Seven Arrested in Dahieh for Possession of Weapons

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

The army announced on Saturday the arrest of a number of suspects in Beirut's southern suburbs of Dahieh.

It arrested seven suspects on charges of the possession of weapons and military equipment.

They were detained during raids on Friday in the areas of the western neighborhood-Sabra, al-Ruwais, and Bourj al-Barajneh.

The suspects have since been referred to the concerned authorities.

On Thursday, the army announced the arrest of five wanted suspects in Dahieh for the possession of military equipment.


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Default-user-icon Da_Dude (Guest) 03 May 2014, 10:57

"concerned authorities" HA and amal?

Thumb popeye 03 May 2014, 11:08

who else but the terror party and its supporters

Thumb ibinherathreik 03 May 2014, 12:09

loll who knows they might be Palestinian as they are scared of hizbullah

Missing helicopter 03 May 2014, 19:07

Those 7 must have lost favor with HA for one reason or another. I know for certain that the army or ISF are not allowed to do such thing in HA controlled areas without getting prior permission from HA authorities.

Thumb irus_da_virus 03 May 2014, 12:54

And when HA arms invaded Beirut, where they still legitimate?

Thumb Elemental 03 May 2014, 21:11

Iranian revolutionary guards who came from the south and attempted to impose their will on Lebanon, yes that's invading.

Missing lebcan 03 May 2014, 16:11

HA arms? your stupid to think that the other 2/3 of Lebanese agree with you !


Thumb FlameCatcher 03 May 2014, 18:41

@Southern : There is nothing legitimate about HA weapons. They are unconstitutional and sectarian !

Thumb FlameCatcher 03 May 2014, 18:42

These damn savages are ruining the reputation of Hezbollah and Southern !

Yalla about 200,000 more Hezbollah armed terrorist to arrest hiding rockets, kalashnikovs, grenades and car bombs in their homes !

Thumb Chupachups 03 May 2014, 19:30

I'm conducting an experiment .

Question: Can a simple smile attract manny thumbs down ?

Hypothesis : in my time spent here generally observing and commenting I think there is enough hatred for a simple smile that it will attract many thumbs down.

Here it is *gets test tube out, pours a smile :) ..and waits"

Thumb irus_da_virus 03 May 2014, 19:47

Flamethrower, please show me how mustakbal weapons invaded Beirut?You seriously can not compare what HA did on that day with anything mustakbal did, your statement is as lame as the Syrian news coverage on that day. The only person who needs education is you.

Thumb Elemental 03 May 2014, 21:10

I didn't see this coming at all (sarcasm).

Thumb Elemental 03 May 2014, 21:13

LAF's arms are the only legitimate ones.

Thumb Elemental 03 May 2014, 21:20

LAF's Arms are the only legitimate ones.