Employee, Secretary Held after Maid Raped, Beaten

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

An employee and a secretary of an agency for the recruitment of migrant domestic workers were arrested after an Ethiopian maid filed a report alleging that she was raped, the Internal Security Forces announced on Sunday.

“On March 17, 2014, the Tripoli judicial police department received a report filed by the Ethiopian domestic worker B. E., 33, regarding a rape offense,” the ISF's public relations department said in a statement.

“Following intensive investigations, it turned out that the aforementioned worker had headed along with her employer to an agency for the recruitment of migrant domestic workers in the Koura town of Kousba after a dispute erupted between them,” the statement added.

Further investigations showed that the agency's female secretary L. S., 24, had called agency employee A. Z., 40, and asked him to come to office to resolve the dispute between the domestic worker and her employer, according to the statement.

“Upon his arrival, he beat up the worker with the aim of 'disciplining her' before forcing her to take off her clothes under the excuse of searching her. He then raped her after assaulting her with his belt, within earshot of the secretary who was in the adjacent room,” the ISF said.

It added that the man threatened the maid not to tell her employer about what happened inside the office and that following medical examinations, a forensic doctor confirmed the presence of bruises on “sensitive spots” of the domestic worker's body.

Police also verified that distinguishing marks mentioned by the maid were found on the assaulter's body.

“A. Z. and the secretary L. S. have been arrested following authorization from the relevant judicial authorities,” the ISF added.

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Missing marhaba 23 March 2014, 18:33

An alternative to banning domestic workers is a modern law governing employer-employee contracts relationships.

This whole sponsorship system we currently have is indentured servitude. It contradicts fundamental human rights as it deprives domestic servants of their freedoms.

However, good luck trying to change that. Lebanon is one of the few places in the world where the middle class can afford live-in domestic workers, and that is because of how lax the laws are. Try creating laws that make the "sri-lankiyye" a bit more expensive for the Madame, and see how much support it would get.

Thumb .mowaten. 23 March 2014, 19:50

Charbel Nahhas tried, he wanted to merge foreign and local labor laws (giving foreign workers the same rights as local ones) but he got inflamed attacks by the "good thinking" society. i remember a particularly vicious attack by l'orientlejour

Thumb liberty 23 March 2014, 20:09

maid wages are not the issue here. It is supply and demand and the cost of living in their original countries. It is a social issue first and foremost, examples of which can be seen on this forum.

Thumb zahle1 23 March 2014, 20:11

Its because we have this notion that we are so much better than everyone else.

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 20:36

I think most foreign workers should be kicked out of Lebanon and their jobs given to jobless Lebanese. It is a shame when u go to a hospital to fahed or spinney seeing bengla deshis soudanese etc making money while Lebanese are broke at home jobless. The whole system is wrong . Do you guys realize that these 3rd world guys are now a majority in Lebanon and all they do is lie to Lebanese and rip of decent Lebanese.
I am not a racist but very soon will be no more. Add to that 1.5 Million Syrians we are doomed

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 21:24

pajama boy
why should they work 7 days/week? they are humans and need time off
don't you think this is exploitation and modern slavery at best?

Missing beirutbastard00 23 March 2014, 21:51

Good point @coolmec I agree with u 100%. But it has to be done gradually, keeping in mind a lot of businesses here can't afford to pay a minimum wage, this country mainly runs on cheap labor... Hence all the corruption, which in fact supplements their pay.

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 20:53

rather than make laws protecting foreign workers make laws instituting minimum wage etc
you guys realize that all these workers are becoming a majority in Lebanon. From the economic side just imagine the total outflow of cash that these people are pulling on a daily basis out of the Lebanese economy which is in dire straits as it is

Missing beirutbastard00 23 March 2014, 21:53

Yea it's scary man. U have an "outsiders perception", I think most ppl here have just gotten used to it.

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 22:05

also I view it from an economic point of view.
assume all the foreign workers are making $50/day or even less if you wish. Assume also 1.5 million workers how much money is flowing out of our economy on a daily basis
Do the math my friend and tell me if our economy can afford such a cash hemorrhage on a daily basis.
Also a Syrian if he makes lets say 50/day he barely spends 5 locally and the rest goes out of Lebanon
As such where does Lebanon stand?

Missing beirutbastard00 23 March 2014, 22:12

Yea definitely. I think first step should be to regulate the amount of foreign workers in the country. That should raise the wages through supply and demand, by making it hard to find cheaper and cheaper labor. Then it should be easier to enforce a minimum wage.

Btw I think we already have a minimum wage, but like most laws it isn't enforced.

