Hizbullah: Attack against Any Element of Army, People, Resistance Equation is an Assault against Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Hizbullah condemned on Monday the Wazzani clash that broke out earlier in the day, saying it is a reminder to the Lebanese people of the Jewish state’s “hostile nature.”

It said in a statement: “Any attack against any element of the army, people, and Resistance equation is an assault against the whole of Lebanon.”

It therefore voiced its “complete solidarity” with the army, stressing that it will stand by it in any Israeli attack.

Furthermore, Hizbullah noted that the attack coincided with the Lebanese army’s celebration of Army Day and a few days short of the sixth anniversary of the end of the July 2006 war.

A clash erupted between the Lebanese and Israeli armies Monday morning when a Jewish state patrol crossed the Blue Line into Lebanon.

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Missing orthodox 01 August 2011, 18:12

Long Live Hezbollah, The great force behind Lebanon, the only people against them are scum bag Lebanese, living in Australia , Canada, US or France bashing them from there Donair or late night Pizza/ burger shack ,

Viva Shiasm, Viva Room Orthodoxy

Default-user-icon al hikani (Guest) 01 August 2011, 18:47

Harkesh ya Hezob Harkesh

Default-user-icon MUSTAPHA O. GHALAYINI (Guest) 01 August 2011, 18:57

the farsi occupation of bilad el arz will end the same way the syrian one ended.

Thumb jabal10452 01 August 2011, 19:01

Orthodox: your heroes are only interested in keeping us in a permanent state of war and turmoil. Without war, Hezbollah has no reason to exist as an armed entity. Hezbollah is nervous right now. Assad's regime is in free fall and the International Tribunal (with most of the World's support) is breathing down their necks. Their own people in the South are challenging their ban on alcohol (something unthinkable just a few months ago). Hezbollah is really looking for a way to stay relevant, through armed conflict and through positioning itself at Lebanon's defender. They are not Lebanon's defenders. They are Lebanon's destroyers. Lebanon is a non-state because of them.

I have an advice for Hezbollah to stay relevant: surrender your arms to the state and fight for you cause like civilized people do - in the parliament.

Default-user-icon Abbas Hajj Hussein (Guest) 01 August 2011, 19:29

I love how the Hezb answers Mr Abou Samir Rahi BS about "constitutional institutions, the security forces, and army" equation to shut him up like that.

Default-user-icon BullsEye (Guest) 01 August 2011, 19:37

Wow! you forgot one more element: oil and gas..

Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 01 August 2011, 19:50

Any attack against the STL is an attack against Lebanon and its Institutions and its stability. Any attack against the equation Army Instituions People is a vicous attack on Lebanon.

Default-user-icon At 3 qabalani bad-stain (Guest) 01 August 2011, 20:11

very nice, wow, touching, very humain, woof peanuts and dogs dip stick resistance all il-lu-jins, kiss and color your wajaka, allright liar hussein dajal lies in three to wifes, to friends(have none) and at war war. cursed you are and not even snail won't be able to beat.

during the last 24 hrs hussein and his maniacs are at espescially hue-ssin hassy woee worring thoughs :
enjoy, after it is a public entermaniactaiment

Default-user-icon Muhamad (Guest) 01 August 2011, 20:34

What about your attack against Lebanese police in Lasa and in Beirut against government, who is talking about attacks condemnation? Hezboshaitan wish is to take a credit for every event and sacrifice of Lebanese army and UN forces. The corrupted Zionist of Israel are the same threat just like Hezbollah Hassoona Hezbolshaitan evil to the Lebanese peacefull people and the region is better without both, people of the south should revolt against the Hezboshaitan and the people of Israel are already in the street for the same reason.

Missing leb4all 01 August 2011, 21:26

God bless the resistance! We Christians behind Aoun and Frangieh's leadership will stand by you in protecting your villages! Lebanon for all.

Thumb shab 01 August 2011, 21:38

Igniting border clashes, killing the bastard Kuntar and Lasa incidents etc , the filthy non-islamic are really scared of colapse of Assad and the STL.

Default-user-icon Youssef Haddad (Guest) 01 August 2011, 21:50

Hezbollah is becoming more and more irrelevant with its popular support eroding because people are discovering the true intentions and purpose of the party.
The dawn of freedom is coming to the region and hezbollah does not belong in the new Middle East. Totalitarian thoughts religious or nationalistic will become soon a thing of the past. People have tried them all and are now dying to become free.

Thumb kato 01 August 2011, 22:13

@orthodox: HZB's responses are akin to a soap opera. Same situation over and over, predictable script - all of Lebanon's problems and troubles are because of Israel yadda yadda yadda. Here's a thought - how about looking in the mirror to own up to your self inflicted problems and then take the money that you use to blow buildings and people up with and put that money towards some form of betterment for your people. If you put harness and sell all the hot air you blow, you could make a lot of money.

