Abou Faour: First MERS Infection Detected in Lebanon

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Health Minister Wael Abou Faour announced on Thursday afternoon that the first case of Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus has been detected in Lebanon.

"One person has been diagnosed with MERS, and he was being treated at a hospital in the country,” Future television quoted the minister as saying.

But Abou Faour noted that the infected patient “has left the hospital after showing signs of recovery.”

Ministry sources told An Nahar daily that the man, who is a Lebanese national, arrived in Lebanon coming from a Gulf country.

Earlier in the day, the minister denied that any MERS cases were detected in Lebanon, stressing that all precautions have been taken at the Rafik Hariri International Airport.

“We took some measures at the airport. Two thermal cameras were installed to detect individuals with high body temperatures, the first indicator for infections with the MERS virus,” the state-run National News Agency quoted him as saying.

“Until the moment, all samples taken at the hospitals have tested negative. No cases of infection with the deadly virus have been recorded in Lebanon so far,” added the Minister in the morning.

Abu Faour's comments came after touring the airport accompanied by head of the Public Health parliamentary committee Atef Majdalani where they inspected the measures taken at the airport to halt possible entry of infected individuals to Lebanon.

On Wednesday, media reports raised fears that an infected Saudi national was transferred to the Hotel Dieu hospital on suspicion of MERS infection, but were renounced by the hospital afterwards.

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Missing coolmec 08 May 2014, 19:17

Great News That is all what Lebanon needs.

Default-user-icon Felling sorry for you (Guest) 08 May 2014, 19:25

What a bunch of bright minds you two... Everyone knows it started in saudi and the article says a saudi national, yet you to on with your amazing "analysis" to blame such countries or sector. LOL, that's all i could say when i see your pathetic attempt at propaganda even when it concerns public health. I can only laugh...

Thumb kanaanljdid 08 May 2014, 20:04

What is good with this virus: it's the only non-sectarian being in Lebanon as it will kill anyone regardless of it's origin or sect.

Sadly, only bad things unite us

Thumb -phoenix1 08 May 2014, 20:31

MERS is not a subject to be taken lightly, world health authorities are very concerned with it since till now no one has any cures or even clues about cures. Let not this add to our divide, but for once to untie our efforts into concerted ones, Lebanon is small, we are not alone living in this country, we have refugees, therefore it is incumbent on us all to take this matter on a serious note, MERS is a killer disease.

Thumb ex-fpm 08 May 2014, 21:07

southern, i give up! do you have eyes, ears, or are you blind. On this very same thread, did you read ultrhabib's comments? of course, you see nothing wrong with them I am sure now!

Thumb -phoenix1 09 May 2014, 18:01

Err, well thanks ma boy Wolf Rear, but we're told that Wolves are not immune to Mers either, so best to stay away from them Camels and cows tu tu.

Thumb -phoenix1 08 May 2014, 20:31

**Unite our efforts..**

Default-user-icon Bolka (Guest) 08 May 2014, 21:48

Solving all problems will take foreever but if they could please just renovate these filthy airport bathroom !! They still have neon lights in there and has a prison feel i, the ones just before you reach the darakeh eheheh im sure it freaked out a couple of tourists, especially that smell of naftaline.... ohhh lebanon,lebanon... claimin itself paris of the middle east.....Mr Minister, renovate these bathrooms!!!

Thumb -phoenix1 09 May 2014, 18:04

Well said @Bolka, you hit the nail right dead center. Beirut is beginning to feel a lot like Kinshasa.

Thumb cedre 09 May 2014, 00:01

shia saudis died from it in Qatif ya haboub...

Thumb cedre 09 May 2014, 15:09

i didnt say that ft, i did respond to ultrahabib that said it was a wahabi virus. His post was deleted. There is a big investigation going on in Qatif hospital.


Thumb cedre 09 May 2014, 17:35

ft, i dont report u, i dont even vote u down when u insult me, i dont even have time to answer all ur lies... I'm not that childish and i know that ur trolling, spamming and BSing is state sponsored. There are many people like u on the net...

Thumb cedre 09 May 2014, 17:36

btw, i told u many times, if u dont like naharnet, go to alkhabar, safir, manar and other new tv...

Thumb liberty 09 May 2014, 03:37

lol @ ibinbatrak, roar posts nonstop beirut time australia time usa time no problem!!:))

Thumb ex-fpm 09 May 2014, 07:33