Al-Qaida Disavows ISIL in Syria

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Al-Qaida has disavowed the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), whose members have been locked in deadly clashes with Syrian rebels, according to a statement posted on jihadist websites.

Al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahiri had already ordered the group in May 2013 to disband and return to Iraq, and announced that another jihadist group, the Al-Nusra Front, was al-Qaida's official branch in war-torn Syria.

The general command of al-Qaida rammed home the point in its late Sunday statement.

"Al-Qaida announces it is not linked to the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, as it was not informed of its creation... (and) did not accept it," the statement said.

ISIL "is not a branch of al-Qaida, has no links to it, and the (al-Qaida) group is not responsible for its acts," it added.

Jihadists were initially welcomed by some rebels in Syria's conflict, but allegations of brutal abuses against civilians as well as rival opposition fighters has sparked a backlash.

Rebels have accused ISIL of seeking to consolidate power rather than fighting the regime, and even suggested the group was serving the regime's interests.

Al-Qaida also criticized ISIL's mode of operations, saying jihadists should "be part of the nation" and avoid "any action that could lead to the oppression of jihadists, Muslims or non-Muslims."

Jihadists must "not rush to announce emirates and states... and impose them on people," said the statement.

In recent weeks, ISIL consolidated its grip on the northern city of Raqa, the only provincial capital to fall out of regime control since the outbreak of Syria's uprising in March 2011, imposing their strict version of Sharia law on residents.

It also issued four statements ordering women to wear the niqab in public, forbidding the sale of cigarettes and narghile (water pipe) products, banning music and making attendance of Friday prayers compulsory.

The tensions erupted in early January into armed clashes between ISIL and other rebel groups, including Islamist fighters.

"We affirm our disavowal from the sedition that is occurring in Syria between factions of jihadists, and from the blood that was shed by any party," Sunday's statement said.

In some cases, Al-Nusra Front participated in clashes against ISIL, though it has largely remained out of the fighting and has called for reconciliation.

In an audio message on January 22, Zawahiri called for an end to clashes between groups fighting to oust Syria's regime.

More than 1,400 people have been killed in the rebel-jihadist clashes.

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Thumb -phoenix1 03 February 2014, 12:24

So, it's not the Syrian people who decide what they want in their country, it's Al Quaeda, ISIs and anyone whose fancy is to find his holy grail in Syria. Poor Syrians, everyday they getting to look more and more like us Lebanese, everyone it seems can decide their country's fate nowadays, and to think that once the Syrians had an implacable occupation on our little country.

Missing 03 February 2014, 20:03

Phoenix - this has more to do with internal dynamics within the Jihadi milieu. ISIL and its predecessors (starting from Zarqawi) has been a thorn in Al Qaeda side and has done much to damage its brand within Jihadi circles. I think ISIL days are short and the only thing that keep them around is the Syrian regime.

Missing 04 February 2014, 00:01

Legit - As I said before, you are an idiot and since we agree on one thing, I should probably run to the hills. As for Al-Qaeda, I doubt if I will be a fit.

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 03 February 2014, 12:37

and as ziad rahbani said
when jihadists know that the the other half of the mermaid is a fish they(jihadists , takfiries ) will stop jihad all together

Missing 03 February 2014, 20:03


Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 13:24

Interesting article...
Will not comment on this for now but i hv some simple question:
Hezbollah (the islamic resistance as its official name) is a shiite armed force (not saying millicia but since acting outside our gov official stance: dissociation policy it's debatable)
This shiite armed force who went to syria to protect shiites and shiites religious places:sayeda zainab for exemple..) and come back as martyrs while doing their jihadist duty (wajeb al jihadeh) as hezbollah officially mourns them...
So those are not jihadists?... Or cannot be seen as jihadists?... (Not comparing them to al kaida, hezbos kill nicely without taking heads off and so.., as long as we know, but jihadist duty, armed shiite group, going to protect shiites and shiites religious places?... And all this official statements of hezbollah...
Any comment?...
Thaks in advance for sharing ur opinion..

Missing peace 03 February 2014, 14:05

sure, isil is a bashar's tool supported by M8ers...

Thumb -proudm14- 03 February 2014, 14:27

peace, i visited the aounist forum and checked out their thread about the syrian war, they were cheering on the ISIL attacks on the rebels and hoping that the ISIL crushes them, this represents most of M8 opinion, they would rather see radicals take over and prove their propaganda rather than moderate sunnis. ba'athists are evil.

Missing peace 03 February 2014, 14:34

sure, how could FPMers assume that isil is a bahsra's tool... it would make their entire propaganada crumble...

