Report: STL Probing Evidence Leading to Iran

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The Special Tribunal for Lebanon probing the assassination of ex-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri is investigating Iran’s possible involvement in the Feb. 2005 bombing that killed Hariri and 22 others, the German Der Spiegel magazine reported on Monday.

The report said that there is evidence that link Iran with the murder of Hariri.

The four men named in the indictment issued by the STL are members of Hizbullah and the tribunal is “following evidence that lead to Iran.”

The magazine said that the four suspects traveled to Iran in 2004 and during their stay, they went through military training in “Khomeini’s training camp” near the city of Qom.

It added: “The training supervisors built sets similar to the crime scene” of Hariri’s murder.

Der Spiegel said that “al-Quds brigades” that is considered the revolutionary guards right hand, supervised the entire operation.

“Syrian intelligence officials also participated” in the training, the magazine reported.

The STL’s president, Judge Antonio Cassese, on Thursday urged the four wanted in the case to appear before the court.

He made the appeal in an open letter two days after he was told by Lebanese authorities that none of the four men identified by the tribunal as suspects has been arrested.

The Hague-based tribunal's head said he was studying Lebanon's report, with the next possible step to advertise the indictment, or part of it, in Lebanese media.

Hizbullah’s leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has ruled out the arrest of the four suspects, hinting that the STL was heading for a trial in absentia.

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Default-user-icon Truth (Guest) 15 August 2011, 12:37

As reported by a canadian news agency 10 months ago, Khamenei ordered Harir's assassination. It seems we'll soon get confirmation of that and that the rat denials from Dahye, and his thrillers movie production is becoming useless by the day!

Default-user-icon Stavros (Guest) 15 August 2011, 12:54

surprise surprise.. as if Hizb does anything without Syria and Syria without Iran. its a chain of dogs leading to the big bad wolf. this religious fanatic backward murderous alliance will come to an end soon.

Hizb and Syrias down fall is that they forgot that Shiate lebanese are lebanese and Syrains are arabs and not persions. lets hope the people also remember this.

Missing small.axe 15 August 2011, 14:02

Duh...... ever heard of Welayat al Faqih?

Default-user-icon Arzak Ya Libnan (Guest) 15 August 2011, 15:44

Bigdig, how do you not know what welayet al faqih is? something Your beloved HA admitted to being part of. Welayet al Faqih is that people are "ordered" or "compelled" to follow the divine teacher, in this case Khamineh.. and Khomeynee before him. The Faqih is supposed to represent "God's will" on earth. So basically he is a prophet. Which is Blasphomy in any religion. No man is entitled to dictate what HE believes to be God's will. Now since your buddy Aboul Noos admitted to be proud of being a follower of vilayat al faqih, and the "prophet" happens to be Iranian, therefore that makes him serve an entity that is not Lebanon. In a nut shell... if Khameni says jump, hasoona asks how high, if he says run.. hasoona questions how far... if he tells him to bend over, i dont think he will ask any questions... he already knows the drill.

Default-user-icon Fabrice (Guest) 15 August 2011, 16:22

Who would have thought? :) Next, North Korea got involved, too. Others involved include Bondistan, Floujistan, Kabazastan and Bendolinostan. As to the real killers, i.e. Amerikastan and Israelistan, they are innocent. Hey, it's open season and the farce must go on. Enjoy it while it lasts, and good luck, losers.

Default-user-icon i_ataoui (Guest) 15 August 2011, 16:44

USA and Zionist behind the STL tried many times to involve the hard defence line (Hezballah, Syria, IRAN) but did NOT succeed, soon they will get bored. Specially thier agents in Lebanon and around this site.

Default-user-icon Mehdi (Guest) 15 August 2011, 16:47

bigdig, read this or should I say in your case get someone who can read read it for you, it's riveting and full of useful information for the Islamic revolutionary saintly Jihadist on the go.

Thumb ado.australia 15 August 2011, 17:12

Arzak ya libnan...

