Suleiman Hopes Officials Meet Constitutional Deadlines to Safeguard Country

إقرأ هذا الخبر بالعربية W460

Outgoing President Michel Suleiman expressed hope on Thursday that officials would meet all constitutional deadlines to safeguard the nation.

“The last 10 days of my term should prompt officials to safeguard the state and fortify its presence by implementing democracy,” Suleiman said in a statement.

He pointed out that “meeting all constitutional deadlines shall protect the state of all the dangers threatening its existence, in particular the Israeli aggression and the surging numbers of Syrian refugees.”

The statement comes in light of the parliament's failure to elect a new president for the fourth time on Thursday.

Any attempt to keep the president in power requires a constitutional amendment by the two-thirds majority of the 128-member parliament.

By law, if no president has been chosen by the last 10 days of the incumbent's mandate, parliament cannot meet for legislative sessions except to elect a new president.

Thursday's session faced the similar fate of its precedents.

The first presidential elections session was held on April 23, but neither Lebanese Forces leader Samir Geagea nor Democratic Gathering MP Henri Helou garnered the necessary 86 votes to emerge victorious.

Two other sessions were supposed to be held, but they failed over lack of quorum after a March 8 camp boycott on the ongoing disagreement over a candidate.



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Thumb cedre 15 May 2014, 15:04

shia majority ? need to prove this, mate...

Thumb Loubnani 15 May 2014, 15:33

cedre I would ignore chris. He alone has the knowledge of who's the majority in the country. He thinks that because he's been to Kenya and Iraq he has an amazing understanding of how the world, the Middle East and especially Lebanon work. His genius supercedes that of the average man! Chris do me a favour, try to enjoy Portland and sort your own country out.

Default-user-icon Amir (Guest) 15 May 2014, 16:03

Again the clowns , so called elected by the people, are crippling the institutions and the country for reasons they do not know it themselves.
Very simple,
You have a candidate or two, present them, get election done and may the winner enjoy....even by one vote whoever he is.
Get the country back on its feet

Default-user-icon Hanoun (Guest) 15 May 2014, 18:35

thank you for all your achivements Mr president

Missing peace 15 May 2014, 21:22

we must respect the taef accords said kanaan yesterday LOL

Thumb 9to5 15 May 2014, 22:38

Long hours, few break, lousy pay (the Iranian Rial don't go as far as it used to), but it's not a job it's an adventure

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Thumb missorange 16 May 2014, 03:34

It seems FT has boyfriend keeping tabs ...lucky you. But he seems very jealous and worried that"Sethrida" will steal you from him.

Thumb missorange 16 May 2014, 04:06

What's wrong wolf my sweety, are you having a stroke? No, you're drunk? Missing your boyfriend FT? It's heartbreaking missing a boyfriend isn't it, I feel for you I've been there girlfriend.

Thumb missorange 16 May 2014, 05:29

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