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 14:57

Sometimes this all maddbess will end... Sometimes someone will have to pay for all this...
I only wish by then, u, march 8, hezbollah.. Will understand that will have to live with the sunis and maybe pushing them all in takfiri case wouldnot be the best choice....
Chupachups man, chupachups...

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 15:24

Well since i'm staying in lebanon if u don't have to leave with me it means that u are or planning to be abroad.. In that case keep ur hatfull coments for urself cause will live here together, with sunis (that u qualify for most of them of takfieri, shiites wich are droven in this maddbess by hezbollah.. And my fellow christians who most think that they are not part of the region unfortunately.. And any other religious or atheist that is willing to live there in peace under the same law, with the same eights and duties...)
So now realky go have ur chupachups roar...

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 15:52

I'm sorry ur highness... But it does tell a lot about u..
Thanks for the comment.. And we are takfiri/zionist/ksa/imperialist that donnot accept the others...
Bravo roar... Really..

Thumb liberty 03 February 2014, 14:39

What is the purpose of your comments on this forum except disruption and lack of common sense.

Thumb -proudm14- 03 February 2014, 14:25

cedre don't expect an M8'er to acknowledge what you are saying. It is true that the ISIL and regime have not engaged in any serious battle with each other, it is true that the ISIL has mostly been killing mainstream rebels, and it is true that the battle of Aleppo currently has the regime and ISIL working in unison to cut the rebel supply routes to the city without attacking each other but...

come on!

that could all just be a coincidence!

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 14:34

U are right roar, assad is just bombing fsa leaving headquarter of isil alone bc fsa are the real takfiris, plus assad buys hos petrol from isil to show them the route to free economy so that they behave better and become modern and nice fanatics (aka hachem minkara..)
Bravo roar... Sorry we are paranoid and think that the regime who controled our country with an iron fist for decade was capable of such acts, but u must be right...
Keep up the good job man, plus one for ur great post..
Now go have some chupachups man, relax...

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 14:54

Well chupachups available for all so anyone who likes.... But i felt like u might need some..
Sorry for our conspiracy theory but since u are so brillant in putting together fanatic/takfiri/zionist/ksa/imperialist in march 14, syrian people and in general all who desaprouve hezbollah's and syrian regime action, i thought that u should be knowlegeble in conspiracies...
But again i can be wrong...
Thanks again for ur great comments, no chupachups? Really it might do u good....

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 15:18

Btw i'm happy in a way of ur stance on ahmadinajat.. hope u made that stance few yers ago...
And one more thing; khomayini (yes the supreem leadder of the beloved islamic iranian revolution) have the same ideas about holocost as najad (in fact najad has the same ideas that khomaini) so can u include him also in ur posts... (I know hezbos wouldnot like it a lot but for the sake of transpirency and knowing ur principles to say the truth it should not bother u...
Thank u again for reallising that ahmadinajad was a lunatic even if it comes late...
U get ur plus one man.. No chupachups? Really?

Thumb Mazen 03 February 2014, 15:40

mourning a "martyr", nuff said.

Thumb cedre 03 February 2014, 15:43

roar, u have common sense.
Do u deny assad released islamists from sednaya and other prisons ?
Do u deny that SAA dont bomb ISIL HQs ?
Do u deny that Assads used terrorists as proxies against Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan,etc.. ?
Do u deny that takfiris that fought since 2003 in iraq transited through syria and were armed and trained by mukhaba rats ?
Do u deny that maliki accused bashar in 2009 of sending takfiris to iraq and complained about it at the UN ?
Do u deny that ISIL fight more rebels and kurds than bashar ?
Do u deny that nobody escaped from abu ghraib in 50 years, but hundreds of takfiris escaped recently ?

Thumb cedre 03 February 2014, 16:02

1- take it easy pal, i'm not on the m14/m8 OS, or feudalism.
I never voted in lebanese elections and never will...
2- m14 did not exist when lebanon was occupied and most of whats today m8 betrayed and are still betraying lebanon for their syrian and iranian bosses
3-'Now you were hoping someone or something will make him pay.'
I was not hoping anything, I'd rather have bashar king and no syrian dying that current situation.
But u have to remember that all this started coz of assadists torturing and killing teenagers for tagging on walls : jak dor ya doktor...