Wikileaks. November 3, 2007

"Former Saudi Ambassador Abdul Aziz Khoja to J Feltman: ‘Very worried’ & convinced that Assef Shawkat conspires to kill Hariri & Siniora. Khoja goes on to describe Hezbollah as ‘the devil’ and hopes to reinstate the ‘N-N’ formula that calls for the election of Nassib Lahoud as President & Najib Miqati as ‘transitional Prime Minster’… Khoja goes on to say that ‘King Abdallah advised Hariri to wait his turn until after the parliamentary elections’, and that Hariri had no choice but to say ‘Yes Sir’ … Finally, Khoja told Feltman that Hariri asked him to mediate with the King to perhaps change his mind."

Same crap different smell.

Thumb ithinkthere14iam 15 August 2011, 17:44

Another surprise

Default-user-icon EnougH !!! (Guest) 15 August 2011, 18:07

Guys guys enough with this, the STL is obviously a Zionist US creation.

Think about it, PM Mikati said on CNN and to other medias that his cabinet will proceed with (the Zionist-US) STL.

And who is behind PM Mikati, Hezbollah right?

And Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan was proud to admit that Hezbollah is infested by Mossad (Zionists) and CIA (US) brothers (saints).

Conclusion: PM Mikati supports the Zionist-US STL because the Zionist-US Hezbollah supports it and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, you don't need to be a mrbrain or have a bigdig to understand this simple fact.

Default-user-icon aduh (Guest) 15 August 2011, 18:20

Obviously Wikileaks is always accurate and truthful unless it's quoting Amal, FPM and Syrian sources then it lies lies lies!

Default-user-icon Arzak Ya Libnan (Guest) 15 August 2011, 20:12


yes we all know about the wikileaks your side chooses to believe.. and the wikileaks that you brush off as an attempt to sow division. But to a certain extent i agree with you. same crap.
However, Harirri did not go and say that the king of S.A. is the interpreter of God's will on earth. The king of S.A. does not consider himself a prophet, chosen by God to lead his lost sheep. That is where the smell differs.

Default-user-icon Citizen-1 (Guest) 15 August 2011, 21:19

@ ado.australia

...... and what is the relevance of your comments in relation to the article? Or you continue wanting to smear Harriri same like your masters franjieh and Aoun?

Default-user-icon melkadri (Guest) 15 August 2011, 21:41

Ado ya ghabi:

Another thing....Hariri is NOT accused of murder, Hizbollah members are...

Default-user-icon Gabby (Guest) 16 August 2011, 03:57

Put the Ayatollah on trial. If you pretend to be religious but order murder then the turban comes off and you are justa common killer. Nasrallah and Quassem should remember that.

Thumb ado.australia 16 August 2011, 05:01

Citizen-1. Relevance was for arzak ya libnan. Mustaqbul supporters say that hezbollah follows the commands of khameni... Well the fact is, Saad Hariri is king abdullah's "yes sir" man. He's born and raised in ksa, is a Saudi citizen, and puts the interest of Saudi royal family before the republic of Lebanon. This is by definition, hypocrisy par excellence. Ya ghabi.

Missing small.axe 16 August 2011, 06:11

Ado, allow me to quote a portion of your quote from your wikileaks excerpt.......

"Khoja goes on to describe Hezbollah as ‘the devil’ and hopes to reinstate the ‘N-N’ formula that calls for the election of Nassib Lahoud as President & Najib Miqati as ‘transitional Prime Minster’"

So according to your wikileaks bible, Saudi Arabia hoped to reinstate the N-N formula, which called for the election of Nassib Lahoud as President and Miqati as Prime Minister.

Obviously the N-N formula never happened, so apparently Saudi Arabia didn't have enough influence over M14.

Contrast that with the relationship between Hezbollah and Iran. Iran founded Hezbollah. Hezbollah would not exist without Iran. Iran trained Hezbollah terrorists, showing them how to rig cars with explosives, in order to kill politicians and journalists, and how to plant bombs in civilian areas. Also Iran funds Hezbollah. And HA is religiously required to obey orders from Iran under welayat al faqih.

Default-user-icon paix maintenant (Guest) 16 August 2011, 08:28

pour ceux qui disent que le TSL est une création sioniste ou américaine qu'ils apportent la preuve. Y en a marre de ces théories conspirationnistes à dormir debout. A en croire que les régimes syrien et iranien sont les bienfaiteurs de l'humanité.

Default-user-icon Rayann (Guest) 08 December 2011, 07:58

Thanks for writing such an easy-to-understand acrtile on this topic.