (where most assassinations are happening). Hezb on the other hand has total sovereignty over its constituent areas and is omnipresent in the daily lives of its "voters" (slaves) thus has the full power and cover to put up CCTV.

Thumb liberty 23 January 2014, 06:14

flamethrower always finds great arguments. CCTV in HA areas have better coverage. The Triploi bombings were caught on CCTV. What good did that do. As usual, justification after another to escape justice.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 January 2014, 20:28

(1). Another picture, this time today, that portrays a man in uniform that looks anything but an ISF, and a civilian person maltreated that looks anything but a terrorist. If this is how overzealous we've become in the pursuit of justice, then God help us. This man is a rapper, he is free to do what he wants with his face. Let me be absolutely clear with my views, and I honestly care less who feels offended by them, I am for the arrest and apprehension of culprits and offenders, whether their victims belong to Hezbollah or to M14 shouldn't determine the color of our justice, neither its zeal. Lebanese blood is Lebanese blood.

Thumb -phoenix1 22 January 2014, 20:30

**Mob arrest...**

Default-user-icon skyboy (Guest) 22 January 2014, 21:40

Ignorant arrest in a ignorants area lol

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 23 January 2014, 12:32

so much for ignorance ...

Default-user-icon htg (Guest) 23 January 2014, 03:28

I think there is something you are missing - people are frantic, scared, and exhausted - These are normal people - who may have pointed the finger - not trained for combat. Any outsider at this point will look suspicious. If you had seen that many bombs blow up your neighbors in such a short span of time - you would do the same thing - look for the outsider. And the ISF are doing what people expect them to do - help them. They cannot not respond to an appeal that someone looks suspicious and not from the area. Who in their right minds will go to Dhayie or do business there now a days - unless they live there.

Thumb _mowaten_ 23 January 2014, 12:11

idiot. the ISF arrested the guy.

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 23 January 2014, 12:30

U send us achraf el nass we send u rappers.. let me see if u can beat that tune

Default-user-icon dddd (Guest) 23 January 2014, 13:22

hizbo are rape friendly:) they rape a country not a person...

Default-user-icon trek (Guest) 23 January 2014, 13:28

its funny, more dislikes than likes for most comments

Missing cedars 23 January 2014, 13:53

I do not care which political bureau this guy belongs to but what a shame to arrest his talent. Free the guy now you idiots donuts eaters darak. You do not arrest rappers period.

It's a rapper world niggers.