55 New Arrest Warrants against Tripoli Fugitives, Including Rifaat and Ali Eid

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

New arrest warrants were issued on Monday against Arab Democratic Party leader Ali Eid, his son Rifaat and others over their involvement in the 18th round of fighting in the northern city of Tripoli.

"First military examining magistrate Judge Nabil Wehbe issued a third in absentia arrest warrant against the party's political relations official Rifaat Eid,” MTV reported.

MTV added that another 53 warrants were also issued, among them one against Ali Eid and 12 against detainees involved in the same 18th round of fighting between the rival neighborhoods of Jabal Mohsen and Bab al-Tabbaneh last November.

These warrants come as army troops and security forces continue the implementation of a security plan in the North and the Bekaa, which resulted in the arrest of dozens of fugitives while many others are still at large, among them Ali and Rifaat Eid.

This is the third arrest warrant against Rifaat Eid, whose father Ali is accused of helping fugitives behind the double blast that targeted Tripoli mosques last August escape justice.

According to Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi, Rifaat Eid had escaped to Orange County, California, while Interior Minister Nouhad Mashnouq noted the party's chief Ali Eid left Lebanon to Syria.



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Thumb cedre 28 April 2014, 20:01

the so-called lebanese justice warned the Eids so that they could flee, now arrest citizens that had to take up arms to defend themselves against ADP's gangs. Bravo, j'applaudis...

Thumb cedre 28 April 2014, 21:01

coz gov doesnt want to arrest them, they have an agreement with HizbIran...

Missing coolmec 29 April 2014, 00:10

Right on speak freely
what a great suggestion I agree with you a 1000%

Missing -samy 29 April 2014, 01:32

Arrest FT and company and sentence them to hard labour in Asfourieh :)

Thumb FlameCatcher 29 April 2014, 13:47

The Eids are not here at the moment, please leave a message with Hezbollah. They will get back to you in due time !