Suleiman: Army Has Become Main Target of Terrorist Attacks

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

President Michel Suleiman offered his condolences on Sunday to the victims of Saturday's bombing in the Bekaa region of Hermel.

He said: “The army has become the main target of terrorist attacks.”

“It realizes that it is paying the price for performing its national duties,” he remarked.

“The martyrdom of its members is the price they have to pay for maintaining the peace in Lebanon,” added the president.

He also called on the military and security forces to strengthen their will in confronting terrorism in order to “protect the nation, its peace, people, and stability.”

On Saturday, three people were killed, including two soldiers, and 16 wounded, including five soldiers, in a car bombing against an army checkpoint in the Bekaa region of al-Hermel.

Hermel, a Hizbullah stronghold, has seen multiple attacks in recent months related to the war raging in neighboring Syria.

Until Saturday, the attacks had all killed civilians.

The Army Command on Sunday said that a black Grand Cherokee vehicle, made in 1994, was used in Saturday's bombing.

The military expert estimated that about 125 kilograms of explosives were used in the attack.

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Thumb cedars2 23 February 2014, 14:02

Dear soldiers RIP, please hunt down this vermin and dont even bother with giving them justice.

Thumb -phoenix1 23 February 2014, 16:27

Dear Mr. President, you were the commander in chief of our armed forces. As our president, you remain the same. After arresting these culprits, I am 100% with a fair trial for them, but after having found them guilty beyond reasonable doubt, please your excellency, please ya Mr. President, execute them. I care less how it's done, firing squad, hanging, lethal injection, the guillotine, in public or in confines, just execute them. First, this will send a powerful and undiluted message, that no one messes with Lebanon's Armed Forces and two, the taxpayers money is being spent uselessly to upkeep such criminals in our jails. Get rid of them for God's sake. Our men and women in uniform are very very dear to us.

Thumb cedars2 23 February 2014, 17:33

Why a trial? Let them have an "accident".

Thumb cedars2 23 February 2014, 19:42

To hell with them, this is the only language they understand

Thumb -phoenix1 24 February 2014, 13:39

@Anonyme, correct you are, it happened today in Roumieh.

Thumb -phoenix1 23 February 2014, 17:31

Hey brother Roar, good to see you back after such an absence. I honestly care less about the technicalities, what I care for is that I DO NOT want to see one more Lebanese soldier getting killed, I do not wish to see one more Lebanese citizen getting killed. I suppose that I could easily tackle you on a myriad of explanations to negate your post, but what use will it be if I may say. By the same token younger brother, I could also sing for you about Hezbollah' role in Syria could be the main catalyst to all these nefarious acts. But what will it do? What matters brother, is that from now one, what to do? The past is the past and how much we could all learn from it. Trust me Roar, I am not in my best mood, whenever One of our uniformed men or women die, it simply destroys me. Today I bow my head in solemn respect to the dead.

Thumb -phoenix1 23 February 2014, 17:35

And if you don't mind, I am about to go to Church service now, to pray, our soldiers will be in my heart and in my prayers, Allah yerda3 3aleyk ya akhi, pray with me if you can. Mish bi idee ta sher3ak. Allah yer7am jame3el mawtah.

Missing helicopter 23 February 2014, 18:32

ft. When you do not have a counter argument you insult.... this does not add any value and very typical of your posts.

Missing peace 23 February 2014, 21:07

"a reminder that not everyone who can type, has a brain."

good think you discovered you have no brains....

Thumb ice-man 24 February 2014, 02:26

leb_roar: Still looking for a home?

Thumb smarty 24 February 2014, 05:33

no, he's looking for a whip! or eventually a stick (: to be beaten with.