Default-user-icon Le Phénicien (Guest) 01 August 2011, 22:53

great are you going to open the christian town to hassan's islamic republic like you did in alqaa during the war? is orthodox going to help you out like he helped in jieh? are you both going to point out where the orthodox defenders of achrafieh hide like you helped the syrian army you little dhimmi helper you? are you both going to be guarding the military roads constructed on confiscated christian land so you can earn your brown nose? no no don't wipe it off it looks so good on you.

Default-user-icon Hussein ibn Ali (Guest) 01 August 2011, 23:17

if you feel the need to qualify yourself as a christian every single effing time you defend the Shiite terrorist organization you are obviously not a Christian but a participant in the headbanging ball of ashura.

Thumb joesikemrex 02 August 2011, 02:29

Get lost! you protect the Iranians against the kurds in Iraq. We don't want you in Lebanon. Bunch of thugs and drug dealers.

Default-user-icon Le Phenicien (Guest) 02 August 2011, 04:03

We understand that you cannot grow Hashish in the Bekaa Valley and become rich anymore, therefore sticking to the BS of fighting Israel in order to get Iranian money is the way of HA life.
HA Does not want peace otherwise their role will be over and they cannot survive selling Chicklets gum on cartes on the round abouts and cleaning Windshield cars.

Default-user-icon rami kremesti (Guest) 02 August 2011, 08:07

Hezbollah is hostile... Jewish Torah teaches love of neighbour. Islam teaches hate for the Jews

Default-user-icon Stavros (Guest) 02 August 2011, 11:53

why dont u bang ur head to the wall and knock yourself out for a while and give us break.

Thumb angelusa 02 August 2011, 16:12

My comments is dedicated to jabal10452 : It's impressive how people in 2011 still have to mention their religion and not only that but also which branch they belong to.. and that's just to start their comment with, which has nothing to do with what what their comment is on or about. Sorry but I'd have to say that your whole comment does nothing but show how naïve and uncivilized you are. I think personally, that you should learn more about politics. You should do a lot more reading, research and watch interviews by highly educated political scientists, experienced journalists before you start attacking Hizboullah and saying that there would be no war if they'd give up their arms... one ex. of an interview on youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bDe65-nF3FQ

Thumb jabal10452 02 August 2011, 20:02

Angelusa, Thank you for calling me an uncivilized naive. I don't see where in my post I mentioned anybody's religion or denomination.

You refer to analyses by Norman Finkelstein, and probably Noam Chomsky to form your world-view. I respect your opinion, but I don't subscribe to it. Way too naive and leftist to my taste. The kind of ideology that people with Che Guevara and Hugo Chavez posters in their bedrooms follows religiously.

I prefer to look at what's happening on the ground, not on Manar TV. What's happening is the systematic, gradual take over of the Lebanese state by Hezbollah, and the turning of this state into an Iranian satellite, and a platform for perpetual conflict with Israel, the price of which to be paid by the ordinary Lebanese with blood and treasure. No thanks. Hezbollah's weapons must go. Only the Lebanese government that is elected by the lebanese people should be entitled to make policy. Hezbollah needs to state its case in parliament, not with AK47.

Thumb bashir 02 August 2011, 20:18

“Any attack against any element of the army, people, and Resistance equation is an assault against the whole of Lebanon.”

So according to Nasrallah's logic (and I rarely use those two words in the same sentence) when his mob attacks Lebanese 'people' as in 2008 it is an assault against the whole of Lebanon.

Thumb bashir 02 August 2011, 20:22


If you start from the top of the comments you will see that there is one who's user name is 'orthodox'.

jabal10452 was mearly addressing him by name in his post.

Thumb kato 02 August 2011, 21:37

@angelusa - With all due respect, it is you who needs to do some homework. Lebanon's political situation is very complex and unique. Few places in the world are as passionate about politics as is Lebanon, and a great deal of time is spent on the subject. You also fail to realize that in most cases one's religious views ascribe to a particular political view. And as is often the case, many scholars may be very knowledgeable, but it doesn't mean that they have the true picture of reality as do those who live it every day. Lebanon's population is in general a very well educated society (except those who support HZB).

Picture a group (HZB) within a country that has formed it's own 'army' (even though there is a standing army in place), possesses it's own armaments, and tells the government that they are not allowed to enter their premises. Connect the dots and you will see that it is HZB (with support from Iran and Syria) that have put Lebanon in turmoil.

Thumb mrbrain 02 August 2011, 22:34

@angelusa , anyone who is respectful and think out of the box will receive my full support...As you can tell the majority of the bloggers have a sectarian infection....Again welcome to the jungle..

Missing leb4all 03 August 2011, 01:04

You're all so cute bashing HA and praising Israel here. Some posting under "Shi'a" names. You guys should definitely do something about it because obviously your politicians can't and of course, your militants don't have the caue and heart they do. So seriously guys, get a life and find a hobby because so far you definitely wasted your dad's sperm.

Default-user-icon Meadow (Guest) 08 December 2011, 04:35

Essays like this are so imotparnt to broadening people's horizons.