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 20:54

trust me apply the law of supply and demand increase the wages and hire Lebanese
I think it is better than getting cheap labor who are becoming a majority in Lebanon and pulling money out of our economy

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 21:14

I agree with you Southern. Employers here specially for domestic workers tend to abuse that person there should be laws to protect the victims and at the same time hire Lebanese.
You mean to tell me that you want a foreign maid at 150 even though you know it is hurting our economy and also seeing domestic workers in such a hi number. These female are fucking Lebanese getting pregnant and dumping half Lebanese bastards in our society. Do you see the magnitude of the problem? or its ok all that as long as you only pay 150/month regardless ot its consequences

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 21:17

also how can you expect a Lebanese family to live on 150/month?
Lebanese have a higher standard we must pay them an amount for them to be able to support their families. do you expect them to live on bread and a can of sardine all day?
or say fuck the country bring in a foreign worker and exploit the shit out of her.
For your info I have a Lebanese maid and will never hire a foreigner out of principles I stated in my comments

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 21:22

you can't bring in people to carry certain tasks? Dude get real working is not an embarrassment
Work is not a shame just pay what its worth
this is a moot argument my friend

Missing beirutbastard00 23 March 2014, 22:03

I think southern is saying we need to also do something about the way employers treat employees.

The problem is that nothing here is regulated. It's a pure capitalist society. Big fish eat small fish. We value thievery as a strength, and celebrate liars as "shatreen". It's a stupid, stupid place man.

We teach our kids to leave. Only to make enough money to come back and show off. We see our selves as superior to Asians/Africans, but inferior to Europeans!

But all in all, we have great potential to be a great people. It's quite sad.

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 22:08

I agree that laws must be instituted to protect the rights of foreign workers but that should be done simultaneously with laws increasing wages to encourage Lebanese to work.
For example I would much rather see students working part time at fahed or spinneys bagging the customers food. They need the money to live and maintain their schooling
is it a shame if a worker is a student??
so as I said we need to change the society's mentality on work ethics

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 22:10

also I was at a hospital yesterday visiting a friend I asked the soudanese who works there he makes $900/month for cleaning the hospital rooms.
If a Lebanese thinks he is above that then the country is doomed

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 20:55

Lebanese have a higher standard of living than Syrians or bangla deshis so it is only normal they get paid more They have families and kids to support so pay them more why be cheap bring in foreign workers at the expense of the Lebanese economy?

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 21:31

why would they forbid them to come here? they want to get rid of them
plus they are sending money to help their economy

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 21:34

another point . I have no sympathy whatsoever for the plastic Lebanese who worry 24hrs/day on appearences etc,,, you know what I mean this fake society style that has engulfed our society

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 21:39

yes I am ok...lol
I hate to tell you I miss your point when you said above
"if someone hire you for certain task, do you like him to treat you as slave... ya Dude!.. I'm not taking about wages, no?"

just to answer you: I am expecting him to treat me in a humane and civilized way


Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 21:51

Pajama boy
You use as example the arab mentality? shame on you

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 22:16

Beirut bastard
do you live in Lebanon?
I know southern does not as he said it above

Thumb cityboy 23 March 2014, 22:37

A good start would be if the government started to properly tax over sized homes in Lebanon. It is so silly why every one needs to build homes with way over sized bed rooms, bathrooms, foyer etc. It's no wonder people need maids, what lady on earth on her own can keep up with the cleaning, especially with all the dust in Lebanon. Lebanese need to get back to reality. One thing leads to another.

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 22:52

hummm donno about that as it would be infringing on the citizens style. I feel it would be better to create laws inclusive of min wages and humane laws for said workers while encouraging Lebanese to be hired.
Another major concern is the huge foreign domestic workers in Lebanon coupled with the Syrian refugees present a grave threat to the Lebanese entity

Thumb cityboy 23 March 2014, 23:03

coolmec, I agree that more restrictions need to be placed on the number of foreign workers coming to Lebanon. The proportion to Lebanon's population and economy does not warrant the numbers. It is great that citizens style needs to be respected but at what cost to society. It is high time that the government made policies or taxed in ways to socially engineer the behavior of Lebanese society. Unique measures can be implemented also to curb traffic, pollution, and other environmental and social issues in Lebanon.

Missing coolmec 23 March 2014, 23:13

As such I fully agree with you. Sadly enough I keep in mind that talking here is great as we display all of us our ideas for a great and better Lebanon. here comes the negative side what are the chances that these suggestions or at least some of them will be done??

Thumb cityboy 24 March 2014, 01:50

all we can do is hope coolmec. just like boiling pot, something has to give eventually. lets hope people and government begin to make the changes needed.