Local Leaders Deplore Hermel Blast, Call for Solidarity with Army, Fighting Terrorism

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Several local leaders and politicians on Saturday were quick to condemn the latest explosion in the Bekaa town of Hermel, soon after a suicide attack claimed the life of several troops and civilians at an army checkpoint in al-Assi bridge area in the village.

Prime Minister Tammam Salam deplored the “terrorist” attacks, considering that targeting the military institution is an act against a cornerstone in the country.

"We call on Lebanese to unite against terrorism in all its forms and to block the road in front of plans that aim at harming Lebanon, its institutions and its people,” Salam said in a released statement.

"The army and the security forces were and will always be the protectors of the country.”

He offered his condolences to the military institution and to Army chief Gen. Jean Qahwaji, adding that Saturday's “martyrs are a symbol of Lebanon's pride, prestige and sovereignty.”

Former PM Saad Hariri also contacted Qahwaji to offer his condolences over the death of several troops in the blast.

“We announce our full solidarity with the military institution and security forces in their mission to preserve stability and security in the country,” Hariri said in a released statement.

Ex-premier Najib Miqati “strongly deplored” the attack, lamenting that the army always “pays the price in Lebanon.”

Meanwhile, Industry Minister Hussein al-Hajj Hassan considered that despite the prevailing consensual atmosphere and the agreement reached on facing terrorism following the cabinet's formation, several “justifications were made following the Bir Hassan explosions (in southern Beirut) for political reasons and gains.”

"If there is in fact an agreement on fighting terrorism, terrorists' acts should not be justified,” he stated.

The Hizbullah minister said there are “political, geographical and ideological spheres that embrace terrorism.”

"Terrorists should know that they have no place among us,” he said, calling for fighting all forms of terrorism.

AMAL Movement stated that Saturday's blast comes as the army has exposed terrorist and criminal schemes targeting different regions in the country.

"The terrorist war has become exposed and uncovered in Lebanon,” a statement released by the party said.

It added: “National duty calls on everyone, especially the cabinet, to stand beside the military institution and support it with all means because it is the shield protecting Lebanon from ongoing terrorist plans.”

Labor Minister Sejaan Qazzi condemned “the Takfiri terrorism that is killing innocents and inciting sedition in the country.”

He also noted that the ministerial committee tasked with drafting the new cabinet's policy statement agreed on giving “an utmost attention to combating terrorism.”

Meanwhile, Minister of Culture Roni Araiji expressed that “an attack against the military institution is an attack on Lebanon and an attempt to harm the country and its civilized character.”

"The army was and will always be the shield against terrorism and terrorists,” he said.

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Default-user-icon sempre (Guest) 22 February 2014, 22:36

weird, not much condemnation from the 14 side, just Hariri.

Thumb Kalzyturks 22 February 2014, 23:18

All armed groups should lay down there arms.

If the people claimed their posts that the heroes are the LAF & it's soldiers.

Then those supporting armed groups whether Hizballah or other groups. The blood is on their hands.

It's like 2 or 3 kids that don't like each other, but only one of the kids is hiding behind their mother & pointing the tongue at the others. Trying to provoke them to do something stupid.

In this case we know who is hiding behind their mother.

Thumb mobious125 22 February 2014, 23:44

May those who dies rest in peace, my thought are with their family.

The Hizbullah minister said there are “political, geographical and ideological spheres that embrace terrorism.”
"They should know that they have no place among us,” he said, calling for fighting all forms of terrorism......So these terrorists have no place amongst your terrorists Mr Hezbollah, don't you get it, its because of you that this is happening. Wake up Lebanon!!!!

Missing lebaust 23 February 2014, 00:34

There are a lot of theories about how the Nusra front came to be. Some accuse Bashar of creating the group some accuse Saudis for creating the group. No matter who is responsible for creating this group it is clear to all civilized human beings that these individuals are a group of deranged, deluded individuals that are unfit to walk amongst normal people let alone get to heaven by taking away the innocent lives of the poor LAF soldiers that are trying their best to protect us. And I hope whom ever did created this group of highly brain warped murderers realize that they've opened a Pandora's box by letting loose these cowards to wreck havoc who will ultimately, if pushed into a corner, bite the hand that feeds them in this case there sponsor and creator. God be with civilized Lebanses and with the LAF.

Thumb Kalzyturks 23 February 2014, 00:50

No! What makes you think that Flamethrower?

I'm for the LAF, but the actions of some are jeopardising our brave soldier's.

Default-user-icon True Lebanese (Guest) 23 February 2014, 01:16

Imagine if these sub human terrorists won in Syria? They would be wiping all of Lebanon out now. Thank God the resistance stopped them and we are only getting small fragments.

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 23 February 2014, 01:17

the command of the lebanese army is in a very critical corner: every sqre km of the 10452 has to be treated equally or.....

Thumb Mystic 23 February 2014, 01:30

It's sick that there had to be a suicide bomb in a LAF checkpoint, before the officials could realize this. Better late than never i guess, People, Army and Resistance uniting against the common enemy takfirism

Default-user-icon mustapha o. ghalayini (Guest) 23 February 2014, 02:59

naharnet is afraid to put all the comments