Report: FPM Suggests Total Vacuum to Resolve Presidential Deadlock

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The Free Patriotic Movement of MP Michel Aoun has proposed to the Maronite church a vacuum in the government and parliament to pressure lawmakers into electing a new president, al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Monday.

Al-Akhbar quoted Foreign Minister Jebran Bassil as telling Maronite Patriarch Beshara al-Rahi that neither Sunni nor Shiite officials were eager to hold the elections on time.

Bassil is a top FPM official and Aoun's son-in-law.

Speaker Nabih Berri, a Shiite, has stressed on several occasions that the parliament could exercise its legislative authorities whether a president was elected or not, Bassil allegedly told al-Rahi during a meeting they held in Bkriki last week.

Sunni Former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who is the leader of al-Mustaqbal movement, is also unenthusiastic about the elections, Bassil said.

These stances led to the proposal to have a vacuum at parliament and in the government to paralyze the country and then exert internal and external pressure for the quick election of a president, al-Akhbar said.

But according to the newspaper, al-Rahi categorically rejected the idea, saying the paralysis would hit the country’s stability.

The patriarch stressed that the election of a president and his continued presence gives legitimacy to the state's institutions.

In his Sunday sermon, al-Rahi blamed a possible presidential vacuum on “those who are seeking it and those who might cause it.”

Aoun's Change and Reform bloc and the rest of the March 8 camp's lawmakers, except for Berri's bloc, have been boycotting the elections over lack of consensus on a president.



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Missing coolmec 12 May 2014, 09:06

Banana republic at best

Thumb geha 12 May 2014, 12:34

yes it is a banana republic when people like aoun decide to create a vacuum at all levels of the state, or when berry threatens to stop the tripartite meetings!!!
these thugs are driving the country towards the abyss just for their personal gain.
if they are not in power, then to hell with Lebanon!

and by that I mean those behind these above two thugs: the extremist terrorist Iranian occupation militia.

Thumb general_puppet 12 May 2014, 09:36

"The FPM has proposed to the Maronite church a vacuum in the government and parliament to pressure lawmakers into electing a new president"... this is amazing, they are creating the vacuum, helping to destroy what is left of the precedency and they try to spin it with this double talk babble.

Aoun is Hizbullah's doormat, a disaster to Lebanon... he should put on his running shoes and go back to Paris.

Default-user-icon citizen Kane (Guest) 12 May 2014, 13:26

Paris don't want him... hopefully Iran will take hi along with his losers and son in law...

Missing politik_buro 12 May 2014, 10:08

Religion and politics, a recipe for disaster, always have been, always will be. There's no escape from it in Lebanon, it goes hand in hand. Why is it though that every sect other than the Maronites have a leader that can express his views freely, or forcibly, and the Patriarch doesn't? What is stopping him from taking ahistoric stand and point the finger at who he believes is responsible?

Default-user-icon Citizen Kane (Guest) 12 May 2014, 13:27

I second the motion... you are right pal...

Missing coolmec 12 May 2014, 10:20

politic buro
Religion and politics is a bad mix
why is it that no Lebanese leader stands up and speaks about Lebanon and Lebanese interest only ? why should a leader only represents his sect and not the Lebanese people?
Pity Lebanon
Pity the Lebanese

Missing politik_buro 12 May 2014, 10:44

Coolmec as much as I'd like to believe that this is a remote possibility, the situation on the ground is and has always been a tribal one, even within the one sect, and it seems that the only person, so far, that people belonging to any sect do take into consideration is the word of the religious leader of that sect. It's a shameful situation, but it's the reality nonetheless. Until the day comes when people will leave their religious beliefs away from their national beliefs, people like you and me and many others have to suffer the consequences

Default-user-icon citizen kane (Guest) 12 May 2014, 13:29

Lebanon is not a real country and never was... that is why...

Thumb -phoenix1 12 May 2014, 14:15

Citizen Kane, Lebanon is a compendium of farms competing against each other. What we have here are not politicians, but farmers trying to run their farms. That's the best we've ever attained, farmhood, not statehood.

Missing peace 12 May 2014, 11:15

who is their candidate then if the one proposed does not suit their whims?

Thumb FlameCatcher 12 May 2014, 11:36

Aoun ! You traitor.

You propose a Vacuum to "pressure" Lawmakers into electing a president ? This is called blackmail and is illegal.

Why don't you instead propose a candidate ?

And why don't you go to Iran prepare your elections there for the next term as it seems you are pissing on the Lebanese people and constitution these days !

Missing peace 12 May 2014, 11:51

they knew prior to geagea official candidacy that he would be candidate then why didn't they say anything before? LOL they waited and now just to obstruct everything they have their periods! all M8 know is to block the institutions to create chaos so hezbi are free to do as pleased while they weaken the state....
but answering people's needs? no way, total void...

Thumb EagleDawn 12 May 2014, 12:01

in a few moments, flamethrower and mowaten will come on here and say AL Akhbar is not a credible

Thumb cedre 12 May 2014, 12:03

false but funny proposal, kinda mad bassil could make...

Thumb -phoenix1 12 May 2014, 12:27

You're absolutely correct Lebjack. It is written all over the wall, Aoun keeps saying the same and one thing, "Ana aw la a7ad". Our old general still believes that he stands a chance at finally making his holy grail come true, that of being president. Just like his arch rival Geagea, he has nothing to offer but a repeat of the past, at least Geagea is an improvement over Aoun, but now that Geagea has made it public, that he will drop his candidacy, old man Aoun should do the right thing, drop his hopes for the seat. In any case, Suleiman could be constitutionally be called upon to remain as caretaker president till this crazy situation is solved. It's crazy because the concoction between Aoun's mad hopes and Hezbollah's unholy design work for a deadly cocktail. Thankfully the constitution has got provisions for such madness.

