Al-Ahbash Top Ain el-Hilweh Cleric Critically Injured in Assassination Bid

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

An unknown gunman on Wednesday tried to assassinate the top official of the Association of Islamic Charitable Projects -- also known as al-Ahbash -- in the Ain el-Hilweh Palestinian refugee camp in southern Lebanon.

After several TV stations said Sheikh Orsan Suleiman died of his wounds after he was shot in Ain el-Hilweh, the hospital that he was rushed to denied the reports, saying he was alive but in a "very critical condition."

Al-Jadeed television said he was undergoing "a critical surgery for his head wounds."

MTV said Suleiman is the top official of al-Ahbash in Ain el-Hilweh.

LBCI television said a masked gunman opened fire at the cleric on the road of the Darb al-Seem Cemetery in the camp.

Gunshots were fired in the air in Ain el-Hilweh in the wake of the assassination bid, al-Jadeed TV reported.

The development comes after eight people were killed and ten others were wounded on Monday in fierce clashes at the nearby Mieh Mieh Palestinian refugee camp.

The armed clash erupted between supporters of Jamal Suleiman's Ansar Ullah group, a close ally to Hizbullah, and others loyal to Ahmed Rashid's the Return Martyrs' Brigades.



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Missing coolmec 09 April 2014, 20:46

don't worry something tells me he will shoot himself like the one who killed our LAF soldiers

Thumb cedre 09 April 2014, 22:11

syrian civil war reached palestinian camps as well...

Thumb -phoenix1 10 April 2014, 10:52

Allah maye reddo, howe woul be2yin, ameeeen.

Default-user-icon Lebnene (Guest) 10 April 2014, 20:50

As long there are idiots like Phoenix1 this country will continue to suffer. That man, 3ersan Sliman, is a very peaceful man according to his friends and according to those are not friends with him. So this is a clear sign that those terrorists just want to cause more and more problems against anyone who isn't extremist. Allah yashfieh.