Rifi Vows to Resist May 7's 'Destructive Path,' Says Adventures Will Fire Back

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Justice Minister Ashraf Rifi stated on Tuesday that the adventures of those who “violated the state's dignity” on May 7, 2008 will fire back at them, vowing to continue “resisting this destructive path.”

Rifi commented on the infamous May 7 events on the eve of their sixth anniversary in a released statement, describing the day as one of the darkest in Lebanon's modern history.

On that day “an armed group violated the state's integrity, its institutions and its prestige and terrified the Lebanese, killing them in Beirut and Mount Lebanon in a dull show of force,” he said in the statement.

"But these adventures no matter how much gains they secured for those behind them at that time, they will fire back at them,” he declared.

"And we assure that we will continue resisting this destructive path that has drowned Lebanon and Syria, made them submissive to a regional project, and did not pay attention to the interest of Lebanon and of the Lebanese,” he added.

"We will resist this path until we reach a state of law and of institutions, who are alone capable of protecting all the Lebanese.”

Rifi reminded Iranian Major General Yahya Rahim Safavi of a statement he made, and in which he said the power of his country “could expand to reach the Mediterranean, and that Iranian defense line have arrived in southern Lebanon.”

"This memory is a coup that Lebanon is still suffering from its consequences until today, in its security and in its stability,” the Justice Minister expressed.

On May 7, 2008, clashes in Beirut and Mount Lebanon erupted that year when gunmen belonging to Hizbullah and its allies swept through the capital's neighborhoods after the government of Fouad Saniora decided to dismantle the group's telecom network and sack airport security chief Brig. Gen. Wafiq Shqeir.



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Thumb Mystic 06 May 2014, 17:54

This so called "Justice Minister." Has not seen the end of May 7th. 2008, the more the Saudi Rifi come up with empty threats, and his Internal Salafi Forces, the better.

Thumb ex-fpm 06 May 2014, 18:09

so the ISF according to thugs is now Salafi? interesting

Thumb Mystic 06 May 2014, 18:13

They always has been, they were the ones to open Lebanese borders for the takfiris in Syria.

Thumb cedre 06 May 2014, 20:52

ISF is even takfiri, zionist, royalist, etc...

Default-user-icon Mitch (Guest) 06 May 2014, 18:40

the government of Fouad Saniora decided to dismantle the group's telecom network and sack airport security chief Brig. Gen. Wafiq Shqeir.

I would of done the same and wiped out Saniora and his salafist Islamists once and for all...and sacked Rifi for his support and empathy towards Fundamentalist fools backed by Saudi Arabia and Zionist Intelligence services.

Thumb Abubakr 06 May 2014, 19:03

Many houses got hit on may 7, including my house and some of my families, was that an honorable act by the so called party of god ?
2 of my good friends, Students of LAU at the time, living in the nearby dorms, were shot dead by pro m8 gunmen in a brutal way, what do we consider these crimes ?
In Ras Beirut, pro m8 gunmen, shot dead, a 15 year old boy, buying from the mini market, i lived in the area at the time, everybody knew him, he was a brevet student. who's responsible for his death ?
and the list goes on... i mentioned these in particular, because, innocent people were targeted, and the best word i can come up with is Terrorism...

Thumb Abubakr 06 May 2014, 19:03

The people of Beirut were brutally terrorized on may 7, and notice they did not Invade any popular area, rather they invaded areas where appartment are worth between 700 000 $ to 1 mil +, so in other words, they targeted a people, who they knew, would not show any resistance, or else they would have tried with popular places like Tarik al Jadideh, and we all know what the outcome wouldve been.

Missing national.pact 06 May 2014, 20:35

bla bla bla. yalla lets get back to the past 7 AYAR = 1958. and in few years 1975 is coming back thanks to people like RIFI and his gang and his enemies we cannot but live in a circle . Toz

Thumb cedre 06 May 2014, 20:54

so u propose to have a president chosen by iran ?

Missing national.pact 07 May 2014, 02:50

cedre are you saying that due to 7 ayyar Michel suleiman was chosen by Iran? or do you forget that he was imposed by QATAR and the GCC??? anyhow you are a fool believing that a president would be chosen solely by Lebanon and the whole Presidential crisis is made partially to make short sighted people like you forget that this Parliament is illegitimate and has not been voted by the will of the people as it expired months ago...

Thumb EagleDawn 07 May 2014, 07:08

another fake

Thumb liberty 07 May 2014, 04:28

and you were there mowaten to confirm the incident. You really have no credibility whatsoever having been caught posting under multiple screen names and spreading sectarianism and iranian propaganda.

Thumb EagleDawn 07 May 2014, 07:07

mowaten, what other screen names are you using: karim, josephani, sempre, full disclosure, captain, cityboy? disgusting repulsive sectarian

Thumb EagleDawn 07 May 2014, 11:17

look at you, going from one poster to the other offering nothing except spam, all signs of a bitter empty sectarian.