Old Rent Law Tenants to Continue Contacts with Officials to Halt Adoption of New Law

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The tenants of old rent law buildings hailed on Friday President Michel Suleiman's expected appeal against the new rent law, which he deemed as hindering social justice.

They said in a statement: “We will continue our contacts with parliamentary blocs to persuade them to alter their position on the oppressive new rent law.”

“Suleiman's national and responsible stance is based on the constitution and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,” they noted.

“The appeal he will present to the constitutional council is an affirmation of his commitment to his constitutional oath and principles of social justice and equality,” stressed the tenants.

“Refusal to sign the draft-law represents a rejection of parliament's actions and of violations against old rent law tenants,” they remarked.

“The approval of the law will eliminate the acquired rights and pave the way towards the eviction of tenants, who have respected the law at a time when housing projects were simply pledges that were never materialized,” they concluded.

During a cabinet session that was held later on Friday in Baabda, Suleiman noted that the new rent law “requires legal and constitutional scrutiny,” confirming that he will file an appeal before the Constitutional Council.

But the president pointed out that the appeal might only tackle “some clauses that do not respect equality among citizens.”

Suleiman had rejected signing the new rent law on Wednesday, saying: “Any law that does not grant social justice will be unfair against a certain segment of the people.”

Tenants of old rent law buildings have slammed the draft-law, saying that it will force many of them to leave their houses because they would not be able to afford the new rent.

The owners of the buildings on the other hand say that the law paves the way for better ties with tenants.


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