Four Soldiers Wounded in Gunbattles with Chamas Family in Hermel

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Four soldiers were injured in a gunbattle that erupted with men from the Chamas family in the eastern Bekaa town of Hermel.

According to Voice of Lebanon radio (93.3) four soldiers were injured at dawn in an exchange of fire with men from the Chamas family.

The incident occurred after an army patrol detained a member of the family.

Unknown assailants had also tossed two hand grenades at the Hermel police station, causing material damage.

The Lebanese army will enforce in the upcoming hours a security plan in the eastern Bekaa valley to end violence following the successful implementation of the plan in the northern city of Tripoli.

The endeavors come after the Bekaa town of Baalbek has witnessed a series of kidnappings for ransom and car robbery over the past year.

Security forces kicked off on Tuesday the security plan in Tripoli, seizing arms depots and detaining wanted suspects, who are involved in security chaos in the area.

Last week, the cabinet tasked the army and security forces with seizing stockpiled arms and controlling the security situation in Tripoli and the eastern Bekaa Valley in areas bordering Syria.

The plan took into consideration the recommendations of the Higher Defense Council.

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Thumb popeye 05 April 2014, 09:23

God Bless the LAF as they fight and destroy these Shia Jihadist extremists who have been terrorizing the lebanese people for 30 years. They are quick to claim their support for the LAF when it serves their sectarian agenda. Here, they shoot at the LAF when it interferes with their criminals and drug traffickers.

Default-user-icon Omar Habib (Guest) 10 April 2014, 23:13

Shia jihadist extremist who came from Tunisia and Libya you Moran . Do you know what your talking about. I don't think so. The family supports the extremists and the Syrian's and the north Africans who have been terrorizing both Syrian and Lebanese civilians for the past three years. For some its always easier just to blame it on the other side of the fence with no regard to the truth.

Missing --karim-- 05 April 2014, 09:57

May the Lebanese Army prevail in its fight against criminal gangs and FSA-Al Qaeda jihadist terrorists.

Thumb arzak-ya-libnan 05 April 2014, 13:19

Umm HA is now FSA -al Qaida too?

Missing hajjradwan 05 April 2014, 14:16

ما بدنا جيش بلبنان الا جيشك يا حُسين
signed --karim--

Thumb freedomarch 05 April 2014, 11:45

Against FSA? You mean The Lebanese Army is involved in the Syrian civil war like your Hizbola? Keep dreaming. That is LEBANESE not Shi3a army ... and yes God bles the Lebanese army against all terrorists and low life hizbola.

Missing hajjradwan 05 April 2014, 14:28

Flamethrower when did they teach you this little chant,
ما بدنا جيش بلبنان الا جيشك يا حُسين
you all knew it by heart like it's happy birthday
I think it goes well with this one,
الله نصرالله والضاحية كلها‬‎
talk about zombie listen to this sewage absorbing filthy one

Thumb ex-fpm 05 April 2014, 14:43

flamethrower, you are the last person to talk about others. You are the definition of sectarianism in human form. Your daily posts are testimony to your ignorance and demonizing of others. Anyone opposed to your camp, to your hizb, to your beloved Assad is a Sunni extremist terrorist takfiri. Go learn some manners if that is at all possible!

Thumb geha 05 April 2014, 15:20


the sectarian in chief :) only your lieutenant mowaten can reach your sectarianism and hatred towards others :)

And you expect all who read your comments to believe that suddenly you saw the light?

as for your sect, we all know that you are a shia affiliated to the fpm and backing hizbushaitan.

Missing samy.. 05 April 2014, 16:04

Geha, movaten was wasted while carrying his jihady duties in syris

Missing samy.. 05 April 2014, 15:51

hello HA terrorist

Missing samy.. 05 April 2014, 15:56

back in asfourieh ?????

Missing samy.. 05 April 2014, 16:04

FT cares, after all he is one of them

Thumb Mystic 05 April 2014, 16:46

That a few families has weapons in their house, has nothing to do with the Resistance. But ofcourse takfiris and Americans will use this as an excuse, and blame all Shi3a for this incident.

Missing helicopter 05 April 2014, 17:32

What is good for the Gander is good for the goose. You are always first to blame every Sunni attack on LAF on Harriri.
I would love to see lebpatriot post on this article with her "God bless the LAF"...... she does it only when it suits her.
The LAF are doing a good job alternating between Sunni and Shiite extremists (even though the main body of Shiite extremism "HA" is untouchable at this point but one day they will be and should be as much of a target as the Salafists are).

Missing helicopter 05 April 2014, 19:09

Not clear at all haboub.
SHN himself said when HA fights they do not resort to reasoning, to the mind, to edducation or to whatever. The only thing they resort to is the will of the supreme alkhameni (you saw the posted video didn't you..... and no it is not the video of the 80s when SHN wass young it is a current video with his white beard and paled face referring to his interfering in Syria's war). So SHN and the takfiris are (as I always said) two faces of the same coin).