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 16:06

U are not the only one here who supported the withdrawal of syrian troupes from lebanon, we were making sittings in late 90s so that aoun could go on national tv, i was distributed flyers and journals for tayar in the university, we did sittings for the departure of syrian troups late 90s begining of 2000, i do remember when they sent tge ahbesh with their axes in beirut to scare us (but since they beacme patriotic now u forgot), i remember syria accoutability act and aoun treated by wahab andil and co. as a traitor(remember who stood by him), i remember gabriel el murr and mtv sitting, i remember aoun use to say he is the father of 1559 and his grand father..
I'm not ashamed that i stood with him, i'm ashame of finding what he really is (like most lebanese politicians,sectarian, willing to employ his clan; did u know bassil before aoun return? If u do isn't weird how he looks so wealthyer now?..)
Roar please cut this up, go take a rest, have some chupachups..

Thumb cedre 03 February 2014, 16:14

imagine79 u shouldn't be ashamed for supporting Aoun in the past coz he changed. Old Aoun guy is dead. The patriot and brave soldier of souk el gharb is not anymore. When he fled to france, he realized that his patriotism costed him power and he learnt realpolitik, ie cynism.
He'd rather be a president serving Syria and Iran than abroad and remembered as a patriot...

Thumb gma-bs-artist. 03 February 2014, 16:58

Sorry the_roar, facts are most of M14 were against the Syrian regime's occupation while all of M8 actively helped Assad's regime when they occupied our land.
Even Aoun, who was against the regime's occupation but is now allied with M8, has ten MPs sitting as part of his C&R block belonging to parties who helped the Assads regime with it's occupation. Those are the facts, I like facts, do you see the diff between me & you?

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 15:57

Now we look like khomaiini to... So we must add march 14takfiri/zionist/imperialist/ksa/khomaiini like.. As our adjectives?...
Thanks man, getting better day by day...

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 16:09

U know jesus was born in the region, no no not in norway here man, yes in arab country, mar maroon , marr charbel... U know...
And sorry to deseapoint u even the ones of us that stayed in lebanon have college degres and even if we hadnot, i prefer being an arab living in this shit trying to make it better than become a racist like u...
Even chupachups wont be of help with u man, sorry...

Thumb cedre 03 February 2014, 16:27

thank u rory for allowing me to do so, I already feel better...

Thumb cedre 03 February 2014, 17:19

it reads from bottom, and its not ISIL flag, existed centuries ago just used by these clowns...

Thumb cedre 03 February 2014, 21:09


Thumb cedre 03 February 2014, 17:27

funny only for ignorant khomeynist like u that speaks about islamic ideology and sects but dont even know how to perform his ablutions...

Thumb cedre 03 February 2014, 21:14

southern, it's ur right not to be religious, but to speak about takfiris, salafis, jaafaris, etc... u need a minimum of 3aqida knowledge.

@ ft : didn't get ur hablution thing...

Missing imagine_1979 03 February 2014, 19:54

No need to argue with u roar, bravo, really u hv exploded the jackpot today...
Man go have some rest, really, u're tensse and ur argumentation kind of sucks. Have a good day, don't go too hard on urself man...

Thumb lebpatriot246 03 February 2014, 20:18

What an evil organization Al-Qaeda is? The whole world must unite to exterminate every last one of them.

Missing peace 03 February 2014, 21:00

just like hezbis....

Thumb lebpatriot246 03 February 2014, 21:14

You must be either a lunatic or an Al-Qaeda terrorist to even think about comparing Al-Qaeda the evil terrorists who kill for the sake of killing (evil) to Hizbollah the freedom fighters and resistance fighters who are saving Lebanon from these terrorists.

Missing peace 03 February 2014, 21:50

hahaha! two sides of the same coin, one shia the other sunni... but only blind people cannot see it.... poor thing

Missing VINCENT 03 February 2014, 21:00

Why limit it with Al-Qaeda only? Al-Qaeda does not exist in vacuum. Don't they have benefactors and masters?

Missing VINCENT 03 February 2014, 21:09

p.s. In any event, at the end of the day the homeowner is responsible for cleaning/disinfecting his/her own house. Whether Saudi style or Iranian born so called god fearing religious men, they are all capable of committing heinous/monstrous crimes even against their own people to further their agenda. Further inquiry regarding the innocent children dead in the cross fire during the so called 2006 Israeli/Lebanese war and its self proclaimed victory by H.A. should be conducted.

Default-user-icon Dominick (Guest) 04 February 2014, 09:16

In Reply to: imagine_1979, above, "U know jesus was born in the region, ...yes in arab country":

Jesus was born in what at the time was Judea, a province of the Roman Republic. Judea has been a Jewish kingdom of the same name before the Romans conquered it from the Jews. In other words, at the time of Jesus' birth, the 'land' was Roman-ruled and Jewish-populated.

At that time, to get to the closest Arab country/'land' from Judea required traveling southwards quite a ways to the area the Romans named Arabia, currently called 'the Gulf'.