Thumb -phoenix1 12 May 2014, 13:58

Wolf Rear, just confirms my worries for you. Here I am, posting over the subject and you are posting about me. I checked to see if the posts were of me and confirmed they were never of me, yet you keep at it. You want an advice? Take it, it's for free, your owner, you know? The guy who created you, and the rest of La Familia, you need a shrink. Now as a good family, go figure it out. Lol, yalla because the camels and cows come again.

Thumb EagleDawn 12 May 2014, 12:46

done the rounds, done with the voting, done with the reporting, now time to offer the usual irrelevant comments. Seriously, do you have a life?

Missing theobserver 12 May 2014, 13:00

"neither Sunni nor Shiite officials were eager to hold the elections on time."
while the FPM MPs boycott the voting session and cause a lack of quorum !
That's hilarious!
It should be listed in the Guiness book for the categories of insolence, always blaming others, and never assuming reponsability for own actions.

Missing hajjradwan 12 May 2014, 13:23

Don't be silly, what Geagea said was that he prefers vacuum over the Iranian terrorist mercenaries rule. An M8 president has to be a Lebanese Maronite. Lebanon under the rule of the Iranian terrorist mercenaries is Ayatollah rule because he makes their decisions for them as Nasrallah revealed.

Nasrallah on decision making

Default-user-icon The Watcher (Guest) 12 May 2014, 13:24

Ali baba nasrallah and his terror group took it over long ago... you would not know since you don't reside in this zip code... the state was dissolved many moons ago... it no longer exists or functions as a real country...

Thumb -phoenix1 12 May 2014, 14:12

Roar bro, no hatred from me, life's too good for that, and you want the truth, if the trolls weren't here, this place will be bland. At least they do prove a point, that for every human being, there at nine Parrots around.

Thumb -phoenix1 12 May 2014, 17:21

Ya Roar, eysh beik ka dineh walaw? My views on General Aoun have never changed and will never changed. I believe that I have spoken enough of this man already if I don't wish to repeat myself all over again. You can see that I am not the only one who feels negatively about this man, so it's not really about hatred, it's about not getting out of touch with certain realities that are linked to the old man. Roar, nothing in life is permanent but the temporary. I cannot understand why you're glued to this man, as soon as someone mentions him in negative light you get so upset. I have seen you so many times lash out at Hakim as do others, yet for all I know I never got upset. For all I know, Aoun doesn't know about you as much as you know of him, so let's just debate, that's what that matters really. A day will come when they'll all go, but the people shall remain.

Thumb -phoenix1 12 May 2014, 17:23

Roar, by the way, that second thumb up is from your brother Phoenix. Now someone here will feel jealous again.

Thumb -phoenix1 12 May 2014, 14:14

And you need to dissolve your little family of flies. get yourself a life.

Thumb jabal10452 12 May 2014, 14:53

Roar, you are against foreign agendas running the country, and I couldn't agree more with you. You say that Hariri is beholden to KSA. I also agree with no reservations, But the FPM is sworn to HA. Do you honestly, sincerely believe that HA is not the champion of Iran's agenda in Lebanon? Do you really believe that all the money, military equipment, training and political cover that Iran pumps into HA comes with no strings attached?

Thumb Chupachups 12 May 2014, 15:08

He does believe that :)

It's cute, it's like the Easter bunny lays eggs

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 12 May 2014, 15:19

popular vote for presidency , will stop outside interference and will bypass the sterile political parties all of them
power to the people
god bless democracy

Thumb beiruti 12 May 2014, 16:19

Such an idiotic idea. Because the Christians can't get their act together they want the Sunni PM and Shia Speaker to step down and create a total vacuum in the Lebanese government. Such a joke. And as power abhors a vacuum, what vulture is poised to step in and fill the total void that Aoun proposes?? None other than Hezbollah and Iran.


Thumb cedre 12 May 2014, 16:41

'yesterday false hakim clearly said he prefers vacuum to an M8 president'

did he really say that ft or is it just u lying again ?

Missing jeff070 12 May 2014, 18:17

Where is your candidate? I am still waiting...

Episode 1687565 of the Lebanese Series "Nezlin Bil Joura"

Missing Cyanide 12 May 2014, 18:39

Flame. i just want to ask you one question. why do u back bashar and nasralla? i would really like to know. the Syrian rulers destroyed our country and kidnapped our people stole our wealth and killed our people. are you really Lebanese man. i don't belong to either M14 or M8. i just like to know. please refrain from insulting when asnwering

Missing politik_buro 12 May 2014, 20:23

the_roar I have a very objective question for you. You are stating that FPM is the only true lebanese choice not influenced by foreign agenda, yet you seem to agree, and rightly so, that FPM's major ally is HA, and HA are sworn to Iran. you, on the other hand, accuse the M14 candidate of being allied to Hariri, who has very strong ties with KSA. I'm not endorsing either but where is the logic in the argument you presented?

Thumb missorange 12 May 2014, 20:27

Confucius say ask smart question to stupid guy counter productive.

Default-user-icon houplahop (Guest) 13 May 2014, 08:16

Oh no! I'm going to be excommunicated from church because i disagreed with the patriarch.I'm so sorry I'm using my own brain, here, you can have it, I won't use it again I promise.

I dislike Aoun just as much as the next guy but this is just silly. I can make my own choices without having to worry about being kicked out of my religious beliefs. As if Patriarchs have never made mistakes and priests never molested kids. Just like everybody else.